Saturday, June 11, 2016

Burp Cloth Tutorial


I made a few burp cloths for the newest member of the family,
Emma Grace, born last week, to my deceased husband's (Ernie)grandson Shawn & his wife, Stephanie.
Emma is Ernie’s 4th Great Granddaughter!

Several people asked questions regarding how I made the fabric bands
on the top & bottom of these burp cloths, so I took photos as I went along.


I trim off the serged edges of the diaper, both top & bottom,
to make sure I’m starting with a straight, square edge.


The size of the fabric band is really personal preference. 
I like to cut mine between 5-7 inches long & 1 inch wider than the diaper.
This will give you a band that is between 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" in depth because you fold it in half.


It needs to be 1 inch wider than the diaper, so that 1/2” of fashion fabric extends beyond the diaper edges to start.


Placing RIGHT sides together, sew a 1/2 inch seam allowance along the bottom edge.


Take it to your ironing board, & lay it right side up.

Press the fashion fabric away from the diaper to get a nice, crisp clean edge.


While at the ironing board, turn it over to the back & fold up the other raw edge of the fashion fabric 1/2 inch & press well. 


Then fold up fabric band, RIGHT sides together, matching pressed 1/2” hem to the prior sewn seam. 
Make sure to COVER that line of bobbin stitching or it will show on the front!

Sew up both of the short sides, using a 1/2” seam allowance,
which will put the seam right next to the diaper.
(sorry for the blurry photo showing that, below)



I like to cut off a bit of the corner seam allowance,
to reduce bulk.  Do both corners the same way.


Fold the snipped corner over & place your thumb on it,
to hold in place while you turn the fashion fabric band
right sides out.


I use a chop stick’s blunt end to push out the fabric in the corners.
Don’t use scissors or anything sharp or you will poke a hole right through!
Ask me how I know this.  ~~blush~~


Instead of pinning the fabric band in place,
I like to use small bits of fusible web to hold it down while I sew along the edge.


Stitch Witchery or Wonder Under…even wash away tape will work.
You just want to get it secured into correct position so that edge stitching is easier.



An edge joining foot works great to maintain a straight line.
I move my needle over to the right a few spaces.

Repeat same directions on the other end of the burp cloth.


Can you see my boo-boo?
I wasn’t careful enough when I fused the band into position.
It doesn’t completely cover the bobbin thread! 
If you can unstitch & pull the fusible apart, this can be fixed.
If not, its just a burp cloth….don’t worry about it!!


Fonts used on both projects are 
 3" Elegant Font from Applique Corner,
as is the "Wills" frame above.
The Rosebud circle embroidery design is from

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