Monday, March 25, 2013

American Girl Boutique Boudoir Ensemble

AG doll sheets, pillows & quilt 001

 My granddaughter, Ms. C. has this darling little canopy bed for her American Girl dolls.  It came with the pink & yellow curtains that you see here.  It had a thin yellow cover on the foam mattress & a flimsy pink & yellow blanket.

AG doll sheets, pillows & quilt 002

 I thought it was time to make some new linens for her.
I first made the little white pillow & stuffed it with fiberfill.
I then made LOTS of ruffles to trim the pillowcase. 
I cut the blue polka-dot fabric into 2" wide strips, folded them wrong sides together & used my gathering foot to ruffle them.  

AG doll sheets, pillows & quilt 003

 I made an envelope-like case for the mattress to slip into, like a fitted sheet...only better, as it can't come untucked.

The top sheet has a large hem at the top, trimmed with white lacey flowers, that match those on the pillowcase & quilt.

 AG doll sheets, pillows & quilt 005

The quilt is reversible & consists of a top floral layer, Warm & Natural batting & a backing of the pale blue dotted fabric.
It is thick & soft & feels very luxurious!

I used my machine's embroidery mode to quilt it with this little feathered heart design from Anita Goodesign's CD, "Quilt Feathers".

AG doll sheets, pillows & quilt 006

That quilt's ruffle was cut larger...4" to start, folded in half, wrong sides together & again I used my gathering foot to ruffle them.
My settings on my machine for using this foot are the longest stitch length possible (7) & the highest tension...9 on my new Quattro2 Brother machine.  Your settings may vary, according to your machine. 

I made two more decorative pillows, whose covers are stationary.  I even tied the bows on the bolster pillow in knots & hand stitched them into place, to keep them secure.  Little things like that can get lost so easily otherwise.

AG doll sheets, pillows & quilt 004

Today, I'm making a matching set of normal sized pillowcases with MORE ruffles to go on Ms. C's big girl bed.

If it ever stops snowing, I want to run out & try to find some pink or blue solid sheets, too.  I hope to add edgings to the top of them, in the floral fabric, so they'll match. 

Her bed is fit for a Princess!  It has huge, gorgeous crystal knobs on all four corners, similar to this bed:

  ♥♥♥ Magical Dreams in both places,
for a little girl & her dolls! ♥♥♥

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.  We're under a "Winter Snow Advisory" today, so I'm going to sew all day long & not leave the house!

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  1. What gorgeous bedding you made! Such fantastic details. I made some for our dolls, but not nearly this pretty or detailed.
    I'm pinning this to my AG collaborative board on pinterest. If you post some about AG, I would love to have you join the board and be able to pin to it.
    Have a great day!

    1. I guess I'm not going to pin says you don't allow pinning.
      Take care,

    2. KC, thank you for thinking this would even be "pin" worthy! Back when Pinterest first started & there was talk that they were going to SELL books made from the photos posted on them & that THEY OWNED any photos pinned to their site, I made my blog unpinable (is that a word?)

      I see SO many of my blogging friends photos mis-pinned from sites other than theirs or actually blatantly used on other people's blogs with their watermarks removed, that I just decided I didn't want mine pinned. I know it is hurtful when you go to share something & the blog owner says 'no you can't', but I hope you understand. I'd be thrilled it you blogged about my creations & included a link to my site from yours though. That would be wonderful!
      Thank you for visiting & I hope you understand my reasons.

      We fought long & hard to get one of Cathy (Wives with Knives) photos taken down from a restaurant that stole her photo & used it in their ad. It has also happened to Susan (Between Naps on the Porch), Yvonne ( StoneGable) & Kathleen (Cuisine Kathleens). so many unscrupulous people out there in the world who want to take advantage of other people's work...sad.

  2. That is just too, too cute! You are the grandma with the best ideas and little Miss C is a very lucky girl. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with the pillow cases for her own bed too.
    Stay warm down there!

  3. You are so talented Rett, they are simply gorgeous. I am sure Ms C will be so happy to have pretty new pillowcases for her big bed. A snow day is perfect for sewing.

  4. Miss C is one lucky granddaughter, dear Rett! I think I'd love that for my bed!!! The bedding. Is just precious and I adore the quilted design on the little quilt. The choice of fabrics is perfect. Thanks for your inspiration, as always. XO

  5. If this isn't just the cutest doggone thing!!! And you MADE all of this??!?!?!! You are putting me to absolute shame, woman! ABSOLUTE shame!!! This is just darling! Better than the linens on my bed! :-) I love it that you made the "fitted" sheet, too. (Don't you wish they made life-sized fitted sheets that were more like an envelope so they wouldn't come untucked?) Truly amazing handiwork!!!

  6. "Better than the linens on my bed!" Mine, too, Alycia!!! LOL

    I just finished making her a matching pillowcases, too, for her bed.

  7. And better than the linens on our bed too! Wow! I sure hope that little girl knows how lucky she way would I make all that fussy stuff anymore. You're a better woman than me.....for sure!!! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  8. Ms. C's American Doll lives better than I do!!! The bed lines are adorable and I love all of the detail Rett! Have fun:@)

  9. This AG bed ensemble is over the top, Rett. If Sophie sees it I am done for! ;)

  10. Rett~ As I was scrolling down your photos I was thinking the very thing Alycia said! Too bad the linens on MY big girl bed don't look that good! :) How adorable, love the quilt feathers pattern and the cottage rose pattern! Lucky Ms. C & her American Girl dolls! Hope you stay warm & cozy with your winter weather!

  11. Rett,
    Absolutely beautiful. Ms. C is one lucky little girl to have you in her life. Sewing and embroidery have been on the back burner in this house as knitting has taken over! I feel a sewing episode coming on as my featherweight is calling my name.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  12. Rett,
    WOnderful! What a nice grandmother you are---I bet she is thrilled with her ruffles and flowered canopy doll bed. You did a great job and since I am big on themes, I can imagine making Ms C and her dolly a coordinating nightie. HAPPY Easter!

  13. Oh my! The detail is amazing Rett! Mine would look like an unmade bed, lol, as my mom used to describe us when we weren't dressed up to pr!
    It is beautiful!

  14. What a lucky little girl! This is gorgeous!

  15. Your talent is amazing! Your granddaughter is so lucky :)

  16. Okay now that is just gorgeous! Nicer than my own bed linens. You have one blessed little granddaughter. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Visiting from Tuts and Tips. Have a wonderful Easter. Blessings! Wanda

  17. This is absolutely beautiful!

    Great to have you be a part of SEASONAL SUNDAYS!

    - The Tablescaper


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