Sunday, December 01, 2013

Christmas Past at The Gazebo House

I'm revisiting some Christmas scenes here at
 The Gazebo House
for The Tablescaper's
On the sewing front, I made my granddaughter a smocked Children's Corner *Mary De* pinafore & dress for Christmas of 2008.

The smocking plate is called "Charlie's Christmas Tree" from Creative Keepsakes & designed by Claudia Love.

Picture smocking is
not my forté! I struggle to get better at it, though.

The fun little dress below I made from a New Look pattern & was casual enough for her to wear to pre-school.

The border print of snowmen & decorated packages made it especially cute and check out all that piping!

That's another technique that I struggle with to get just right.
Lots of twirl factor in this full skirt, too!

Like all mothers & grandmothers,
I bemoan the rapid passing of time & just want
to freeze them while they are still little! 
She is my sweetheart!!!
From our house to yours...

Wishing you the start of a very
Merry & Bright Christmas Season,

filled with maybe some fun in the snow
Snowy Christmas 2012 001

and perhaps the warmth of a candle's glow.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Oh, that precious Caroline - she's enough to brighten the dullest of days!

    Rett, you have shared some of your most wonderful creations in this post. I'm so glad you were able to get Caroline's professional photos made to document these gorgeous dresses. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  2. Thank you, Jerry! I remember watching you post smocked items & wanting so much to learn how to do them. You've been an inspiration to me & many others in the sewing world & I appreciate all that you have taught me.

  3. Your blog is beautiful, Rett! I loved seeing these gorgeous dresses again. Caroline's protraits are just lovely. I'm so glad that you were able to have her pictures taken in that amazing bishop dress.

  4. Rett, I see you have been busy! These dresses are so precious! I've never smocked, but all my friends did when their children were little. We don't have children, so I never got into this. I love these! Thanks for sharing.

  5. The dresses are so sweet, and I'll bet your granddaughter is the envy of her friends. I enjoyed your scenes of the gazebo house in the past and like the table vignette of Christmas pretties.

  6. Great "memories" and thanks so much for sharing and bringing Christmas to the forefront. I have always found picture smocking to be a challenge as well. Nice to know I'm not alone as some seem to do it so effortlessly. I love what your did with that candle and the floating greens and cranberries, really lovely, Rett.

  7. I love all your Christmas here. Your gazebo is so pretty..
    xo bj

  8. What pretty Christmas scenes. And those dresses - just adorable!

  9. Beautiful everything especially the Christmas dresses....Christine

  10. What a wonderful post, Rett! You are SO talented, and I love all of your decor and those cute dresses.

    What an inspiration!



  11. This is amazing! I got to think how I spend the Christmas with my friends. I would probably go for a gazebo theme Christmas. You gave me an idea how to write gazebo in my blog . Thanks Rett, looking forward to read you blog.

  12. The dresses are real treasures and I enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful Christmas pictures.

  13. Hi Rett,
    Thanks for the Christmas inspiration. Your smocking abilities are so impressive. I've tried my hand at it and never finished! The snowman dress is just darling. Doesn't that fabric just make the dress?? The darling gingerbread houses are too cute. Did Ms. C help with those? I know she's a joy to you. xo

    1. Yes, Kitty, Ms. C. did ALL of the candy decorations on the two little Christmas gingerbread houses! She loves doing it & her brothers only show up to eat the candy! LOL

  14. Hi Rett, Your gazebo looks gorgeous with the snow and the Christmas tree, wreath, and lights. The dresses you made for your granddaughter are beautiful! You have made a lot of wonderful Christmas memories with your family. You care enough to give your very best, and it shows!

  15. Your sewing skills are amazing. It is wonderful to wander through your Christmases past.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  16. You are such a creative person, Rett. I love seeing photos of your beautiful sewing skills. Your granddaughter is a lucky little girl to have such a talented grandma.

  17. Rett, Your smocking looks perfect to me! Love those sweet dresses and your snowy scenes, especially your gazebo with the colorful glow from the lit tree inside! We're getting rain now, I was wishing it was some seasonal snowy white flakes instead since it's such a rare commodity around here!

  18. Oh my, those little dresses are so adorable!! You have such an eye for detail. Love seeing your gazebo dressed up for the holidays!

  19. I love the gazebo dressed for the holidays. so many ideas wow! you are amazing

  20. wow you got a whole lotta cold christmas cheer going on here! first, i love your header pic, so pretty! we are 14 degrees and dropping on the ca coast this morn, your snow pics look wonderfully chilling to me as i shiver under my covers with my 2 dogs looking at me to hurry up and take them out for a walk :-( love your gazebo, off to find a shot of warmth to brace for the big chill!


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