Monday, April 06, 2015

Two Down & Ten To Go


Holidays... two down (our anniversary & his birthday)...

and ten more to go...all the rest of the year's celebrations to come, when my sweet husband will be so sadly missed.

I didn't feel much like celebrating Easter this year but decided for the sake of the grandkids, 
I needed to do something to make it special, as they miss their Poppi Ernie, too.  

2015-04-04 001 005

The cupcakes were made with Duncan Hines *Pink Velvet* cake mix (tastes like vanilla) 

and the frosting was marshmallow fluff buttercream.   
Recipe for frosting HERE  

2015-04-04 001 006

Malted milk ball eggs & some choco. bunnies, chicks & baby lambs added to the fun.

2015-04-04 001 007

I even found butter in the shape of a lamb!!!

2015-04-04 001 002

Pink Bunny Peeps in Twinkie race cars held the monogrammed pennants, which indicated where each person was to sit.

We even made one for my oldest grandson, who is away at college.  It felt strange to set the table for only 5 people instead of the usual 7.  *big sigh*

2015-04-05 001 003 

2015-04-05 001 007

2015-04-05 001 005

2015-04-05 001 008

I found it easiest to assemble the racers right ON the salad plates & to only do one side at a time. 

I used royal icing (powdered sugar & water) to attach the marshmallows, which were cut in half with scissors dipped into boiling hot water.

I found the M&M *hubcaps* stuck nicely to the cut side of the marshmallows.

2015-04-05 001 001

 2015-04-05 001 010

Colorful placemats & colored stemmed bubbles glasses added lots of spring like color to the table.

 2015-04-05 001 011

 2015-04-05 001 012

I embroidered some sport & tea towels as gifts, too.
Designs are from Applique Corner.

 2015-04-05 001 013

I liked Charlie's the best...


he's been playing indoor baseball all winter long, so it was most appropriate!

twinkie racer place cards collage

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House & letting me share my family's Easter gathering.
I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday party.