Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy National Quilting Month!

glue basted binding 002

 Happy National Quilting Day,
March 17, 2013...
and all Month long!!

To help celebrate,
I'd like to share with you a couple
of my most recent quilts & a
few hints on how I display &
store them. 

Pink mono shirt & Dress with Yoke & buttons 002

 This coffee themed lap size quilt is made from
Moda's "Daily Grind Coffee Panel".
During the autumn, I had it hanging 
on the only wall without windows, 
in my kitchen's sunroom.
It is my favorite display area,
as I get to see them several times a day. 

I found the pattern a few years ago,
 while shopping at Sew Worth It, in Sarasota, FL,
 with Carol from the blog, Serendipity &
Donna from her blog, Brynwood Needleworks.

What a fun day we had together!   

snowman quilt 001

I don't know if you can tell by these photos, 
but this next quilt, that I had in the same spot,
is called" Winter Welcome" 
by Coach House Designs.
It is a much larger size.

In order to hang various sizes of quilts
on that same blank wall of my sunroom,
I use Command Damage Free Hanging hooks.

Pink mono shirt & Dress with Yoke & buttons 004

I buy the ones with the little metal hooks.
I slip a wooden dowel into the hanging sleeve
on the back of my quilt.
I always put a hanging sleeve on my quilts,
just in case I decide to enter them in a show.
It is usually a requirement for their display.

Pink mono shirt & Dress with Yoke & buttons 005

 I make sure that the dowel doesn't
go past the edge of the quilt,
so it won't be seen from the front.
The stick-on hooks are easily changed to 
accomodate whatever size quilt I want to hang.
We use a laser level to get them
positioned correctly or you can
 measure down from the ceiling
on each side. 
Pink mono shirt & Dress with Yoke & buttons 007

Below is a Queen sized toile quilt that I made for my
daughter for her birthday several years ago. 

Quilts for Show 029

 Because of its size & weight, I keep it rolled up
around a foam swimming pool noodle!
The foam is first covered by muslin to
protect the quilt fabric. 

By rolling it, this prevents creases from developing in the 
fabric & perhaps thread breakage down the road. 

She said she will come pick it up someday & take it
home, but for the moment, it lives in my sewing room.  

hints 011

 To store smaller quilts, 
such as my holiday themed quilted table runners 
that I've made for my bakers rack, 
I place an empty cardboard paper towel roll
over a drycleaner pants hanger.

This, too, will prevent creases from forming.
I hate ironing a finished quilt!

Indigo Stars quilt 002

My newest quilt top was just completed last week
 & I've sent it off to my long arm quilter.
I've named it 'Oh My STARS!!'

If you look closely,
you'll see it is made up of two 
identical blocks.
Only the colors were changed!

  I'll tell you more about it & have some
close up shots, when she
gets done making it extra beautiful with her 
gorgeous thread work.

Oh, & here is another display idea!

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House!
 I truly appreciate your visits & any comments
you might like to make.
I try very hard to return the visit!

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  1. How beautiful, Rett! You have very talented fingers and a wonderful sense of colour.
    Thank you so much for your kind note/comment on my blog!

  2. Beautiful quilts, Rett. I especially love the one you made for your daughter.

  3. You have made some beautiful quilts, Rett. I missed out on the sewing gene in my family...I can't sew a straight line to save my soul!

    1. LOL I've been told it skips a generation, Marigene! My grandmother did beautiful embroidery & handwork...wish I still had some of it today...but my poor Mom barely had time to mend things, let alone create from scratch.
      My DD doesn't sew at all, but Ms. C. is showing quite an interest. We did a little Christmas mug rug & now she asked to do an "Easter Quilt"...whatever THAT is! LOL

  4. Rett, your quilts are lovely. I love seeing beautiful quilts. The one you made for your daughter is exquisite and beautifully photographed across that fence. Picture perfect. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to seeing more details of Oh My Stars! Cute name...........Sarah

  5. Amazing quilts Rett! I wish I had the patience, they are all fun and look so great! Have a happy St. Patty's Day Weekend:@)

  6. All of your quilts are gorgeous! I love, love quilts! Thanks for the tip on how to hang them using those hooks.

  7. Great quilt show of your own, Rett. Your work is gorgeous, just lovely. And I am off to check out Quilt Show. Thanks.


  8. Lovely quilt spreads.....very nice.....thank you...:):)

  9. Rett~ How genius to use command hanging hooks with a dowel~ I didn't even know they made the metal hook variety! I still have quilt envy over your daughter's pink & green work of art! Love the pool noodle tip too, that is one that I can use! Happy National Quilting & St. Patrick's Day :)

  10. Great tips for hanging and storing quilts, Rett! I treasure the ones made by my grandmother and hope to get into quilting -- maybe when I retire in a few years. I've only made one strip quilt for my newest granddaughter so far. I wanted to e-mail you but couldn't find your address on your blog. In response to your comment on my table this week, I wanted to say that yes, it IS Murano glass! I had just asked my father-in-law about the history of that green and gold piece, and he told me that he and my mother-in-law had visited a Murano factory while in Italy and bought that piece. I've been keeping it in storage, but need to put it on display!

  11. I should make that email link a little clearer for people to be able to see it better. Will do that today!
    I am SO glad you've got a treasured piece of true Murano glass. I LOVE is RED with gold trims...& we bought vases for all the girls in the family on our trip to Italy & had them shipped home, ahead of us. We watched them make the stuff in Venice, Italy & it was amazing!

  12. Good morning! I just came over from BJ,s blog and so glad I did! I love your quilts, one my passions! I have wanted to use the Command hangars, but hubby thinks they may hurt the walls! Have you ever had to remove them? Love to hear your thoughts on this!


    1. Gert, I've NEVER had them damage anything that I've put them on....painted wood or wallpapered walls, mirrors, nothing. You must remember to pull straight down on the little tab & wait for it to release & then they will work just fine for you. I've got them in my bathroom, sewing room, front door even, at the moment. They hold great, too.

  13. Beautiful quilts, Rett! You are so very talented!

  14. Thank you, Karen, but you are do beautiful work with needle & thread, too!

  15. Hey, Rett! You have just given me a GREAT idea for storing linens with those paper towel roller thingys!!! I hate always having to iron out the crease that forms in the center of the runners I have hanging. I'm going to add those rollers to the hangers! Thank you!!!!!!! I LOVE that quilt you made for your daughter!!! That must have taken a TON of time and effort! I love the way you have it displayed there in the photo, too! :-) Don't you wish you had a room big enough to put all the quilts on the wall so you would never have to worry about thread breakage or wrinkling? :-) Have a great week!

  16. What beautiful quilts Rett! I came from a long line of quilters and have made a few my self but none as lovely as yours. Great way to display them. Thanks for the tip.
    Have a great week.

  17. Rett, you surely have some beautiful quilts there! Thanks for the hints! Better than just shoving them in a closet, huh? Most of mine are folded......I will have to rectify that soon! Now to find "noodles" at Target!

  18. Rett, I wanted to drop by and thank you for your sweet, loving comments. I appreciate them and you so much.

    Loved seeing your quilts. You are a mighty talented lady, and I always enjoy seeing what you make.



  19. Oh Rett, they are all gorgeous! I love quilts, but I don't have the patience or creativity to make one. I just collect the ones that other people have made and, sadly, their families don't want to keep them. What a wonderful display you shared. I enjoyed seeing all of these beauties. llaurie

  20. I LOVE seeing all your beautiful quilts, Rett!!! Thanks for the tips you shared on hanging and storing them. I'm sure your family loves all the wonderful things you share.

  21. Gorgeous quilts Rett, and good tips for hanging/storing them. I hope your corned beef and cabbage was as good as ours; we finished the meat tonight.

  22. Your quilts are gorgeous, Rett. I love that you display your seasonal pieces where they can be seen and admired. I made a winter flannel quilt several years ago that I bring out every October and it always makes me happy to look at it. thanks for the tip about wrapping quilts around the noodle. That prevents all kinds of problems down the road. I have made quilts for my children and now want to start them for my grandkids. It's a real labor of love. Those nifty clips take all the hassle out of hanging them on the wall.

  23. Beautiful work! I want to be your daughter, too....well, okay, your sister. The quilt that you made for your daughter is beyond gorgeous! Thanks for giving us a peak. Cherry Kay

  24. All so beautiful!! Your daughter will love that new quilt!! Love your newest Stars.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments....Happy Quilting!!

  25. How beautiful! The My Stars colors are just so vibrant! I love them all. Truly works of Art. If your dd doesn't pick that up soon, I get it by default! :)

  26. Beautiful! Stunning quilts!

  27. Beautiful, beautiful quilts. The tips on display and storage are wonderfully helpful. Thanks for all your great posts.

  28. great storage tips! Love the paper towel tube! :)

  29. Ohh!! Need to let everyone know to save those papertowel rolls!! That is such a great idea!!!
    Thanks For Sharing!

  30. Rett, your quilts are gorgeous! Have you pulled out the Santa to hang this year? They are beautiful! I know you love seeing of art. Thanks for the tip on the 3 M Hooks. I'll have to try those on the door after the paint is really cured. Since it was painted not too long ago, I'm having to baby it for a while. I tried those hooks on the columns to hold the garland when I first made it a few years back, but when it rained they let loose. On the columns they were exposed and got wet. They wouldn't get wet on the door so they would probably stay up. :)


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