Tuesday, April 05, 2016

More of My Sewing Room

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 005 label

 I meant to post these photos last Feb. but circumstances had my blogging mojo in the pits last year.
The little wooden caddy was made for me by my Son-in-Love & for awhile, I grew herbs on the deck in it.

 The weather was taking its toll though, so my sweet hubby refinished it for me &
 now I only use it inside the house, down in my sewing room. 

Four Mason jars fit nicely & provide a source of treats...
peppermint, cinnamon, marshmallows, hot cocoa... 
to be used when visitors come to visit & sew with me in my sewing room. 

I used this metal planter to coral some flowers one year....

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 010

 but here it is doing double duty as a plate rack.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 011

You saw this little wire caddy in my last post...it holds sugar free flavorings,
to add to your coffee or tea...
Hazelnut, Vanilla, Almond, Raspberry & my favorite, Caramel!

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 013

When any of my sewing friends come to visit,
I try to serve something sweet to nibble on while we talk & sew.  
Usually it is cookies ...

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 015

  & ALWAYS some chocolate...

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 016

with a few *heart-healthy* almonds available in pretty milkglass containers, as well.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 018 labels

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 019

 I have a WIDE variety of teas available.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 020

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 021

I am always on the look-out for more interesting flavors to try, too.


sewing room cocoa, tea bar 026

I change the fabrics that cover the Mason jar tops, according to the season.
This little candle was an embroidery design done on my sewing machine.

sewing room cocoa, tea bar 001

 I often just cut circles of novelty fabrics with the theme of the current season's motifs on them.


This was the set-up in my sewing room, over the Christmas holiday one year....see all the snow outside?



Cute little mugs with matching snack plates add to the winter festivities.


 Unfortunately, with our lingering cold weather, they're still appropriate in April right now!


 The mugs match the individual plates....


 & every pair is a wee bit different from the others.


I even have candles that match the appropriate seasons!


I am SOOOOO ready for Spring, though!!  
Bring on the flowers!!!!


Thank you for visiting The Gazebo House today.  
I wish you could join me for a cup of something hot & a sweet treat!