Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentines Day will never be the same again.

My Ernie Lover, aka "Dr. Lew"    
March 13, 1926-February 7, 2015

My dear, sweet husband, who had been battling both cardiac and renal failure for 3 years,
passed away in the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015.
After being hospitalized in October of 2014 for congestive heart failure,
he slowly declined, losing both his appetite, balance & strength.
His cardiologist recommended that Summa Hospice of Ohio be called in.
They were HORRIBLE… (Someday I will write a post about everything they DIDN’T do!)
I was thankful that I was able to take care of him, all by myself,
(with no help from them)
the last few months of his life, never leaving him alone.
  On the last day, when he took his last breath at 1:25 am and passed away, I was lying beside him, holding his hand.

Ernie and I had been together since we met on a blind date on September 19, 1986
 and had he lived one more week,
we would have celebrated 28 years of marriage, today, Feb. 14th,  Valentine’s Day, 2015.
   He was always my protector, my rock, my strength.
I felt truly loved by him and I will cherish every special, precious memory.

  On one of the last days of his life, I went in to see if he was awake from his nap and
found him sitting up in bed, with tears running down his face.
  I asked him if he was in pain & why was he crying? 
He replied “They are tears of joy because I have you in my life to take care of me”.
He needed a lot of help the last year of his life and
I was grateful to be physically able and skilled enough to care for him.

Through his example, as a husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend,
I learned lessons in true love, loyalty and kindness along with humility.
  He had a wonderful sense of humor and made me laugh right up to his last day on the face of this earth.
Laughter truly was his best medicine and he prescribed it
to everyone one he ever met.
I was honored and blessed to be his wife…
he was the light of my life and the center of my universe.
I will miss him every single day for the rest of my life,
and I know his memory will live on in all the hearts of the people,
who knew and loved him and whose lives he touched.

Rest in peace, Sweetheart 

” Well done, Good and Faithful Servant of the Lord.”
Mathew:  25: 21 
We all loved you so much!
Rett and Family
Thank you to all of my friends, for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, during this difficult time.
Please continue to pray for our family.