Thursday, May 02, 2013

Walker Caddies

walker caddie 2 006

My older sister recently had knee replacement surgery & will be using a walker for several weeks, so I've been busy making walker caddies
This one I made especially for her, as it matches the quilted Bible cover I made for her a few years ago.

walker caddie 003

There are pockets on both sides, to hold a book, glasses & a pen & a notebook or her hearing aids case.
The round plastic rings are from the Baby department & are used to fasten things like toys & pacifiers to strollers & car seats.  They're flexible & just push on over the bars.
 I used a nice big button with easy loop closure for arthritic hands.  This pocket would be perfect for a portable or cell phone.

walker caddie 005 
I bought her a matching insulated cup so she can carry her
coffee from the kitchen to the chair by her TV, while keeping BOTH hands on the walker.

walker caddie 008 
I noticed that the caddy tipped a bit with the weight of a filled

cup so I added some binding ties to the top edge to help steady it

 & keep it even.

walker caddie 2 007

After I finished hers, I decided to make another &
used the binding across the top of the pockets as ties to keep it stable.

walker caddie 2 002

Same large button & easy loop closure on one pocket.  I put strips of Velcro hook & loop tape along the bottom edges of the underside area to further stabilize the caddie by keeping front & back edges together.

walker caddie 2 003

I found a cute HOT PINK insulated cup to go with this one!

walker caddie 2 004

THEN I got the brilliant idea that I could use a machine embroidery on the front pocket to make a funny statement!
Laughter IS the best medicine, ya' know.

I know SEVERAL people who could have used this caddie this year. 

golfing walker caddie 001

This golf themed fabric was not pre-quilted, like the other two, so I got to practice my free motion quilting a bit.
 Here is a view of the back 2 pockets but you can't see the extra hidden one that I added beneath the back part. I thought it would be an extra safe spot for a wallet.

golfing walker caddie 004

I have lots more ideas for ones I want to make.  

I think they would be great gifts to have on hand for unexpected accidents or knee replacements.  

Our friends seem to be having a LOT of those lately!

 I'd rather be...

Sky Diving
Riding (Horse)
Hang Gliding
Sleeping (or Napping)
Doing Yoga
Playing Tennis

Ice Skating
and my favorite...I'd rather be In PARIS!

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House!  I'm going to stay at my sister's home to help care for her when she comes home from rehab, so I'll be away from my computer for a little while.  I promise to return your visits when I get back. 

I'm working on doing a tutorial on how to make these but in the meantime, I'm linking to Yvonne's StoneGable for Tutorials, Tips & Tidbits today.


  1. Rett, you need to sell these in an ETSY shop or on EBAY. This is a grand idea.



    1. Thanks Sheila, but I don't think I want to make them for the general public. Someone else can run with the idea. I just wanted a few on hand for gifts & family.

  2. These are fantastic, you could sell these for sure, in nursing home/rehab center gift shops, hospital gift shops, Etsy!! Love the fabrics you've chosen. xo

    1. I agree, Barb, that there is certainly a need for them. One of my sewing friends said her Mother used a walker for years & she wished she would have thought to make her one.

      All these fabrics are leftovers in my stash. I need to use them up! I think I've had that golf fabric for over 12 years...maybe even more! LOL
      It only takes about a half yard to make one, so I have LOTS to work on before I made a dent in that stash.

  3. What an excellent idea! I've never seen these before :) Great job!

  4. Rett, you have hit on a terrific idea with this. What a wonderful gift! I doubt that you want to get into the production/marketing business but can you image how popular these would be in retirement communities. My mom has used a walker for years as does my aunt. My aunt is 92 and mom is 98+. Thanks for sharing this with us. ~ Sarah

  5. You are the best sister and so darn talented that I can't stand it!!!

  6. This is such a great idea - and so practical. I can think that as the baby boomers age there will be great need for something like this.
    For me, I'd rather be in Paris would be perfect!

  7. These are so cute and what a practical and useful gift. My fav has to be the I'd rather be golfing. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I don't think my sewing skills are up to the task of making one. I think you should consider selling them. Thanks for sharing them. They are all beautiful. Have a great week. Blessings!

  8. What a great job you did on these walker caddies, Rett! Thanks for sharing your tips on what you learned in improving them. The pre-quilted fabric sure makes them more stable. The message idea is fun and yes, we all do need a good laugh. Happy weekend.

  9. What a brilliant idea. I would imagine that using a walker makes one feel "not so pretty" and your added color is both functional and like walker "jewelry" to perk up the person using it. Very thoughtful. I'm sure your sister will really appreciate your help!

  10. That is so creative and clever, Rett! I love the golf one - LOL.

  11. This is one of the coolest and most thoughtful things I have ever seen!!!!! Do I smell a business coming on?! ;-) I don't need a walker, but if I did I think I would want my caddy to read "Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like It's 1999!" :-)

    Great idea, Rett!!!

  12. They are all just beautiful! I love the pink/black/white combination.
    Now I didn't see a listing for "I'd Rather Be Cooking or Cleaning". LOL

  13. Rett you are a doll! To make such a sensible and useful thing for your sister is one thing, but to take the idea and make something pretty - even elegant - well, that's just a gift of pure love. I'm sure that there are many who will take this idea and put smiles on the faces of loved ones who have to use a walker.

  14. I KNOW you don't want to start a business, but you might want to rethink that!!! This is a WINNER idea, girl! Wow! And with the embroidery skills you have and your style, you could have a little side "gig" going here. Think about it! Seriously! We need to talk!

  15. Rett~ You are SEW clever and this is brilliant! I know your sister is thrilled with the convenience and the colorful fabrics~ they are beautiful! The "rather be golfing" made me laugh out loud!

  16. These are so thoughtful, Rett! You did a wonderful job thinking of everything to make these caddies easy to use. Absolutely perfect!

  17. I think that these are a natural for an Etsy shop! Or HSN. Great idea and your usual exquisite workmanship. Cherry Kay

  18. I think you were clever to create this necessity for walkers. As above, the perfect thing for an Etsy shop. Hopefully your sister will enjoy the gift you made for her.

  19. What a wonderful thoughtful gift! Your friends are so lucky!


  20. Aside from looking great, these caddies are so practical and cheerful! I look forward to your tutorial with all your great ideas.

  21. Rett these are so cute and very needed with a walker!

  22. Rett, You are not only the sweetest sister, you are also the most talented!! I love these ideas. Sky diving -- that is hilarious. I'm really interested to hear about the pain meds. My husband had a hip replaced last February and he is better than new, like the bionic man. Skiing his usual race courses and biking 40+ miles/day on weekends. But I may need a knee, due to a serious injury way back in college days, followed by a skiing accident on the same knee. I understand they are much more complicated. Hope your sister feels better soon. Linda

  23. You don't me but I ran across your blog when I googled walker caddy patterns. I'm having knee replacement surgery in a few weeks and thought I'd make myself one of these for my walker. Of all of the caddies I've found on the internet, yours was BY FAR the nicest one! At the end of the blog entry, you mentioned that you might create a tutorial for this someday. Did that ever happen? Even if not, thank you for the inspiration. I'm having a hard time getting my head wrapped around this knee replacement idea (and then I'll have to do the other knee next year), so the idea of sewing something for my recovery helps me feel better about the whole thing. (And I ordered a PURPLE walker which is supposed to come this week.) Hey, why not?!!!

    -- Susan

    1. I'm sorry you're in need of knee replacement surgery, Susan! Not a fun surgery, at all. I did write up instructions when I made a second & third caddy0

      You can find them here:

      Please feel free to email me if you have any difficulty or don't understand something. I actually have one on my cutting table right this minute that says "I'd rather be fishing".

    2. I cannot seem to open the instructions for the third caddy. Could you email me the instructions?
      This is so beautiful and simple! Thank you so so much!

  24. This is the nicest organizer I have seen! Not only is it cute, it is sturdy and very functional. I am actually starting to make one myself for my husband's grandmother. She is legally blind and I am hoping this will help her be able to get around in her new retirement community. I am making this for a rollator (rolling walker with a seat) Have you made one for a rollator? I am thinking the side closest to her will have to be shorter than the other side or the seat will be in the way. I am trying to figure out how to stabilize it. Any thoughts? My email is Thanks, Andrea

  25. Thank you for your kind words, Andrea! I have not made one for a rollator but I have my husband's stored in the basement to test one on. His has a basket on the front so there wasn't a need for a carrier. I agree that the side closest to the seat should probably be shorter. I'm also thinking that long strips of velcro along both sides would keep it in place best, since the balance of the wt. would be *off* with the disparity. Let me play with one & test it out & I will get back to you as to how that works out.
    Thanks for asking & sparking the thought process.

  26. Beautiful walker caddies. I hope the one I make for Mother will look this nice.

  27. Rett,Thank you for giving me the idea to sew one of your patterns up for myself. I'm preparing for hip surgery & want to get one read ahead of time. Bless you for posting. As my Dad is a WWII Vet, I may later on make some up in denim for the men at the VA Thanks again

  28. Please list the items needed to make this walker caddie. There are several nursing homes and VA homes and I could make what is needed.

  29. Great idea. Prepping to have TKR in a few weeks, this will be great to have. Yours are very pretty.


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