Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quilty Goodies


I'm 'hopping' in here to wish you a very Blessed Easter!

We're busy preparing for a brunch here at our house after early Sunday morning church services. 

The table can't be fully set until sometime on Saturday, so no pretty tablescape to share with you, just yet.  I'll be in full cooking mode about then, too.  I'm serving Honey Baked ham, along with bacon done on trays, in the oven, my favorite cheesy hash browns, (click for recipe), any type of eggs for the few who want them & homemade Belgium waffles for the majority of the crowd.  Time consuming to make each individual one but soooo worth it!  The batter is made the night before so the yeast can ferment.  I'll share that recipe very is YUMMO!

 In the meantime, thought I'd share with you a few items that I've been sewing, between bouts of  Spring cleaning.  (We're getting company from Colorado next month & I want the house to sparkle!)


I was inspired by my online sewing friend, MamaCJT to make a little mug rug for my K.I.S.S. quilt guild's auction that is coming up next month.

I used my Embird software to repeat the little cupcake design on the red dot fabric, then stitched HALF of a cut doily up against the embroidery, to resemble a lacy tablecloth.


 I found this cute polka-dot mug to match  (you KNOW how much I ♥♥♥ polka-dots...especially RED ONES!)

I filled it with some chocolate kisses because every quilter I know, loves chocolate & then wrapped the top with Peel n' Stick, to hold them in place.  Tied a bit of the leftover binding onto the handle & Viola'.


 Since I cut a crocheted doily in half to make the mug rug & I ♥♥♥ how it turned out so much, 
I decided to use the OTHER half of the doily to make myself another one! 

I put a little hanging sleeve on the back of it along with little white plastic rings on both items, so either of them could be hung from a nail or placed on a display rack, like you see mine below.


 Won't it look cute next to my Baker's rack, when I get out all my red polka-dot items?

Below, you can see the one that MamaCJT made that inspired me so much.  I just left off the green holly leaves, as I didn't want mine to be used just for Christmas.

Thanks Carol for giving me permission to do this. 
 I always say "I only copy from the best."


One project I worked on was for another one of my quilt guilds that I belong to...Memory Makers.  The members got together & made a "Friendship Star" quilt for an ailing member.  We were given the pattern & a suggested choice of colors to use. 

They had so many stars contributed to the project that they had to use many of them on the backing too.  We were told the day the quilt was delivered to her in the hospital, she had just been complaining about being cold.  I hope she felt the warmth & the love that was stitched into every block!
The PURPLE stars with the LIME GREEN centers are the ones I made.  

It took several attempts to get my points to look close to perfect.  Next week, I'll show you what I'm doing with those 'no-so-perfect-blocks' later on.  It was an *interesting experiment*, shall we say.


Yes, SPRING has finally arrived in Ohio!!  We had a dreadfully long, cold winter, so the warmth & sunshine & pretty flowers popping out all over are especially welcome now. 




I have lots & lots of hyacinths coming up along the front & sides of the house.  I adore their fragrance & will cut a few to bring in to the table for Easter morning!  



I hope you get outside & can enjoy some nice weather where you live.  It really lifts one's spirits!