Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Snowy Blues

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 023 PM

The PTA of Sandy Hook suggested that we take our extra snow flakes we had made for the new school of the surviving children & create a winter wonderland of our own, in solidarity with them.  I knew immediately what I would do with all the extra free standing lace ones I had made.
(seen HERE)

I created this icy blue tablescape, filled with snowflakes, snowballs & snowmen.

Jan Icey Blue Snowflakes 4

Silver pinecone tea light holders on either side of the centerpiece, provided warmth & light on a cold winters night as well as some sparkle at the table.

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 029  Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 030

  Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 011

Each place setting included a different snowman on a sled atop a white Waterford "Ballet Dot" napkin, whose dots look a lot like snowballs to me.

The centerpiece began with the pretty cake plate, whose base reminded me of an ice ball.
 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 035

I scattered flat bottomed glass drops all over the glass table, to represent icy water droplets.
 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 037

The free standing lace snowflakes were hung from the arms of my chandelier with fine nylon sewing thread.  If you try this method of hanging anything from such a light, may I suggest you tie one item to each end of the clear thread, instead of attaching each snowflake individually.  It makes it much easier to take them down later & you can easily adjust the various heights of the items for a truly random look.

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 003  Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 001  

I set the cover to the cake plate aside & used this round dome to create a "Snow Globe" effect for my centerpiece.

 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 014

  I added dots of snow on the inside as well as snowflakes of icing on the outside.  
In the center, I placed a little snowman that my oldest grandson made for me in pre-school

That little boy is now 17 years old & a 6'3" handsome hunk, but he'll always be my "Precious Angel".  

Yes, I saved this handmade treasure all these years!  "Motherrr, you never throw anything away!"

 The snowman is made out of a white plastic Tylenol bottle, pipe cleaners, pom-poms & has googly eyes.

I surrounded him with *snowball* cookies & white, snow capped cupcakes.  I imagined him ready for a snowball fight!

  Jan Icey Blue Snow Globe

 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 015

The brilliant blue swirled plates are by Luigi Bormioli, found last year at T. J. Maxx.

 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 018  

The silver chargers are from Big Lots...I thought the beaded edge reminded me of snowballs.

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 020

 I used my Oneida "American Harmony" flatware & if you look real close, you can see the beaded border on them that echos the beading around the chargers.
  Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 021

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 031

For the bread & butter, I used my Shannon crystal canapes plates, found at Tuesday Morning, last year.  

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 022

The beautiful blue & white & silver placemats are from Big Lots & the other side of them looks just as pretty in all white & silver. 

 I was very impressed with the quality of these! 

 As usual, I'm kicking myself for not buying 12 of them instead of just 8.  Someday I'll learn.  *sigh*


Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 023

 The pretty cobalt blue stems are from the Dollar Tree.  Again, I should have bought 24 of these!  ~~sadly shaking my head~~ 

I adore this color & have found a use for them many, many times this year

  Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 032

 On the side table, is a Kosta Boda crystal snowball votive candle holder.  These were very popular years ago & it seemed like everyone had them.  It is very heavy & really looks pretty when lit, as you can see.

  I set up a dessert area there, with cups that have a beaded rim, similar to snowballs & snowman plates, spoons & dessert forks.
 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 027
Oh, & a pretty snowflake teapot too!

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 028

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 026

Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 025

I hope the sun is shining this winter, where ever you are!
I'm joining Cuisine Kathleen for her
"Lets Dish" party, whose challenge theme
for this time is "Winter" 
I'll also join Yvonne at StoneGable for
Tidbits, Tips & Tutorials
as well as Susan's Between Naps On The Porch
Tablescape Thursday &
  The Tablescaper for her
Seasonal Sunday.

Please stop by each of these blogs & share in the fun!   




  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Deb! I appreciate your visits & sweet compliments.

  2. Gorgeous tablescape. I love those place mats from Big Lots. Cute centerpiece, too. xo

  3. You've done it again.......gorgeous! Looks like really expensive stuff when you put it all together so well. Bravo!

  4. Rett, Your tablescape is amazing! Love the crystal votive holder, love the blue plates and the snowman in the cloche. The colors say winter. You did great!

  5. Your snowy table is beautiful Rett! Love the great pinecone tealight holders and your lace snowflakes are amazing! Stay warm:@)

  6. Brrrrrr..your table is perfect for winter months, Rett. I love the icy blue and white with snowflakes dancing overhead. I don't have much blue in my home and I always love it when I see tables set with it. We haven't had enough snow to make a snow ball let alone a snowman.

  7. All that pretty blue with the white makes for a perfect snowy table, Rett. It makes me think of ice skating, not that I've done much of that here in TX. ;-)
    Your cute snowman plates are darling. Thanks for sharing this winter wonderland table with all those gorgeous snow flakes. ~ Sarah

  8. What a pretty, pretty setting, Rett! And your involvement Sandy Hook is so touching. I do believe you transformed many of your pieces to fit perfectly into this snowy scene! REALLY cute!! :) ~Zuni

  9. Rett Your table is just beautiful! And I love what all the snowflakes stand for. So precious. But I have to say that I am over the cold weather! Minnesota and I are not getting along right now!!

  10. What a perfect table for a winter wonderland! You've thought of everything, Rett. I love all the details and all the pretty blues. What a fun table to enjoy a cozy meal.

  11. That's a table full of wintry delights. I love the blue and whites, and all the sparkly elements. And how sweet is that little snowman from long ago!

  12. Rett, I'm so glad to see you back blogging and I was sorry to read about your hubby. I've been a little absent with illness and vacation since the beginning of the year so am doing some catching up.
    Love the blue and silver of your table and the snowflakes are charming.

  13. Rett, such a magical tablescape. I love the color blue. It seems perfect for Winter. Love the snowflakes and the sparkles.
    Such a pretty table to admire.

  14. Beautiful table, Rett! Your snowflakes are really pretty and so are the snowman plates. Beautiful colors!..Christine

  15. Rett, this is a fabulous table. I love those placemats.. wondering how I missed them. And the tip on hanging the snowflakes.. well that is the most ingenious tip ever! The whole table just looks so wonderful. a perfectly wintry table.. xo marlis

  16. Forgot to say how cute the snowman is.. so glad you kept that! xo marlis

  17. Your tablescapes always amaze me! This one is just gorgeous!

  18. Rhett, I love the blue and ice! Your glass tabletop is rally perfect for this icy tablescape. The "frozen" water droplets are just perfect. The snowman is so cute and holds such sweet memories, he deserves the place of honor! Dianne

  19. She's ba-a-a-ack...and flying in high style. You've used some really great techniques to bring 'ice' to the story. The glass dots are genius! I smiled when I saw the Ballet Dot napkins. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. SO pretty! All your details came together to create a lovely table and how wonderful that the snowflake theme has special meaning for those remembering the Sandy Hook tragedy - love the snowflakes from the chandelier. Those placemats are perfect and I can see why you'd want more. Be thankful you bought some of those blue glasses as I saw them at our Dollar Store and passed them up entirely -Huge REGRETS especially after seeing your table!!


  21. Beautiful Rett! What a love the most about your table is your wonderful reflections you captured in your glass tabletop of your crystal pieces and silver pine cone votive holders! And how could you NOT keep that adorable handmade snowman? I haven't been to Dollar Tree lately, but I bet they get more blue stems in. They always seem to have some on the shelves :)

  22. So many pretty touches, starting with the beautiful snowflakes. The blue and white palette and the cute little snowmen. I especially love the snowman {Tylenol bottle really?} under the dome with snowball cookies and cakes. What a cute idea!

  23. I love, love, love this table...anything with cobalt is stunning. The little snowman is adorable...he looks like he is wearing a beret!

  24. What a gorgeous table with the cobalt blue! The lace snowflakes are so beautiful! Love the little snowman your GS made! I also like the ice drops on the glass tabletop! Lots of neat ideas!


  25. Hi Rett, The old question--how many pieces to buy? I never get it right, as I either buy too many or not enough! The tip about hanging the snowflakes is wonderful. I stuck mine up with painter's tape and they were making me craze as I adjusted the heights and they got tangled or fell. Your little snowman is very precious--I'm sure you are happy to have saved him. Linda

  26. You are so right about buying 12 instead of eight. Over the years, I've bought eight napkins and been sorry afterwards. I'm now buying tableware for my daughter and I keep thinking that eight will be enough for her... but maybe I'm wrong. Beautiful table and such a lovely thematic interpretation!

  27. Wowser! It looks beautiful! I love blue and white, and your little snowmen are adorable!
    Keep looking in $ Tree they run out, but then months later get them again.
    Beautiful table, Rett, and your snowflakes are so lovely!
    Thanks for linking to the WINTER challenge at Let's Dish!


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