Friday, June 26, 2020

Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea

I'm enjoying a little midday nosh
while looking out the sunroom windows
towards the gazebo & the fountains in the lake.

It is a little too warm to go outside at this hour, 
especially if I'm drinking hot tea!

My current favorite is this "Hot Cinnamon Sunset" tea by Henney & Sons.
I order it via Amazon, as I can't find it locally.
It reminds me of red hot cinnamon candy hearts! 

My Weight Watcher friendly treat today is a cupcake made with
sugar free yellow cake mix & 1 can of sugar free orange soda.
That's other ingredients!
I used my smallest cupcake tins & baked them for about 20 minutes @ 350ºF.
They work out to about 1 WW point each on the plan.

The lovely Phalaenopsis orchid was given to me by my daughter.
There is one more bud yet to open on its single stem but I just couldn't wait
any longer to share its beauty with you.
They tolerate low light which is perfect for winters in Ohio!

My choice of tea cup today is by Royal Albert Crown China made in England.

I often float a piece of citrus rind in my flavored teas,
just for a little additional zip.
Truthfully, this wonderful tea needs no embellishment!
It is delicious just with a little sweetener.

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House for a visit.
Maybe next time, we can get together inside the gazebo.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ms. C's Favorite Tea Cup

The peonies & iris have all bloomed for this year.
I cut as many as I could before the rains came again.

When my granddaughter, Ms. C, comes to visit, 
I always allow her to pick which tea cup she would like to use.

This flower petal shaped one is always her favorite!
 It had an FTD floral arrangement in it at one time.

The dainty Towel spoon with a crown is one of a set of 4.
I wish I had bought more!

My daughter gave me this gorgeous "Black Tie" Bath & Body Works candle.
It has the most lovely floral scent & elegant silver cover!

Ms. C. prefers sugar cubes in her tea
while I use artificial sweeteners, Stevia being the current favorite.

Her choice of tea is usually Lady Grey...mine too!

The teapot I'm using today is shaped like a bird house.
It was made by Adams Antiques in Steubenville, OH,
which is less than 2 hours south of where I live now.

If you look closely, you can see another little
blue bird inside the teapot.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit & allowing me to share my teacup collection!
I have lots more to come!