Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

We are VERY happy to be saying “Goodbye” to 2012 and  “Hello” to hopefully, a better year in 2013!

We had a bit of a rough 6 months here at The Gazebo House, that kept me from blogging or doing much of anything else, for that matter. (except sewing)  It is my therapy, ya' know!
 bibs 001

I found time to make reversible bibs for a friend’s twin granddaughters.

bibs 002

I made a Halloween Door hanging for the front door.  This was the first time I ever tried doing ‘prairie points’ on anything.  They were fun!

Halloween door hanging 2012 005

This 'Lady Ghost' shirt was embroidered for granddaughter, Ms. C.

lady ghost shirt 001

I did a Dresden Plate turkey on each end of a table runner, for my daughter’s long buffet.
This was the first time I had ever done any Dresden Plate design and I got in some practice with my free motion quilting, too.

Dresden plate turkey runner 017 cropped

I made several sewing room mug organizers, with matching pin cushions to tuck into one of the spaces.

coffee mug organizer 001 
The Snowman coat pins, below, were done entirely in the embroidery machine hoop, then glued onto tea lights poked through a hole made during the embroidery.  The design is from Reen at Embroidery Garden.

pins 001

This is a Lil’ Twister “Christmas Wreath” wallhanging that I made for our guest bedroom quilt rack.

My First Twister Quilt 002

The fabulous quilting on it was done by Janice Kiser on her long arm machine.
I can only HOPE to get this good someday!
Twister Wreath collage
My husband had a small stroke back in May, that left him blind in one eye and off balance somewhat.  It could have been SO much worse, and we are very thankful that he is now almost back to normal, sans his eyesight in the right eye.

He had to have laser tacking done to try to prevent the re-growth of new blood vessels, which are fragile and leak easily.  It worked for awhile but later he had to undergo surgery on that eye for an insertion of a shunt to help prevent the build up of pressure that occurs when those new blood vessels weaken and break.  TMI?  Sorry!  We nurses sometimes forget. 

Some of the medicines he was put on to lower the eye pressure made him terribly sick and complicated his care tremendously.  I promise I won’t go into details but there were days when I didn’t have the time or the energy for even a shower, let alone to sit down and blog.  There wasn’t much to blog about anyway.

Besides all that, I fell and injured my right shoulder…(which was sore from tennis to begin with) and being on the computer, typing, was painful, as well as causing numbness.  My dear sweet step-son, ‘the doctor’ whom I adore, has injected it for me and it is MUCH better now.  I am praying that it will completely heal and I won’t need surgery on it.  (possible torn rotator cuff tear)  THAT would REALLY complicate things around here!!

We still managed to have some fun times in the past 6 months.

     We were blessed that my husband survived the stroke and was able to celebrate another Fathers’ Day at that same beloved son’s gorgeous home.

Fathers Day 2012 001
My Honey, with his daughter and our daughter-in-law’s aunt in the background.

 Fathers Day 2012 012

Some shots of various rooms in the home:

Fathers Day 2012 013

 Fathers Day 2012 010

Even though it rained off and on, they were still able to cook outside and we enjoyed their lovely yard for a little bit, in spite of the weather.
 Fathers Day 2012 014

Hi Poochie!

Fathers Day 2012 017
Fathers Day 2012 003 cropped

Three of my DH’s beautiful granddaughters on the left side, another grandpa from the other side of the family and our daughter-in-law’s sweet brother and his pretty wife.
The big island in the kitchen makes serving such a large crowd more manageable but it is still a lot of work!
 Fathers Day 2012 004

 I always try to bring a healthy fruit salad, as I have the time to cut it up.

Fathers Day 2012 005

 These marinated green beans with feta cheese and ORANGE tomatoes were DELICIOUS!
I thought the presentation of them in this bowl with the cobalt blue was very eye appealing.

Next year, I’d like to do an orange and blue tablescape...such a different color combination for me.

Fathers Day 2012 006

There was also some fattening but oh-so-yummy potato salad.

  Aren’t these new dishes with the holes for handles fun?

Fathers Day 2012 008

Beets, broccoli salad, beans and another green bean dish rounded out the menu.  Our daughter-in-law is a vegetarian, so there are always lots of veggies to enjoy.


braid 002

Ms. C. got to spend lots of happy hours this summer here at The Gazebo House, playing in the hot tub, on my computer and helping me in the kitchen.  One time, we made flip flop cookies,
  flip flop cookies 002

flip flop cookies 004

flip flop cookies 001
and another visit, we did Rollo treats, too!

Thanksgiving treats 2012 001

In the fall, my older sister, Ms. C. and I attended a quilt show, where I had entered one of my quilts.  We had a wonderful time and my lucky sister WON THE DOOR PRIZE!!! 

Streetsboro quilt show raffle prize 2012 002 GH

This queen size log cabin quilt is SOOOO heavy!  We laughed because she had said “I don't know why I bother.  I never win anything” as she placed her ticket into the box. 

I won a 2nd place ribbon in its size division for my "Scenes of Venice, FL" quilt, seen below.

That is the first ribbon I’ve ever won, (for ANYTHING!) so we were ALL very happy.

I also entered two other quilts, "Winter Welcome", below

and the pink & green toile one I made for my daughter for her birthday.

I'm sorry this is so long but I had so much I wanted to share
and I needed to catch up!
I have more but I'll save it for another day.

I hope you all enjoyed a very Merry Christmas with your friends and family.
I’ve been watching over your shoulders and keeping up with your lives,
via Google Reader.

Christmas 2012 001 GH

I would like to say a special “Thank YOU” to all the blogging friends who reached out to me, here on the blog as well as via email, to check on how things were going.  It warmed my heart to know how much people cared and I was so touched that you would take time out from your busy schedules to do so.
Don't ever believe that "internet friends"
aren't REAL!

Ice skates on sled 003

Stay warm and be well…play outside in the snow if you can.

It is good for you!

Have a Safe,Happy and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

I'm joining in The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday meme.  Won't you follow me over there?
I will also link to Susan's Between Naps On The Porch Tablescape Thursday, just to reconnect with all my bloggie friends!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

My Mom's Pink Depression Glass for Mothers Day

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 001

I couldn't miss out on Cuisine Kathleen's theme of honoring our Mother's this week at her "Lets Dish" gathering. (Especially since it was MY idea! LOL)
Nothing like a good party to bring one out of the doldrums, huh?

The early morning light is coming into the dining room, where the table is all set with my Mom's PINK depression glass for our family's brunch after 9 am Sunday Mass on Mothers Day.
I'd much rather have my family come home to eat with us here, than be out in the maddening crowds at all the restaurants on this holiday.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 003
I remember my Mom using these pretty PINK dishes to serve ice cream & cake for every birthday celebration when we were growing up. She had blue ones, too, that my youngest sister inherited.

By the way, she is making good progress in dealing with the loss of her husband & she & I both say "thank you" for all the wonderful & sympathetic comments last month. It helped us both a great deal to know that even people we've never met, shared her sense of loss & wanted to comfort her.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 004

For Sunday's brunch, I'll be using a "make ahead" recipe for Belgium waffles that is WONDERFUL! Very flaky & light!
It has a yeast batter that you mix all together the night before serving & let it bubble & rise overnight. I have a flip-type waffle maker that I just & this makes it very easy to feed a crowd.
I'll post it on Friday so you can make it, too, if you'd like!
Mothers Day tablescape 2012 005

I found this set of pink & cream quilted placemats with the pretty scalloped edges at Old Time Pottery. I that place!
The dinner & bread plates are Lenox Eternal china.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 006
The centerpiece of flowers, which, forgive me, I'm STILL working on, will go in this cream & gold compote.
It coordinates nicely with the Lenox & I have a few other gold trimmed cream items on the table to repeat the effect.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 008
A little tealight candle holder from a friend, (who used to host "Partylite" parties) as well as matching faux teapot with the same battery operated tealight inside.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 015
I prefer not to use open flames when the grandchildren are visiting. My Mom lit
her dress on fire while playing with matches when she was little.
Luckily, a neighbor saw what was happening & came to her rescue, rolling her on
the ground to put out the fire. She had a horrible scar beneath her one arm & she
instilled a strong & healthy fear of open flames in all 8 of her children!

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 010

The Arcoroc French Rosaline Durand pink swirl wine glasses will hold orange juice. I've seen them on Ebay, touted as "Depression Glass" but I know they are not, as I remember buying them sometime in the late 70's.
Mothers Day tablescape 2012 011
I love the reticulated edges on these two serving platters. There is also a similar edge on a big, round bowl. I think they resemble lace, don't you?
The open scalloped edges on the two serving platters that I have, as well as a big round bowl are of the Old Colony pattern, sometimes referred to as "Lace Edge" or "Open Lace". These were made by the Hocking Glass Co. from 1935 to 1938. They can range from $7 apiece for the divided platters that I have to upwards of $700 for a frosted vase in this pattern!
A great source for information about Depression Glass is the book titled "Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass" by Cathy & Gene Florence.
Mothers Day tablescape 2012 012
I've used my Mom's flatware, the Wm. Rogers Oneida silverplate; pattern called "Always", made in 1958.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 013
I thought the little floral motifs went well with the flowers in the placemats & upcoming centerpiece.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 014
This little dish will hold rainbow sprinkles for Ms. C. to use atop her whip cream covered waffles.
Mothers Day tablescape 2012 016

The little compotes will be perfect for a mixed fruit cup of strawberries, fresh mint, grapes, blackberries & raspberries along with a splash of sweet orange juice & a dollop of whipped cream.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 017
Here is a good view of the textured trellis pattern on them. I have learned they are the Normandy pattern, sometimes called "Bouquet & Lattice". It was made by the Federal Glass Co. from 1933-1940.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 023
I'm experimenting with some flowers from the garden. Obviously, I need to go buy some baby's breath filler, but I think these might work well for Sunday morning.

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 024
Mothers Day tablescape 2012 027
I love how you can see the tiny veins in each petal.
Nurses like *easy-to-see* veins!!! LOL
Mothers Day tablescape 2012 028
I hope to get around to visit all you wonderful people who have left such touching comments recently. The death of my brother-in-law made it all the more apparent that I have a very limited time left to spend with my sweet husband. So I've been trying to be with him more & not spent as much time on the computer, lately.

I wish all of you a very Blessed & Happy Mothers Day!

Mothers Day tablescape 2012 021
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