Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tea Party with Princess C.

We had lots of plans for her visit.

First thing she saw upon arriving was her doll,
waiting for her, wearing a custom made robe
(by Nana Rett) along with her hand-smocked nightgown from last year that
matched the one I made for Ms. C.

There was also a matching robe waiting for Ms. C, too.

She needed to try it on so the sleeves could be hemmed &

trimmed with the same pink border as the dolls version.

Pattern info:
Both are *See & Sew* patterns from JoAnn's.
American Girl Doll: B5414
Ms. C's: B4322

Also waiting for her was a set of matching glittery fairy nightgowns trimmed in Cluny lace & ruffles.
Pattern for Ms. C's size is McCalls 3906

Check out the dolls feet…she is pigeon-toed!

I had a tea party all set up in the play room using lots of heirlooms from both sides of the family.
This wicker table & chairs belonged to her Aunts Stephani & Amanda when they were little.

The teacups are labeled Darice.


They were purchased, along with the little teapot
just for Ms. C at
in Medina, Ohio when her Mommy
took us to celebrate my birthday last year.

The little wicker basket holds enough for 4 dolls to join in the party!
The cutwork tablecloth is one of several I bought outside of
St. Mark's Square on our last trip to Italy.

Ms. C. asked "Nana, why does your tablecloth have holes in it?"
The Wm. Rogers pattern of silverplate was manufactured
under two different names...
it is both"Wildwood I" or "Always".
It came from my Mother’s home
along with the crocheted edge hankies that I’m using as napkins.

The tiny little creamer & sugar bowl belonged
to my husband's mother.


This little cloche is the one I made from a cheese dome after seeing what
Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict did with hers.


The curve of the dome visually distorts the stitching a bit.

It has faux goodies for the dollies to eat…chocolate chip cookies & a doughnut,

all made from felt & done by machine embroidery in-the-hoop.


The floral box holds all the clothes for Ms. C’s dolls.

She loves to pack them up & imagine we are taking them to Disney World.

The little cake slice is really a pin cushion from my dear sewing friend,

Mommacjt & I think of her every time I use it.

Thanks again, Carol!

Fresh from her shower & her sleeves have been hemmed & trimmed.

The little applique & quilted
birdie wallhanging is a

$5 *Make It & Take It*

project from the Houston Quilt Show.

I'll tell you more about it in a later post.

Thanks for visiting the Gazebo House.

I realize this post is mostly about sewing &
my Ms. C. but
because of the tea table, I'm linking to Susan at

Between Naps on the Porch

for our favorite Thursday event



  1. What a lovely idea to make matching robes and nightgowns for granddaughter and dolls. That first night gown is pretty enough to be a dress. My mother used to smock dresses for my sister and me. I loved the fancy dresses but my sister always came home with her sash torn off.

  2. Very cute! We remember those parties with our daughter. She still has the dolls and matching outfits tucked away for when she has kids.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  3. That was the BEST tea party! I have two little grandsons, but when I have a granddaughter..........!
    When my daughter was little, her godmother, for whom she is named, used to do similar things. Such precious memories!

  4. What a wonderful present for a very special young lady. She is so lucky to have a very talented Grandma:)

  5. What a fun party you made for her, Rett! I love that cute little tea set you have for Caroline. I would like a set too. Thanks for the link to the store! Your sewing looks like it was a big hit!

  6. Such a delightful tea, made more special by all the family heirlooms. Love the matching robes and gowns! Too funny about the holes in tablecloth. If she only knew how much we appreciate those types of holes!

  7. I enjoyed her special tea party. She is really growing. I know she loved the robes and gown for her dolls too. I remember when I got my first doll that had teeth. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. LOL

  8. I want to come play at your house! She is so pretty and has really changed since last year. She's starting to look all grown up. I'm having the grandboys for the weekend...I get to go look at the cows and tractors at the fair, then play with trains and trucks. No fair. I'm much too much of a girly girl for our little guys!

  9. Rett, you made me want to be a little girl again. What incredible memories you are making with Miss C. So special!

  10. Rett, that is absolutely adorable! What a special time for the two of you! You are one talented lady! She will always treasure these memories. Lucky girl. Lucky grandma!

  11. Rett, Princess Caroline is one lucky little princess to have you for her Nana! You make her the most beautiful outfits, and then matching ones for her doll. I know she loves loves spending time with her Nana. ~ Sarah

  12. Hi Rett, what a beautiful and delightful post!

    I have you linked for the Rooster Party. So happy you are joining us. I have you have a wonderful time.

    See you on Friday or before :-)

    Hugs, Barb

  13. I'm in awe of your sewing skills, Rett. I know how much time and talent all that hand work takes. Your little Caroline is so lucky to have such a wonderful, talented grandma. Even smocking for her little doll!!!!

  14. Rett, you are such a fabulous grandmother! I love the matching outfits for Miss C and her dolls. They fit perfectly! The Tea Party table is just delightful and full of special touches. I hope you tell Caroline all about the people whose things you now have. She will treasure the stories as well as the memories you are making with her. The tablecloth is gorgeous, too!

  15. What a beautiful tea party for your granddaughter and her "friends." I am trying hard not to envy your sewing and needlework talent. {not succeeding} You are creating memories that will last all of her life!!

  16. Rett, how adorable is she and the clothes that you have made are wonderful. You are an excellent seamstress. I wish I had been sewing over the years. That gown with the smocking is cute as pie and that is a lot of work. I bet you are the best Nana in the world.

  17. Rett, This is a fabulous tea party you've thrown for Caroline. I love the beautiful nightgowns and robes you made for Caroline and her doll. The tea table is really beutiful too! And those faux goodies are precious! Nicely done, Rett!
    Blessings, Beth

  18. I sure wish I would have had a grandma like you!! All I remember about my grandma is that she was old and crippled from arthritis.......(probably like I will be considering that the first grandchild came along when I was already 63). E-gads! Tea parties? I wonder!

    What marvelous memories you are making for that dear child. You have no idea!

  19. Oh Caroline is one lucky girl. What a fun idea to have the night gown and robe and a doll dressed alike waiting for her. This was just wonderfuly. She is adorable. Tea party was so cute. I am especially fond of the purple pansy cup. I love that she wondered why your linens had holes in them!

  20. Love the old fashioned night gown and what a sweet tea party! Love, ~Nana~

  21. So, so, so cute! I hope to have a grand daughter one day-enjoy every minute!

  22. Rett, what adorable matching outfits...wish I could sew. Cute tea table.

  23. What little girl wouldn't love this! How delightful -- I would love a teaparty in my new nightgown and robe!

  24. Rett, You have set a darling table for you and Caroline. Why DOES your tablecloth have holes? *grin*
    Your outfits are adorable and I want some of your "goodies" for my cloche! How fun to have a nana that plays with you. lotsa hugs, Sue

  25. You have been sewing up some magical memories with for your granddaughter and her dolls...just sooo much fun! Who wouldn't want to come to a tea party at your house. Loved the mini cloche too! Joni

  26. oh so adorable! how cute ALL your details are, i love how you can make the cutest little outfits! EVERYTHING is adorable, she must have been on cloud nine, right with the little fairies! cute cute cute, thanks for the smiles~

  27. ooh how wonderful. I love the smocking. It's exquisite. What a wonderful welcome for a little angel.

  28. Everything about this post made me smile. I'm such a lover of little girls and dolls and all things china and dainty. I hope to do this with a granddaughter... granddaughters... some day.

    No wonder they call it "grand".

  29. How sweet ... we love those little girls and their dolls ... big girls, too!

  30. Oh that was wonderful! You are so talented. I love the dresses, nightgowns and robes. Just so cute!
    Looks like you had a wonderful tea together. Making memories!

  31. Rett, I am so tickled that you posted your darling Caroline's birthday. She is getting so grown up! I feel like I know her!
    What a beautiful little princess!

    And what a blessing to have such beautiful clothing for her and her little dolls. She must feel so very loved!

    I love the precious tea set you have for her. And the goodies are just the cutest things! If I were the darling Miss Caroline, I would never what to leave your house!
    Such a wonderful visit... I am leaving with a full heart!
    Thank you dear friend!

  32. I think this tea party was just as much fun for you as for your beautiful little granddaughter! The china pieces and linens are very pretty. Using the hankies for napkins was is a great idea! And those clothes are also very special. Little girls love dressing up like their dolls! I have a few American Girl child/doll sets which I am keeping for any future granddaughters! Linda

  33. Thank you for letting us share every grandmama's dream. Every detail was wonderful, and Caroline is perfect in every way. I appreciate your charming design. Cherry Kay

  34. What a wonderful post. What a kucky Grand-Daughter!

  35. This is all so adorable! Caroline is really growing, she's so pretty!

    You have been busy sewing! Those matching robes and nities are so cute!

    What a special tea party with using the heirlooms!


  36. What a fabulous Nana you are! A special tea for her American Dolls... you rock, Nana!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  37. Oh my goodness, Rett! This is just adorable! You are such a sweet and talented Nana! And I love the little matching outfits! I know Miss Caroline must love to come to your house! You are so sweet to mention me...but your pastry dome is all your own...love it! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  38. Just hopped back to say that I am following you back! I've sure enjoyed my visits here and will enjoy many more!

  39. Oh Rett, this is just too adorable. Love seeing your sweet Caroline. What a doll! You are such a great Nana!

  40. What a lucky little girl to have you for a Nana!!! Caroline is simply beautiful and those smocked dresses are gorgeous...great post that made me smile!!!

  41. This is just the cutest post, Rett. Caroline is so pretty and so precious. Everything just looks adorable!...Christine

  42. G'day Rett ~ This is my first visit. Your Caroline (my daughter's name) is adorable ... what a darling tea party. I have tea parties for our kid-lings & they all adore them.Memories in the making ...

    Have a lovely summer's day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  43. Oh, Rett, what a lucky lucky girl Caroline is to have such a talented, loving grandmother! The outfits are just adorable. The tea party looks fit for a princess! What lovely dishes! She will never forget these special times with you.

  44. TOO CUTE, Rett! I love this post - the pictures tell the story perfectly! And those tea dishes - GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring us!

  45. Hi Rett, I'm back! I wanted to respond to your question and thank you for such a sweet comment on my tablescape! The weigela is the green and yellow leaves - it is a shrub that flowers early in the spring; I just cut some short branches to add a little something different to my bouquet (trying to think like our friend Bill of Affordable Accoutrements!) I hope you and your DH are doing well and enjoying your summer.
    Hugs, Beth

  46. So cute! My Grandma used to make me and my doll matching outfits. I love the cheese dome-turned cake stand too!

  47. Rett,
    I chuckled when I saw this knowing why you set up the tea table before Caroline arrived. I love your special linens and hankies for napkins. The "Nana Made" robes are too cute! A few weeks ago Emma wanted a tea party and it was like chasing cats setting it up. I'd get the tablecloth on the table and turn to put something on it and it would be wrapped around a doll in a carriage. She had to gather all the animals....pink otter, Jack Rabbit I use for spring decorating and others...everyone had to have a seat but not enough tiny chairs. We finally got everyone settled and Emma proceeded to pour tea all over the table because she was distracted by cat fur on her arm....chasing cats....what fun!


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