Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sharing Summer Flowers

Americana White Splash Geranium

Glow Fluor Rose Petunia

My only surviving pansy.
I'm amazed that it lasted this long!

Telstar Dianthus

Unfortunately, I've lost the name of this beautiful yellow rose.

It has pink tinged edges & very long stems.

The Japanese beetles devoured several leaves so
it hasn't been as prolific as other years.

I've looked online & it seems similar to "Gold Medal"

I cut one rose & brought it inside.

The setting sun coming in through the dining room

window made the petals almost glow!

This older photo is of the trellis I bought back in May,

with the intention of getting Morning Glory seeds to grow up & over.

We always had Morning Glory flowers outside

my Mom's kitchen door every year.

You have to soak the seeds overnight

(I remember doing this with my Grandfather!)

to soften their hard shells so they will germinate.

Boy-O-Boy, did mine germinate!!

Look at this HUGE plant with its reaching tentacles, searching

for things to wrap themselves around.

However, NOT ONE single Morning Glory blossom.

I have been fertilizing the Knock-Out rose bush that is in front of the trellis

with Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower Care.

Obviously it doesn't not help Morning Glory blooms.

Any suggestions???

I think it looks like "Cousin IT" from the Adams family TV show.

Kinda scary, huh?

Any help from my horticulturist followers would be greatly appreciate.

I'm still very busy, cooking down tomatoes

from yesterday's post.

I hope you're having a glorious Sunday &

I thank you for visiting The Gazebo House.

I'm joining

Mosaic Monday at Mary's

Dear Little Red House




  1. I always love seeing the flowers in your garden! No suggestions for the Morning Glory. I never was able to get the vines to even grow! A local gardener always has the most glorious vines, and swears she does "nothing"!
    Do you think fertlizing the rose in the vicinity of the vine's roots caused the Morning Glory to focus too much on producing greenery, instead of buds and flowers? I do know that over fertilizing certain plants can cause more growth of green and a shortage of blooms.

  2. Have you tried anything like Bayer's Bloom Starter? Any of the products with a high middle number, or phosphorus level, should help jump start some blooms.

  3. I'm lovin' your geranium, it's so vibrant! Great shots of all of the flowers:@)

  4. The new header is gorgeous. Tell me about the rose cupcakes...have you posted those and I just don't remember. I have to do a 50th B'day party and I was thinking cupcakes maybe??

    The flowers are so pretty and you did such an amazing job with the photos.

  5. Sue, the cupcakes in my header were made using the Wilton 2D tip & buttercream icing.

    You start in the CENTER of the cupcake & just move the tip outward in a circular motion. Very fast & easy!

    Go to href= & click on "Gallery" then go to their "cupcake" album. TONS of ideas!!!

  6. Thanks for the info. I could just order my sister a cake, but I think homemade things are so much better. I thought I might make a yummy flourless chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce that I watched in a demonstration at Epcot and then some pretty cupcakes. I bookmarked the website you suggested for ideas.

  7. Is your morning glory getting direct sunshine? They love the sun no matter how hot around here.
    Your flowers are beautiful. You must have a really good climate for flowers. Ours are nearly gone.
    I need to remember to get some of that fertilizer for the knock out roses. Ours are barely surviving this heat, but are blooming.

  8. Your pictures of your flowers are awesome! I've always had trouble getting blooms from my peonies and I tried lots of fertilizers, so I guess I better not give advice here. Never heard that about germainating seeds. Very interesting.
    Thanks for the nice post you left on my blog over at It's so nice to get encouraged from other talented bloggers.

  9. Those flowers are beautiful! That picture of the rose inside with the sun coming through is stunning. I should post a picture of my geraniums in the front pots of my house. Oh wait... nobody wants to see half dead plants struggling to live!!! You have a green thumb my friend!

  10. Beautiful flowers! I haven't picked one stinkin' tomato ! So I enjoy looking at your super crop!

  11. Such gorgeous flowers! Beautiful shots! I really love that geranium, they're all so pretty, but I just love geraniums!

  12. A yellow rose is my favorite flower so I hope that you'll find the name of that particularly lovely one...I can see how it would glow. You have many, many wonderful flowers and I've enjoyed this peek into your garden.

  13. Gorgeous flowers! The geranium is just wonderful. I want one!!!!!

  14. Gorgeous flowers, you obviously are doing a lot of things right! You've got some awesome plants! Have you ever tried Root and Bloom?

  15. Hi, very beautiful flowers! Hope you have a wonderful new week!

  16. such wonderful pictures you took from your summerflowers! So nice colours!! Have a nice week!

  17. All the photographs are beautiful, in particular the roses, do they have a perfume? Have a great week, Jackie in UK

  18. Oh, my goodness, how beautiful your roses!!!! The geranium is just gorgeous!!!! Cathy

  19. Your roses are beautiful. Morning Glories like it on the lean side, so by you fertizing them they just put on growth without flowers. Next year do not feed them, or try another annual vine, Black eyes susan is nice. Take care.

  20. Not only can you grow an amazing garden but you are a fantastic photographer!

  21. Rett, Your header photo collage is gorgeous! Jan is write when she says that fertilizing the morning glory causes it to focus on producing foliage instead of flowers. I've always heard that you do not want to fertilize morning glories. That being said, mine are not blooming very well this year although last year they were filled with blooms. You do have beautiful flowers, Rett.
    Hugs, Beth

  22. Rett, it such a treat to see your beautiful blooms. I've never grown a Morning Glory, so no suggestions. I've read that day lilies don't like fertilizer, so perhaps this is the same. Good luck with this. ~ Sarah


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