Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

 Jan Icey Blue Snowmen Table 004

 One month has passed since that horrific day in Sandy Hook, when God called home so many of His little angels.  I have no words to express how sorry we felt, along with the entire world.  We wondered, what could we do, in some small measure, to help to make it better?

Then I heard that when the surviving children returned to a different building for class, their PTA wanted to make their new school seem as welcoming as possible.

People were asked to make snowflakes for the PTA members to hang all over the school, turning it into a magical winter wonderland for the children.

Jan Icey Blue Snowflakes

Classrooms all over the country began cutting out snowflakes, from construction paper & coffee filters...anything white!  If you google "snowflakes for Sandy Hook" you'll be astounded by their contributions.

 Embroidery Library joined in the effort, by giving away three machine embroidery designs to make these special lace heart snowflakes during one weekend.  They are no longer free, but you can purchase them here.
 Jan Icey Blue Snowflakes 2 

Unlike real snowflakes, these are identical except for size...they come in small, medium & large.  Can you see the little hearts in the pattern? I made LOTS of them and sent them off to Sandy Hook.  The PTA received so many donations that they have since asked people to stop sending them now.  They had enough to decorate the entire town.  

"Thank you to everyone who has donated snowflakes on behalf of the children of Sandy Hook  Elementary School and the community of Newtown. We know that each snowflake represents the emotional outreach of the person making it. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of generosity from around not just the country but the world. At this time, we have enough beautiful snowflakes to blanket the community of Newtown. Therefore, with regret we must close the snowflake project to further donations. Please take this idea and your snowflakes and create a winter wonderland of your own in your community as a show of solidarity for our Newtown families. Please share your winter wonderlands with us. We would love to share your pictures with the families of Sandy Hook and all the other participating communities. Also please read the message below from the PTA of the Sandy Hook Elementary School for another wonderful way to help. Thank you for your heartfelt and amazing creations and for all of your magnificent notes and kind wishes for the Newtown community."

  I loved them so much, I made a few for myself, as well.  The large one takes over 80 minutes to stitch out    You do them on wash away stabilizer & I could fit several in one hooping on my machine.  You then submerge the stabilizer & snowflakes in warm water until the stabilizer dissolves.

You must leave them lying flat, usually overnight, until they dry but then you are left with these exquisite little lacy treasures.

Stop by The Gazebo House next week to see how I used mine in a Winter tablescape, as a show of solidarity with Sandy Hook & Newtown.  

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  1. Your snowflakes are so beautiful, Rett! Gorgeous!

  2. Oh Rett, these are gorgeous. What a beautiful effort for the town of Newton. Can't wait to see your tablescape. xo

  3. Rett, these are exquisite and a thoughtful contribution to the Sandy Hook Snowflake project. I can see that they offer a winter wonderland to your dining room. Look forward to seeing the winter tablescape.
    An early Happy Birthday to you. Any special plans? ~ Sarah

  4. They are gorgeous, Rett.

    A few nights ago the evening news showed warehouses full of toys, stuffed animals, letters, etc. It was very touching but it definitely made the point to not send anything further to SH. The exception was money which you were asked to send addressed to the specific family or child. This would go toward funeral expenses, etc.

  5. Oh, Rett, the snowflakes are just beautiful! My kindergarten class sent the paper ones they made and decorated with glitter and glue...truly kindergarten style! We also sent a class picture with each child holding their snowflake for the Sandy Hook children.

  6. Rett, these snowflakes are truly beautiful and I'm sure the ones you sent were filled with love. Everywhere we go around here we see buildings and spaces decorated with snowflakes of all types. I can't imagine how long and difficult the healing process will be for the town and the families. I'm looking forward to seeing how you brightened your home with these beauties! Linda

  7. They are gorgeous, Rett! I can't wait to see your table.
    How sweet of you to send them.
    We were never allowed to hang anything from the ceilings in school as it was a fire hazard. I wonder if they just covered the walls and bulletin boards with them? Did you see any pictures? I haven't.
    My prayers are with the families, it is an unbearable loss.

    1. Thanks everybody for your sweet compliments. Kathleen, I looked & looked for photos of the classrooms & new school decorated & I couldn't find ANY on the net. I think they were keeping a very low profile for the children's sake & privacy was paramount. understandably!

  8. Oh my, I would love to have a machine that could make things like these beautiful snowflakes. My grandmother made something similar, but much less intricate, many years ago and dipped them in sugar water (I'm sure that's what it was) and dried them and we hung them on our Christmas tree. No such thing as stabilizer back in the old days.

  9. They're beautiful! What a wonderful idea for the children of Sandy Hook.

  10. Oh Rett, it's so nice to see you blogging again! I've missed you!

  11. Rett,
    I love these snowflakes and have made many over the years. I am now doing lace hearts for Valentine's Day now that I can move around in the studio!

    I have missed your blogs - glad to see you back.


  12. We sent our box of snowflakes to Sandy Hook the last of December, to be ready to decorate the school before it started back in session. Mine were paper...yours are much prettier. :)

  13. The snowflakes are lovely and I know threw were appreciated.

  14. Aren't those snowflakes so beautiful?! I know the whole school must've looked like a winter wonderland for the little darlings. The little angels in heaven surely felt the love, too.

  15. Rett~ I have to come see your snowflakes! They are stitched with 80 minutes of love and oh so beautiful!


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