Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine’s Day Anniversary Luncheon

Wrought iron basket
Laurie is having her Valentines Day meme again this year.
Come on in….we’re having a party!
Valentines Day table long
We were married on Valentine’s Day, 1987……
23 years ago!
(EDIT: 24 years on the 14th)
I’m SO glad we get to celebrate another anniversary together!

The table is all set for a Sunday Luncheon after church with some of my family.
Valentines Day bridal box
For the centerpiece,
I’ve used an antique lidded compote, sometimes referred to as a
“Wedding Box” or “Bridal Box”.
I filled it with
Valentines Day bridal box, open
Dove chocolates….Yummo!
Valentines Day table
I’ve set the table using my Mom’s vintage luncheon plates
that have matching cups which
fit into their own little space in the corner of the plate.
The pattern is called “Candlewick” due to the little dots
all around the edges, which resembles the embroidery
technique of candlewicking.
Candlewicking is a traditional form of
white on white embroidery,
done on white linen or cotton fabric with heavy cotton threads
used for making candle wicks in the olden days,
thus the name.
Valentines Day place
Mom had 18 of these plates with matching cups & her sister
also had the same sets, so that they could borrow
from each other for big gatherings.
I’m serving quiche with fresh fruit on the side.

Valentines day strawberries with wc
I know Caroline will want whipped cream on hers with sprinkles!

Individual favors for everybody are GIANT Hershey’s Kisses!
Valentines Day Kiss favors
Little Mikasa heart shaped dishes hold another treat…..
Caroline’s favorite.
Valentines Day Mikasa heart

Idea for placing a candle on a can so as to use
less candy to fill up around it was
benchmarked from Sara at August Fields
Thank you, Sara, for the idea!

Valentines Day napkin folded
You may like to watch this video below to see
how to make this heart shaped napkin. Its very easy!
Sheer red ribbons on the inexpensive Luminarc stemware
glasses dress them up a bit.
I’m serving… Valentines day drink
1 (12 oz.) can frozen Hawaiian Punch
1 (12 oz.) can frozen lemonade
1 (1 liter) bottle of 7-UP soda

Mix above ingredients in punch bowl just prior to guests arrival so that the soda doesn’t go flat too soon.

1 (4/5 qt.) bottle pink champagne
Keep the champagne on the side for the adults to either add to their glass of punch, if they would like, or just have it by itself.

Valentines Day cookies from MQ
We’ll have cookies, too.
This Federal depression glass cake plate,
was my Grandmothers.
It is called “Sharon Cabbage Rose” & there are TONS of
them available on Ebay.
I understand they were given away in sacks of flour
and since most women baked a great deal during the Depression, they collected several.
The ruffled lace or reticulated edge milkglass candy dish,
below, was also my Grandmother’s.
Valentines Day cookies, III
Besides cookies for dessert we have……
Valentines Day cupcakes overhead
Valentines Day cupcakes
Valentines Day cupcakes overhead II
Valentines Day decorations
Extra goodies are located on the bakers rack in the kitchen.
The vases were all my Mom’s except for
the little one up top, with the gold trim.
It is hand blown Venetian Murano glass brought back from our trip to Venice, Italy, where we got to actually watch them blow the glass.
Valentines Day decorations cookies
The heart shaped china box on the left is from an FTD floral
arrangement and the heart shaped candy dish on the right is Waterford crystal,
purchased on our trip to Ireland.
I get to remember all the wonderful traveling we did when
hubby first retired, every time I pull out one of these items.
Before he passed away, my Dad told me the one thing he regretted
most was not traveling when he was younger
and could get around easily.
Don’t put it off till you’re old…..go NOW if you get the chance!
I’m linking this post to two different
memes this week.
"Queen of Tablescapes", Susan,
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Laurie’s Valentines Day Party
at her blog,
Thank you to both these charming ladies for hostessing such fun parties!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Jillian pants, lined jacket & Valentines Day Gifts

I recently completed a few items for Ms. C. & her cousins for Valentine's Day.

The little pants with the side split hems & matching jacket are from the Bonnie Blue pattern, Jillian.

I was originally going to put a bow at the neckline of the jacket with just a snap closure but the heavy corduroy didn't seem to want to stay snapped too well, so I did a single buttonhole & button. I used a BIG button that matched the smaller one that I put at the center front of all her pants. That's so she will know which way to put them on herself.

The two sweatshirts below are done with fused appliques from a fabric panel, then I did a blanket stitch all around them for a more secure attachment. I've heard it said that Heat n Bond lite needs the added sewing around the edges but that Heat n Bond Ultra does not. I wasn't taking any chances!

This is a close up of the design & the blanket stitch.

I added a purchased pink turtleneck for Ms. C. to wear under her outfit & I also bought a teal colored shirt without the turtleneck for warmer days.

The picture, below, shows the split sides of the pant legs. You can also do them so that the split is in the front.

An additional gift, below, will be this pink pencil case that came with the ballet shoes already embroidered on it...I just added her monogram.

She seemed very pleased with her new clothes. Her hair is wild from doing cartwheels in them! She loves to run & tumble!

In the past, she has told me she hates pants & always requests that I make dresses for her. These seemed to pass the test, as she told me I could make her another outfit like this....only next time, in PINK!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House! I've had difficulty accessing my internet so postings will be a little scarce for awhile. I'm happy you've stopped by, though. Its nice to have company! I'll try to return the visit if I can get back online.