Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm up to my eyeballs with tomatoes in the kitchen!!

The grandkidlets were here for a sleep-over Sunday night.

Ms. C. picked her basket, brother Mr. C.
 filled his as well

& I picked the ones you see on the counter just this morning!!!!!

We have
at least this many still out there on the vines, too


My husband's golfing buddy gave him some heirloom

tomato seeds last year & we had a bumper crop, just

like this one. We then saved some of those seeds &

repeated the process this year.

I'm pretty sure we started them around March in

peat pots in the sunroom.

I am cooking some down to make sauce for spaghetti,

also roasting a BIG pan of them recipe I EVER found

is here:

(Slow Roasted Tomatoes from Wives with Knives)

& getting ready to put some into

stuffed green peppers (which we also grew).

We've been eating the cherry tomatoes like candy...they are SO sweet!
This is one day's harvest from just 2 plants on the deck.

I love them for breakfast on those new Bagel Thins, by Thomas.

Only 110 calories & I use low-fat garden veggie cream cheese.


Excuse me while I get back to the stove.

Looks like I'll be in the kitchen for the rest of the week.

Sure wish I could give each of my visitors a fresh,

homegrown Ohio tomato!!




  1. bumper crop indeed- they love yummy- great seeing charlie and carolyn helping out!!!

  2. Yvonne-I am envious! For some reason our plants just threw the blooms off this year :( We have gotten 5 tomatoes from six plants! My husband loves them as much as you do--He loves them with breakfast. His favorite is the Big Boy! Your grandchildren are so adorable!

  3. Oh you're so lucky! Enjoy them and I'm sure you'll come up with lots of great uses for them!

  4. Oh, I wish I was there cooking with you. I have been living on tomato sandwiches for the past week and loving every minute of it. Need more mayo!

  5. Lucky two tomato plants died from the heat this year. Cherry tomatoes are better than candy!

  6. Rett, I must say that I am purely jealous! I know that is not nice, but I must admit it! I 'harvested' just 3 tiny tomatoes this year. I have NO luck with tomatoes. I did have the most amazing caterpillar eating the plant, though! LOL

  7. I'm right there with you, girl. I don't know what to do with them I have so many this year. I was even desperate enough this afternoon to cook down the grape ones to add to soups this winter. You should have seen me trying to pick out the skins. Ugh!

  8. Beautiful bounty, Rett. Can you cook up tomato sauce and freeze it? Tomato soup? Yep, I think you are going to be in the kitchen for a bit. ~ Sarah

  9. Rett, checking in from my blog break to see what you've been up to, and I see that you are up to your eyeballs with your tomatoes! Those look delicious! And what cute, cute helpers you have. Can't get over how the kids are growing.

    I would gladly take some of those delicious tomatoes off your hands. I adore tomato sandwiches. They used to have them all the time at parties when I was young. Weddings, Funerals. Teas. Love them!

    I hope to be blogging again after the first of September. As I have told some other blogging friends, life is a jealous mistress, and I've got to answer the call! ;-)

    Miss you...


    Sheila :-)

  10. You've got your work cut out for you, Rett. I'm SO happy you like my roasted tomato recipe, and it freezes so well that we can have these luscious tomatoes year around. Thanks for the shout out.

    We had such an early spring that our local tomatoes are in yet. My farmer friend laughs that we might be using them for Christmas ornaments.

  11. Oh my, wow, awesome! I love tomatoes and to think yours are home grown off two plants, that is just great! I think I can smell your sauce from here!

    Thanks for your visit!


  12. OH there is nothing better than picking a cherry tomato and popping the next one in your mouth. I could the entire bush - they are just so sweet. MUCH better than the stores.
    This is my first year I did not plant ANYTHING! I would kill for a nice healthy tomato bush about now.
    I can smell your tomato sauce all the way to here! Very fun!
    :) Karen

  13. We can only garden in pots on the patio these days. Our yard has flower beds and no room for a real garden. The heat this year was so hard on our tomatoes. We usually have lots of cherry tomatoes and enough big ones. This year...just a handfull. I'm jealous of yours!

  14. Oh, yum! I wish I had some of those fresh homegrown tomatoes!! I would love to have a tomato sandwich!


  15. Oh how yummy!! Our tomatoes are mostly still green! Summer took forever to come so the tomatoes are taking their own sweet time getting to us here. I may just hop a plane and come beg some of those lovely tomatoes from you. Beautiful!

  16. Rett,

    Your tomatoes are wonderful. I will look up Cathy's recipe. Hers are all wonderful. Beautiful helpers.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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  18. Holey Moley- If you were just down the street from me, I'd be hoofin' it over to pick those suckers off your vines! LOL You must have the touch, Rett. I only grew tomato worms when I attempted a garden. Yuk. :-p
    Have fun cooking and creating with your surplus. *grin*
    hugs, Sue

  19. I'm in tomato land too. But I don't have darling grandkidlets to help me. I made that roasted tomato recipe... delicious!

    Rett. thanks for the proof reading. I am the most atrocious speller and proof reading is not my forte either. It is amazing that I can even write anything. I'll make the correction.
    xo Yvonne

  20. Lucky you! They look gorgeous and I'm sure they're delicious! So many good things to make with them. I'm new here and really like your blog! Your grandkids are adorable. My first one is on the way.

  21. Mmmmm, you lucky duck! We have tried to grow tomatoes for the past 5 years and have yielded MAYBE 6 tomatoes total :p

    Also, I have been on a bit of a binger lately when it comes to browsing through blogs that are filled with lovely photos. I had finally closed the last window (which was opened over a week ago) and now I want to look through all your pretty photos! Gosh darn it! ;)

    Lamb’s Most Recent Post: YUCK! Sexy Nerd Has a New Hobby

  22. OH, I love your blog!
    It is so happy and refreshing!
    Thank you for sharing!

  23. HI!!
    OH I LOVE LOVE home grown tomato's and the ones from the midwest just taste extra special and magical in some strange way!!I would love to pop over and have a few bites and your daily breakfast sounds divine!!!!
    Your crop is a Treasure for sure!!
    enjoy them all and keep cooking that sauce!!


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