Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Sewing Friend, Mamacjt

I'd like to tell you about my sewing friend

& mentor, Carol, author of the blog


She makes the MOST creative items...

some are quilts,

some are little wallhangings

some from her own drawings

She did the free motion swirl quilting on all of these herself.

I'm SEW envious!!

Don't forget the pincushions,

and clothing TDF!

She made this cute little dress, below for my Ms. Caroline

I did the cherry embroidery design as

machine embroidery is the ONE thing she doesn't do.

She is extremely talented & creative & has always been

so willing to help me with any question I have had.

Believe me, I have had LOTS!

Carol took some leftover black & white scraps that my

quilting friend, Doris (from FL) had given to me to use

and she turned it into the most GORGEOUS

black & white & lime green quilt for me!

She even had enough leftover to make a matching pillow.

She has also just come out with her first pattern,

a colorful patchwork tree skirt

which you see below.

Congratulations, Carol, on your first commercial pattern!

Pop on over to Carol's blog here &

tell her I said to say "Hi"!

She likes visitors as much as we do at the Gazebo House.

Oh & you can see almost all of her work

HERE on her flikr page




  1. Glad you posted this. I remember many of her things. I didn't know she had a blog.

  2. What a talented woman she is! I love her sense of colour. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Beautiful things! She is very creative and talented. I am off to checkout her blog.

  4. Oh honey, you are too kind!!! If I hadn't been sewing FOREVER, I'd never have this much to show. LOL I do appreciate all your love and support though. You are a dear, dear friend!

  5. What a good friend, her work is beautiful! Your quilt is fabulous and her dresses are TDF! I'm headed over to look around...

  6. I'm just sitting here with my mouth hanging open. For someone like, who struggles to replace buttons...this is amazing. The fact that someone as talented as you are and you are envious of her talent...speaks volumes. She creates wonderful things...oh, those little girl clothes.

    Your quilt is such a treasure!

  7. Carol is so talented!!! I have lots of her projects saved in my "favorites" folder for someday... She is a great inspiration to me!

  8. Colorful post representing Carol's numerous talents. She has a great sense of color and I love her soft, gentle styles for babies!!!

  9. What a wonderful post featuring Carol, Rett! She IS amazing, isn't she?!

  10. Sew cute! She is so talented and you are too, my friend!
    I will pop over to visit her!

  11. Rett, both of you ladies are amazing seamstresses. Amazing the sheer volume of projects completed! I'm definitely a slacker!!!
    Love seeing Miss C in her cherry dress. ~ Sarah

  12. OMG Girl what a wonderful talent she has...WOW!! I just love all the quilts and those dresses and your sweet granddaughter modeling too cute...Thats why I love to come by here to see your header picture of the sweet girls in your life..
    I have only made 3 quilts one for each of my daughters using all their clothes from special ocassions growing up...don't know if they still have them or not...many years ago and nothing like the ones your friend has done...Hope you have a GREAT day my Dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. HI RETT!!
    if you are SEW jealous, I am SEW jealous I am GREEN with ENVY!!I just wish I knew how to sew!!!
    My MOM is a really good seamstress, my younger sister can sew really well too, me--not!!!I was to busy playing outside I guess that I did not learn this great trade!!!I do want to get a simple sewing machine to make pillows, banners and simple things. HER things are amazing to say the least!!What a great quilt she made for you and Caroline's dress is darling as she is!!
    have a great Sunday

  14. Rett:
    This woman is a true talent. Thank you for sharing her wonderful creations and a link to her site.

    Caroline is just too cute for words in her cheery, cherry dress. Adorable!

    Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. You mean the world to me.



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