Thursday, August 18, 2022

"Fashionista Garment Bag" from Sara Norris' new pattern!

Blogger has been taking down posts that have hot links in them, saying they violate their standards against
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They required the link to be removed before they would republish the post.
That is why you are seeing this today.  They reposted it, not me!
I was recently honored to be asked to be a tester of Sara Norris'
new pattern for a child's little garment bag. It is a wonderfully written pattern & one that will work for children of many ages. The single pattern gives directions for making two sizes: Small- 12 months-3 years Or Medium-4 years -6 years Due to being hit with an attack of diverticulitis as well as a computer virus, I was not able to complete my project in time to get photos of it to Sara before the debut of the pattern. I'm sharing it with you today.
The pockets have little pleats on each side. I altered the pockets a wee bit by embellishing them with fabric yo-yos & buttons & changing them to a Velcro closure, rather than ribbon ties because Ms. C. can't tie things yet! All the kids wear Velcro strap shoes these days. I'm going to work on helping her learn that skill this weekend when she visits.
You may purchase this pattern at Sara's website, where you can see all the other tester's cute versions.
Thank you, Sara, for having faith in my sewing skills to be able to test stitch this for you. Thanks to everyone who visits the Gazebo House, too. fondly,