Thursday, September 01, 2016

Labor Day Table

I'm doing a re-run of a tablescape
I did a few years ago for Labor Day.
I have a bursitis in my hip that makes
dragging dishes up & down the stairs difficult.
I think I need to go soak in some of those
epsom salts I used with that candle!!

I assembled this little round table on our deck as a trial run
for Labor Day weekend.

We invited a widowed friend to join us for
Sunday dinner so I need 3 place settings.


This little table is at the far end of our deck,
opposite the Gazebo House.

Usually, I sit here with a cold Diet Coke,
watching the g'kidlets play in the hot tub.


The flower pot cost me all of $5 at the beginning of summer.
Amazing what a little Miracle Grow will do!

I placed it off center on our picnic tablecloth &
added candy-apple red chargers that sparkle in the sunlight,
followed by blue & white & polka-dot reds!


One of my favorite summer wines is this Blue River Riesling
but the unique bottle has a lot to do with it, too.

I love how you see through the bottle to view the
beautiful river scene.



The Revere bowl is there to hold shrimp tails.
I'm serving Garlic Marinated Grilled Shrimp &
will share that awesome recipe soon!


The red handled flatware is from this year.


My Napoleon Bee glasses were won in a Give-Away
from Libby at Taste & Twirl.
Thank you again & again, Libby!
I really use them & their matching carafe often.


I bought several of these glass stars last year....Dollar Tree.

They work for so many patriotic holiday celebrations

as well as Christmas.

This one is filled with epsom salts to help anchor the red candle.


Red chargers are from Big Lots,

Blue plates are from Pier One,

White plates are Bianca from Horchow,

Red polka-dots were found at Tues. Morning


I like to have my guests get up & change location for dessert.

If we eat in the dining room, then I often ask them to move into

the living room for coffee & sweets.

I think a change of locale adds interest to an evening

plus it feels good to move about after a big meal.


We'll move into the Gazebo for dessert,

in case the mosquitoes come out in the evening.

Plus, if it cools off, we can tuck the quilt around our legs.

This is a different quilt than the one I used for the 4th of July.

(see below)


I'll have fresh fruit with mint from 
the garden on hand & coffee or tea.




I also intend to serve mini individual cherry pies!

Yvonne, at StoneGable inspired me when she made blueberry ones.

One ready-made pie crust will make 2 little pies.

You use one side of the mold
(shown below)

to cut the bottoms & the lattice side

to cut the tops.

Placing the solid piece on the bottom of the mold,

fill with 3 Tbsp. of any fruit filling,

top with the lattice cut pie top &

PRESS together to seal & crimp the edges!

Easy as PIE!!


Available at Williams Sonoma for $10.


Any leftover crust can be re-shaped,

sprinkled with sugar & cinnamon,

rolled up, sliced & then baked with the pies.

(Thank you, Carol, for my special cinnamon!)


You know you want to lick up that drip, doncha'?!


A last peek at the lantern in the Gazebo at dusk...


Thank you to everyone who visits The Gazebo House.
Enjoy your holiday weekend!