Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday

Linda at Coastal Charm is hosting her

I found a few bargains this week to share.

This black, CHAPS sweater with
3/4 length sleeves, white buttons & trim I found at Kohls.

I plan on wearing it with white capris to church next week.
I just about froze this weekend, the AC was so cold.

Check out this bargain price!!

Down from the original price of $65
to $19.50 & then
final sale... 80% off

~~~ $13.00 ~~~


On top of that, I got to pull a scratch-off card &
that gave me another 15% off!!

Next, I found these brand new Bormioli
(made in Italy)
tumblers at GW.

There is a T. J. Maxx tag on them for
$6.99 but I got all 6 for only
~~~ $2.50 ~~~

I'll be using them on a July 4th table
later, so stay tuned.

I also found some of those great cheese domes
that everyone has been changing into pedestal cloches.

I think I will sand & paint the one on the left
& leave the other as it is, since it is in nicer condition.

Be sure to go see Debbie's version at
Confessions of a Plate Addict

Her's turned out AWESOME!!!!

Check out that bargain price, too~~Woo-Hoo~~!

Total spent: less than $20

*Bigger Grin*

Thanks for stopping by the Gazebo House

& thank you, Linda, for giving us a place to

share our Nifty Thrifty finds.

Everybody 's a bargain!



Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tube Quilting

I made this little table runner using a
new-to-me "tube quilting" method
& some French fabrics from
my stash *resource center*.

A sewing friend of mine, Karen (CoastieWife)
recently posted a link to a video
on how to do "tube quilting".
I couldn't wait to try it!

I've included that video at the bottom of this post,
in case you're interested in seeing how its done.

The fabrics were leftover from this little quilted
tote that I made when I first started quilting.

It is to protect my OTT-LITE when taking it to
sewing classes or quilting retreats.

The pattern for this little tote can be bought
at Thistledownquilts

It can also double as a lunch tote.
It even has pockets on each side.

I had all these fabrics & more leftover from that project.

Using the tube quilting method to make blocks,
you get several different possible combinations.

You can put all of one color...
in this case the BLUE
turned toward the center ...

or turn them around & all the REDS go to the center.

I decided I liked them alternating as it looks more
interesting & complex.
This is really easy sewing, honest!

I used the embroidery mode of my machine
(Brother 4000D)
to do the quilting motifs in the center of each block.

These designs are from a CD by Anita Goodesign

I am thrilled at how nicely they turned out!
Positioning the blocks in the frame is the
most important step.
You can see below that one of my designs
is a wee bit off the mark.

Here is the completed project, although I think I'm
going to do some hand quilting yet.
I don't like the poofy-ness of those yellow sections.

A photo of the back in blue paisley.
I'm going to use this side up for a
Fourth of July party this weekend.

Please come back to see that
on Susan's Tablescape Thursday!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority

Today is Rush Day!!

Karen, author of the beautifully inspiring blog

Some Days are Diamonds

has started a Bloggerette Sorority.

You can read all about it HERE.

Bloggers have a special something
between all of us.
We inspire, encourage & applaud one another.

Karen challenged us to come up with
some crafty use for this logo picture,

show it off with ourselves in the photo
and let you know where we are located.
I live in the beautiful state of Ohio.
We have fabulous weather
(except for Jan./Feb./March)

This is an early spring view from the gazebo on the deck.
The house you see on the right is the model home
and an exact duplicate of mine
only without the gazebo & the enlarged deck we added.

I had lots of sewing ideas but my cut finger prevented me from completing them.

Instead, took the photo & after enlarging it,
I cut it into an insert for an insulated mug.

Part of the requirement was that we would
appear in a photo along with the created item.

I took my cold mug of lemonade out to ...
where else?
The Gazebo!

I like the frosted effect the plastic gives the picture...sort of ages it even more.

I made another & framed it.

Come on in out of that hot sun &
join me & the rest of the sorority sisters
for a cool drink,
won't you?

We visitors at The Gazebo House!



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Birthday Dinner for Sweet Ms. C.

Ms. C.!

We held a family birthday dinner for our sweet Ms. C. at our home a
few days after her official 6th birthday.

I like to make each grandchild feel special by hosting a little celebration
dinner with their favorite foods.

(She requested drumsticks from KFC)

We ate in the tiled sunroom area of the kitchen.
Clean up is very easy here so both the children & I can relax.

Pink & Green Polka-Dots were my starting point.
I found these cute placemats at the Dollar Tree
as well as the matching polka-dot plates to go with them.

The plates I used for our salads were found at
T. J. Maxx last year.
There are two plates of each design featured.

I let Ms. C. pick which one she wanted at her place setting.
This was the one she chose, with the heart on top.

I used this little lime green teapot to also denote her special spot.

She loves to have tea with her Nana Rett!

White cups & saucers are from the Home Collection at J.C. Penney.
I thought the bead like border repeated the polka-dot effect somewhat.

Little pink & green lanterns with battery operated tea lights added soft lighting.
I don't like to use open flames when the children are visiting.
Safety first!

I forgot to take a photo with them lit…
it got a little hectic around dinner time!

I bought 3 packages of bubble gum &
sorted out the colors to match the table.

(I have lots of red-white & blue
left over for July 4th)

I spray painted the bucket pink & green &
added a lace & PINK ribbon border between the two colors.

It was filled with lime green Easter grass &
giant chocolate chip cookies.

Thank you, Carol (aka Mamacjt) for this fun
cookie making pan!

The cookies didn’t last as the centerpiece very long at all.
I think DGS, Charlie, ate several before I finished taking pictures.

The festive little dessert plates are called “Cupcakes by Joy”
& were purchased at T. J. Maxx earlier this year.

Instead of a cake, which she had already enjoyed at her *Ariel* pool party, I made Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes

in polka-dot cupcake liners

displayed them on my cupcake tree.

The rose buds were made using the large Wilton 2D tip.
You start at the center & swirl to the outside area.

It was warm in the kitchen & my frosting was a little too soft
but we ate them, just the same.
I've never met a cupcake I didn't like!

On Thursday, I'll be linking to

Tablescape Thursday

with our gracious hostess,

Susan of Between Naps on the Porch

Be sure to stop by her beautiful blog that day
to see other participants in the party!

Thank you, Susan, for hosting this fun event each week
& thank you to all of you who visit the Gazebo House!

Oh & my finger that I sliced on the mandolin
is almost completely healed.
It is still tender to type but is much better already.
Thanks for all the really helped!