Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween Birthday Party for Grandson

Pick out your best party outfit!

You're invited to The Haunted Gazebo House

on Twisted Shinbone Lane.

~~pretend you're hearing *Phantom of the Opera* music~~

To wish DGS (#2) Charlie a very

Happy Halloweeeny 8th Birthday!

The ghouls & goblins invite you to a creepy-crawly

dining experience with decadent desserts in the

hallways of The Gazebo House.

The Raven knows the way.... just follow him!


Fried Spiders on DEVILED Eggs

1. Hard boiled eggs
2. Mayo
3. Mustard
4. Salt
5. Pepper
6. Black Olives

(rubber flies on the center eggs)

Goblin's Knobby Fingers
(carrots with almonds for nails)

dipped in French Onion Spider Webs

A ghastly trio of bubblegum characters

await at each child's place-setting.

For starters, we'll be serving

Feathered Fowl Droppings
(Won Ton Soup)

in pumpkin bowls.

Don't mind the skull lurking there...

He can't eat much but

I'm not so sure about the spiders &

the snake!

Won't you try some Creepy Mummy Hot Dogs

Souless Black Pepper Eyes

(wrapped in Pillsbury bread stick dough)

served with bloody globs (ketchup) for dipping.

Little 5 yr. old DGD, Ms. C. says "They look like babies in blankies!"

She wanted to eat her's "nekked" without the "blankie" LOL

We're also having Witches Hair Pasta

with lots of garlic to ward off any uninvited Vampires,

BBQ Rack of Wild Boar

(pork ribs)

Roasted Bovine Muscles

served with Transylvania Juice (A1)

or Transfusion Sauce
(Heinz 57).

We're still very civilized, you know.

Would you like a spot of tea to go along with your meal?

We also have a selection of

Halloween Elixirs for your enjoyment.


This is a tasty & sweet drink....(Coke-with or without rum)

The after effects
the next morning, however, may leave friends

running the other way!


Straight from the cold, clammy Witch herself!
It's a chillingly delicious spirit poured over ice
or darkened with deep, decadent chocolate!


Let your inner vampire out & enjoy a tasty shot of fresh cold blood....

(Blood Type?? Why, V8 of course, plain or in a Bloody Mary)

You won't regret it!


A sweet treat from the mucus glands of Goblins.

Who knew it tasted like oranges? (Sunny D)

You're welcome to sit a SPELL if you like

& just savor the feast.

Be sure to save some room for candy treats from the Witch's basket.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a DEVILS FOOD cupcake

with web icing & spider bodies for a sticky-tasty topping?

There is always a stash of goodies at

The Gazebo House....

Just help yourself!

Rollo Pretzel Treats:

Spread out square pretzels in a single layer on cookie sheet.

Top each with an unwrapped Rollo caramel-chocolate candy.

Bake in 200° oven just until candy begins to soften.

Remove from oven & immediately top with either a nut

or another square pretzel.

Allow to cool.....if you can stand the wait!

Thank you for coming to Charlie's Party.

We had a blast & the only sad part of the whole day

was when little 5 yr. old Ms. C. folded her arms

across her chest, stuck out her lower lip

in a big pout and said

"This was WAY better than MY birthday!"

I promised her I would think of something really

special for her next June!!

"Thank you" also to Susan for hosting

at her blog, Between Naps on the Porch

as well as
Michael for having

at Designs by Gollum.

Please be sure to visit both of these wonderful

blogs to see more of the same tables & treats.


  1. Awesome, simply awesome!!!! Who could ever TOP this??? Those kids will be talking about Charlie's party for years.

  2. Fabulous party for Mr. C, Rett. I will definitely be making the pretzel treats. What incredible memories for your little ones!

  3. That is fabulous!!! I have an 8 year old grand who would love it.
    I loved every minute of it..
    And thanks for the good wishes!
    GREAT post, Retta!!

  4. BRAVO!!!!! Rett! That looks so great! What a bunch of fun!

  5. OMG! What an imagination you have! This is awesome for Halloween! Love all your ideas!

  6. Oh my stars, that was just toooo much fun. Loved everything! Fabulous!


  7. What a wonderful party...I always had a Halloween themed birthday party when i was a kid but never anything like outdid the "Mummy dogs"...

  8. Very cute post! Love all your little treats you made and your table is fabulous!

  9. Those carrot fingers are brilliant. What a fantastic party! Thanks for the great ideas. Best wishes, NM.

  10. Wonderful and playful! You certainly raised the bar on Birthday parties for the other Moms:) Love it all especially the carrot fingers and the mummy hot dogs. Too cute!

  11. What a great party. Lots of creative ideas. The kids will love this party.

  12. Wow, Rett, this is amazing! Your tablescape looks fantastic and so does the food. I love your dishes, too. If you were a bit closer, I'd love to show up on your doorstep on Halloween for some of those yummy looking treats. Happy TT!


  13. This is absolutely the coolest! What a great mom to go to such lengths for 10 minutes of indulgence! Thank you for sharing this awesome party with us

  14. Hi Rett, Wonderful party... It is all to cute cute cute..

  15. Oops....I reviewed your GRANDSON'S party (not sons) so I came back to correct my comment!!! All the more impressive...all this done by GRAMMA!

  16. GIRL....You've got crazy talent! I loved "coming" to the was a blast! Happy fall from Houston!

  17. How cute! What a lucky little boy, perfect for this time of year. Love the carrot fingers coming out of the dip, how creepy :).
    Dee Dee

  18. Wow! I love it! You are so creative...and the food! Totally fun!

  19. Wow! Charlie had a wonderful party!! How clever, you really put a lot of work into all those details! Great job!

    Love it all!


  20. Holy Cow! What a great post. So many cute ideas! :) Thanks for sharing.

  21. I want you to do my Halloween birthday party! I really do have a birthday next week. This was one lucky little boy...everything was so great. I will be using that spider deviled-egg idea. Wonderful tablescape.


  22. Rett, this is just delightful. Everything is soooo much fun. What a wonderful and fun table!!!!!

    Barb ♥

  23. What a cute party! Every child's delight!

  24. Well, you outdid yourself on this one!! Great ideas--love the eggs!! I saw the carrot fingers on the cooking net work! Beautiful

    Hey, those dogs could be used at Christmas for baby Jesus (hhmm, if you are Jewish could be baby moses ;-)

  25. So cute.... come to the house in the roses... you're invited to our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday", next Monday!


  26. Such an incredible party! Love all the details on the table. And I love the cupcakes and witch fingers. Too much to list - I really loved it all!! :D Jewel

  27. I LOVE your spooky tablescape...and all the food!

  28. What a great table! From the food to the table setting! It's terrific!

  29. I absolutely LOVE this, I bet the kids just loved it too. I have got to do those deviled eggs, thanks for the idea, they are so cute.
    I so enjoyed reading all about the menu too. Very creative :-)
    Happy Halloween!

  30. Oh I just LOVE your table decorations! And your menu ~ well it is too funny! I am so glad you joined our party; I would have hated to miss this!

    Thank you so much for stopping by. I borrowed your button for my sidebar ;)


  31. Rett,
    How great! The little ones will remmeber this for a long time to come. You didn't leave out a single detail, I really enjoyed seeing all this creativity. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Everything is so cute! I love all the scary things you made to eat and the table looks fabulous!

  33. What a great post! I just love everything! My niece and granddaughter looked at all your photos and got some fun ideas for dinner next week! I HAVE to make the spider eggs! Thanks!
    ~Really Rainey~

  34. Hello Rett...

    Girl, your Halloweeny Party for Charlie is soooo "over-the-top" cool!!! I bet the kiddos loved every minutes of went to such special lengths! OMG...I love, love, LOVE all the're so creative! My favorite were the deviled eggs with the black olive spiders...what an awesome idea! Loved the cupcakes too!!! Your place settings are fab, my friend!!! What a fun and fabulous Halloween tablescape...thank you for sharing it with us today! Best wished to little Charlie for the best birthday ever!!!

    Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my autumn tablescape with Antoinette...hehe! Really enjoyed reading your sweet comment!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  35. Hi Rett,
    Thanks for stopping at my blog! I'm so glad I found yours, it's excellent! I loved the Halloween Birthday party... It was very cute and creative. I will be following your posts know, cause your great!

  36. What a fun post! i enjoyed my visit at the party very much. Wonderful ob on everything!

  37. Absoulely FABULOUS!! Just so gorgeous and too many awesome details to pick out my favorites. What a great birthday for Charlie! Your food was amazing as well. I would love to feauture this party on my blog! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!
    Maddycakes Muse

  38. Doing a Halloween party for my daughter's 10th on Sunday, and I hope you don't mind if I steal the orange "finger" idea. Loved it! The cupcakes are cute too & look just like the ones in all of my Halloween books/mags. I bet they had a blast. The candle light photos turned out really nicely.

  39. Wonderful Party! It is the most creative one I have ever 'attended'! You are an awesome grandmother! Soop

  40. Well first of all, thanks for coming by and I hope you will come back, but most important is your post.

    It is awesome and the food and the way you presented it was great. I bet the little ones did have the best party ever, what wonderful memories they will have.

  41. What a fun post ! You went all out and your daughters comments are too funny !

  42. Rett
    What an absolutely cute Halloween Party! Great ideas and presentation. Totally enjoyed reading and viewing all the pics! Lucky Charlie!

  43. You really went all out. This was amazing. I'm not sure I could eat the carrot sticks, they really look like fingers. This was a very creative and fun party. Thank you so much for sharing all the details with us.

  44. This is Fabulous!!--every detail from table to food. I think the carrot fingers might be my favorite. Thanks for sharing this amazing party with so many good ideas!!

  45. What a fun and festive table. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my table. Have a great day!

  46. I think I will just help myself to that candy bowl! What a cute and fun tablescape. I'm sure she was envious of all the Halloween things you'd arranged. Once again, I love the backs of your chairs. For some reason every time I see them I think of violin strings. So pretty and delicate!

  47. Your foods crack me up! How much fun for Mr. Charlie! I know this party will be a great success. (love the pretzel idea...but REALLY LOVE the knobby fingers!)


    ps Thanks for visiting "the band house" today.

  48. This was way over the top in ideas! Loved the deviled eggs with the olive spiders best. But then the cupcakes looked very tasty too. Come visit as I have a giveaway today!

  49. Oh. My. Gosh. that is one fantastic Halloween table...There are so many fabulous ideas on your table but I just ♥ those carrot fingers! And those cupcakes. Did you make them yourself or order them? I am sure I will come back to this table a dozen times and find something I missed the time before. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful table.

  50. So clever!! And some spooky-looking food on your table. Very cool!

  51. If this just isn't the most creative tablescape and precious food ever I don't know what is!!!!

    It's boo-ti-ful! :)

  52. This is absolutely unbelievable!! Incredible ideas and execution of them!!

  53. What a great party. Love the DEVILED eggs and the carrot fingers. The grandchildren are coming to spend the night for halloween this year so I may borrow some of your ideas.

  54. LOVE your centerpiece, and the cupcakes!

  55. Oh my word!!! I think you've won the Blue Ribbon for MOST FUN & FESTIVE HALLOWEEN TABLESCAPE this week!! I LOVE your holiday spirit in everything you've posted today! I am so glad to have stopped here today, and thank you for sharing all the yummy Halloween goody and snack ideas too! Happy Tablescape Thursday to you! Oh!.. and Happy Birthday, Charlie! ~tina

  56. Oh my word, this is totally unbelievable. Everything is just gorgeous and you have done the most amazing job of turning the food into real art. I am just blown away. This is really terrific. Hugs, Marty

  57. wow, you have just the best stuff and the best creative ideas, I had to hang around your blog for some time just to see it all, the carrot fingers, the eggs and the weiners in blankets, so cool, so many great ideas,love it all...

  58. your table and what great food and ideas. Too funny from the 5 year old, but in it's way a definite compliment. Thanks for coming over to visit me and be sure to come back soon.

  59. What a great post! Thanks for stopping to see my Nell Hill's tablescape. I have joined as a follower too! Have a great weekend!

  60. HAHAHA! Your little Caroline sounds like a real hoot! And just for the record...I thought they looked like babies in blankies too! Fantastic job...and amazing pictures.

  61. Thanks for visiting my site ... and I always love your posts. What a birthday party! Loved every photo ... the table is fantastic and the food is so cute. I'm gonna copy those spider deviled eggs!

  62. Beautiful. Oh what I'd do to be invited to this party! My hats off to you : ) Have a great week: ) Sherri

  63. What a wonderful party this must have been. It is all lovely from the tablesetting to the food. I'm sure a good time was had by all.

  64. how cool looks like you all would have a witchingly good time

  65. That is just way too cute! Loved your table decor and your food ideas! I also love your big square table. I can't wait to make some of those carrots and those deviled eggs with olives for my grandchildren! Thanks for sharing this great H'ween party! laurie

  66. What a great post! Your table is awesome and I can't wait to make your spidery deviled eggs and little mummies.

    I just love Halloween. Happy Foodie Friday to you.

  67. What a fabulous party Rett!!!! I never seen so many original food ideas!!!!

  68. What a ghoulish feast!! Movie material..Very very cute..You are a wonderful nana!!

  69. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog! I appreciate your visit. I love your is wonderful! I love all the fun food you made too. Kristen

  70. I love the spider deviled eggs! My dtr is having a Halloeen Party and these would be perfect! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad to meet another Buckeye Blogger

    I'm having a jewelry giveaway at

  71. Oh what fun and so creative! Everything is so cool, and errrr, scary!!...Christine

  72. Seeing all of this again. I still can't believe it. So much work and sooooooooo cute. I know his party will be a memory forever. Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments. No hurry on the towel, I will treasure it when it comes. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

  73. Hi, fellow Buckeye blogger! What a fantastic party you have here for your grandson! You showed us so many inspiring ideas for food and tablescaping. Love that finger dip! I'll be back to check out more of your blog...
    :-) Sue

  74. Hi Rett, Nice to meet a fellow Ohio blogger. You sure planned a fantastic party for your grandson! What fun ideas for both food and tablescaping! Especially love your idea for the carrot sticks... the mummy dogs are a hoot.
    I'll be back for another visit soon.
    :-) Sue

  75. I am so is really a fabulous idea and all of the spooky food was genius. Just wonderful. Those are some lucky grands!

  76. This is just incredible. What a lucky guy!

  77. Fabulous party! Love all the food ideas and the place settings. I thought I'd left a comment earlier, but don't see it here. Just want you to know how much fun it is to visit your blog!!! I know your dinner party was a huge success as was this party for Charlie.
    Best witches for a spooktacular Halloween. ~ Sarah


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