Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter scenes around town

12-2011 007

While my hand & ankle are healing,

please let me share some snowy photos from around town,

that I took weeks ago, when we had our first snowfall.

It has been a VERY mild winter here in Ohio, thankfully!

12-2011 008

12-2011 011

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 024

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 025

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 027

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 028

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 030 Colonial Williams event 12-2011 031

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 033

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 037

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 038

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 039

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 040

Typing is still slow & difficult,

so I'm using mostly just one hand,

thus my lack of words!

Thanks to all who offered sympathy &

well wishes.

I'm feeling very lucky to still have

feeling & full range of motion in

both my hand & foot.

The body is amazing in its ability

to heal itself.

I'll be back to *play* with you soon!



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scenes of Christmas

"Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do today."
~~Thomas Jefferson~~

This quote has been ringing in my ears since Friday!

I had just wrapped the last Christmas present & was hurrying outside to cut some fresh evergreens to put in a glass vase with cranberries & a floating candle,... like THIS ONE

when I tripped on the garage steps & fell down 3 steps!
I shattered the vase in my hand & cut it in
at least 7 places.

It took several stitches to close up a few of them.

My foot & ankle got progressively more swollen &
but the x-rays showed no broken bones.
I may have torn some ligaments & will perhaps
need an
MRI it doesn't improve by next week.

I felt like such a KLUTZ!!!!!!!

Thank goodness, most of my holiday preparations were done

Christmas Eve's dinner changed from beef tenderloin, scalloped potatoes, etc. to having my daughter pick up Chinese carry-out on their way over.

We sang "
Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra" around the table & still had a wonderful time!

Needless to say, typing is difficult & slow,
so I'll just use my right hand to upload some
Christmas photos
from around the house.











12-2011 026

12-2011 029

12-2011 039

12-2011 044

12-2011 048

12-2011 042

12-2011 043

12-2011 045

12-2011 046

12-2011 047

See my new Susan Branch coffee pot up there?

♫♫ oH, Happy~Happy ♫♫

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 026


I’ll be around to visit after I heal a bit.

♫♫ Merry Christmas, Everybody! ♫♫

christmas dress 008
I have been SEW busy, trying to finish up my sewing projects, that I've barely had time to post any photos to my blog!

As you can see by Ms. C's happy smile, she loved her smocked dress that I made for her. It is the Childrens Corner "Anne" pattern, done with a pleated skirt instead of the gathered version that I did last time.
I have to confess, I did NOT do the picture smocking on this. I LOVE to smock but I just can't seem to do picture smocking very well.
I purchased the panel, already completed & then made the dress...with lots of help from my sewing friends, Nicole & Carol (MamaCJT). "Thank you, both!"

christmas dress 006
It has sparkle thread used as the garland on the tree with tiny little beads for the ornaments. The mice have pom-poms on their stocking caps for more 3 dimensional effects.
Working with pinwale corduroy is NOT easy, especially doing piping! The fabric frays & leaves fuzzies all over the place.

That smile made it all worthwhile, though!
♫♫ She makes my sing! ♫♫
christmas dress 012
christmas dress 010
It has been a wonderfully busy holiday season for us.
We were blessed to be able to attend several Christmas concerts that the grandchildren played in...orchestra, band, piano recitals, etc.
We've also had several dinner parties here at the house & I managed to capture a few photos to share.
12-2011 032
12-2011 035
12-2011 014 12-2011 015
12-2011 016
12-2011 019
I used egg whites to rim the dessert glasses with red decorating sugar & then served Edy's Peppermint ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge...YUM!
12-2011 050 sm.
12-2011 023
12-2011 025
12-2011 028
(I don't recommend the "Cupcake" Prosecco...not that great... we later opened a bottle of Asti Spumante...MUCH better!)
12-2011 024
12-2011 038
I'll share more of the kitchen decorations

12-2011 040
& sewing projects

fleece pjs, floating candle, tabletopper 017

in my next post.

That is enough photos for one day!

Colonial Williams event 12-2011 013
hand painted candle
May your home be filled with love & joy & may His Peace surround you & your loved ones during this most special of seasons.

I'm joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for

as well as Marty at A Stroll Thru Life
& The Tablescaper for her
Seasonal Sundays