Friday, March 30, 2012

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

Garden Party 034

When I saw Cherry Kay's

post on her beautiful blog,

Entertaining Women

detailing a

Wild Game Dinner Party

I went bonkers over all the GREAT food she showed us!

(except for the boars head...yuck!)

If you haven't seen that post

be sure to follow the link above just

to enjoy seeing the GORGEOUS home it was held in!

I asked Cherry Kay for

her recipe for

"Creamy Baked Pheasant Spaghetti"

so I could make it for

my "Meet The New Neighbor Luncheon".

She shared with me that it was her adaptation

of the Pioneer Woman's recipe

for Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Casserole

I made some changes of my own to that recipe,

to accommodate health issues

at The Gazebo House.

You can see & print my version HERE.

Garden Party 029

Just a few notes on how I did the desserts for the luncheon...

You'll want to use untreated, food-grade terra cotta pots. You can find these at specialty food, baking stores.

Here is one online source that will sell them individually,

without the various mixes that they also sell.

Rabbit Creek

Avoid those from gardening or hardware stores because these may include unsafe elements or may have come in contact with toxic ingredients.

Run them through a cycle of your dishwasher, just to be sure they are clean.

I put a mini Nabisco vanilla wafer over the holes in the bottom, then filled them about 3/4 of the way with sugar-free chocolate pudding.

Place several Oreo® cookies in a zip lock bag & crush them with a rolling pin.

Sprinkle your crumbled cookies over the pudding.

Stick gummy worms down into the crumbs & pudding, so they look like they are crawling out of the earth.

Top off with a candy carrot &/or candy rocks.

Pop rocks would be a wild sensation, too!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

♫ ♫ I went to a garden party….♫♫

Garden Party 022

".... to reminisce with my old friends

A chance to share old memories

and make NEW friends again!"

Okay, so I took a few liberties with Ricky Nelson's song.

Garden Party 066

We have new residents in our development &

I invited a few of the neighborhood gals

to meet her & enjoy lunch together.

Garden Party 048

Since the SUN has finally returned to Ohio,

we gathered at the big square table

in the SUNroom.

Garden Party 005

This is the one that is 60" x 60" &

next to impossible

to find tablecloths to fit.

I used Martha Stewart quilted placemats to start &

layered these beautiful HUGE BLUE

glass plates as chargers with my Antelier.

I found the blue ones on sale at T.J.Maxx

last year but this is the first time

I've had a chance to use them.

Garden Party 001

They are by Luigi Bormioli

who makes many different lines of gorgeous glassware.

Garden Party 067

The good old Dollar Tree BLUE stems

looked beautiful in the sunlight &

echoed the colors in the plates.

Garden Party 068

I had little wine glass stem markers

with various garden themes to them.

Garden Party 006

Some are garden utensils,

like a hoe, trowel & shovel.

Garden Party 008

The little salad plates have garden themed

decorations around their rims,

so they coordinated nicely.

Garden Party 012

Garden Party 009

Even the cups are decorated with

clay pots of flowers!

Garden Party 007

Garden Party 011

Garden Party 013

There are also wicker baskets &

potted plants as markers, too.

Garden Party 019

Everybody got a packet of my

favorite seeds to plant...Morning Glories!

Garden Party 016

Some WHITE & some BLUE.

My grandfather & I used to plant them

every year, after soaking the seeds overnight.

Garden Party 023

I used my " lipstick plant"

(nickname for a cyclamen)

as a centerpiece in a white

cache pot, decorated with asparagus.

Garden Party 037

Garden Party 050

Everyone also took home a BLUE & WHITE

pot with purple pansies to plant in their yard.

Garden Party 017

They were as close to the BLUE color

that I could find.

Garden Party 018

I just love their little blossoms...

Garden Party 022

they look like little faces to me.

Garden Party 024

I had a few...shall we say


serving pieces, too.

Garden Party 021

I found these cute little toy

garden tools at Target last year.

I've been saving them for just

such a party!

I ran them through the dishwasher & guessed it....

Garden Party 034

Yep, I did!

Thankfully, everyone laughed

at my humor &

no one was horrified by their use.

(stop back later in the week

for that chicken casserole recipe)

Garden Party 029

Dessert was

chocolate pudding

with crushed Oreo cookies on top,

better known as


Garden Party 032

I also had candy rocks &

gummy worms to add to the


The plastic carrots are filled

with powder candy...





Garden Party 029

Its a good thing these gals

all had a sense of humor!

Garden Party 041

Various other plants in the sunroom

added to the garden party atmosphere,

since it was still too chilly to eat outdoors.

Garden Party 063

Garden Party 053

Thanks for letting me share my

"Garden Party" tablescape.

I wish YOU could have joined us, too!

I'll see you at Cuisine Kathleen's party

"Let's Dish"

on Wednesday at 7 PM

The theme for April 18th will be


This post should fit right in!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Welcome SPRING!!

The Life of flowers (Жизнь цветов) from VOROBYOFF PRODUCTION on Vimeo

I thought you might enjoy watching this short video that was filmed over several days in the life of different flowers. I found it fascinating to see how they appear to be waking up, stretching out their arms & yawning as they awaken from their long winter's nap.
Be sure to turn your sound up!

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 035

My flowers, both inside & outside the house are awake, too!

fleece pjs, floating candle, tabletopper 002

fleece pjs, floating candle, tabletopper 004

It is very early for such blooms here in Ohio,

but the recent very warm temperatures...

(record breaking 8o's last week)

have everything off schedule,

including me!

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 055

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 038

I like to cut a few stems of my hyacinths

to enjoy indoors, as their heady

fragrance can perfume an entire room.

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 056

We've have other signs of spring too,

like the daffodils & the crocus.

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 013

crocus 005

crocus 2-27-12 001

But the hyacinths are my favorites

at the moment.

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 019

I've got some displayed in my antique

French Haviland et Cie Limoges tea or coffee pot,

which I THOUGHT was a

chocolate pot at first.

Due to its diminutive size, though,

& the curve of the spout as well

as the little filtering holes inside,

the antique dealer from whom I bought it,

felt that it was truly a

tea or coffee pot instead.

Around the end of the XVIII century(1780 - 1800) ,

Europeans started preparing chocolate

with milk and sugar to create what we know

today as Hot Chocolate.

In fact the drink became so popular many of the leading

European porcelain manufactures such as Limoges in France began

making specialized pots and cups just to serve chocolate.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between

a coffee pot and a chocolate pot.

The two features to look at are the spout on the exterior of the pot

and the inside of the spout.

Coffee pot spouts are typically long &

sometimes arched.

A chocolate pot has a fairly short spout.

The inside of a coffee pot just before the spout

typically has a filter

(a small partition with holes)

that keeps grounds from getting into the cup.

A chocolate pot would not have the filter.

(mine has the holes)

Liliacs, daffodills, cyclamen 024

I don't care...I fell in love with its delicate little

curvy handle & the pretty pink &

purple floral decorations on it.

Liliacs 001

Chocolate pots can be quite expensive.

Just do a google search on the subject &

you will be stunned at the prices

some of them are going for.

My paternal Grandmother owned one &

since it had the family's initial,

hand-painted in gold leaf on the front,

it was given to my brother.

SOMEWHERE on this computer

I have a photo of it, but I'll be darned

if I can find it right now.

I will edit this post when I do,

so you can see how pretty it is!

Liliacs 008

In the meantime, I guess you'll

just have to enjoy this one.

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House today.

I'd gladly make you a cup of hot chocolate

or coffee or tea if you could stop by for real.

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My Smocking Friend’s Tables

Nicoles for smock & talk 004

I completely forgot that I wanted to share

with you my smocking friend's beautiful Valentines Day tablescapes!

You don't mind seeing them a little late, do you?

Nicole & I gather to smock & sew once a week, along with several other very talented women, who willingly share their ideas, tips & projects.

Nicoles for smock & talk 002

I happened to have my camera in the car with me

when we met at Nicole's lovely home in February &

she graciously allowed me to photograph her pretty settings.

Nicole is blessed to have inherited some GORGEOUS antiques,

this pair of candlesticks being some of them.

Nicoles for smock & talk 001

Nicoles for smock & talk 017

I am head-over-heels in ♥♥♥ with her beautiful dining room!

Nicoles for smock & talk 025


Nicoles for smock & talk 021

Her exquisite wedding china is the Lenox pattern,

Monroe from their Presidential series. *sigh*

The burgundy & black bands of color are accented

with gold twisted rope patterns around the rims.

Nicoles for smock & talk 022

Her crystal stemware, another wedding gift,

is Waterford's Castlemaine pattern.

Nicoles for smock & talk 024

She has TWO of these gorgeous antique

Imperial Acanthus Leaf carnival glass compotes.


(check out that pretty bolster pillow in the background that she made)

Nicoles for smock & talk 023

This hammered metal serving tray is from

a well known local artist, Don Drum.

I have a few of his pieces & must remember

to photograph them to share with you soon.

None of mine are as pretty as this one, though!

Nicoles for smock & talk 019

I love how Nicole used her little shaped

place card holders to display words from Corinthians 13:4.

Nicoles for smock & talk 013 Nicoles for smock & talk 014 Nicoles for smock & talk 015

Nicoles for smock & talk 010

Nicoles for smock & talk 020

Nicoles for smock & talk 012

Nicoles for smock & talk 016

And lastly, get a load of these desserts!!!

Nicoles for smock & talk 008

Aren't they wonderfully yummy looking??

Nicoles for smock & talk 009

She also made individual little martini glasses of chocolate mousse &

attached a shaped cookie to the side of each glass.


Nicoles for smock & talk 028

"...And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

Thank you, Nicole, for letting me share your beautiful home!

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