Tuesday, January 29, 2013

♥♥ Getting Ready For Lovers Day! ♥♥

 Valentines 011 label

 I've been getting ready for Valentines Day...its our wedding anniversary, so I'm really partial to hearts!
I put the table runner that I made last year, out in my sewing room, where I could share it with my friends. 
 Valentines Day 2013 010

 I've been making lace heart decorations with my embroidery machine in there!
 Valentines Day 2013 013
Valentines Day 2013 014 cropped
In the dining room, I've set out my Royal china "Quban Royal" gold rimmed plates (22K), all ready for a special dessert that I have planned.  I'll share the recipe with you very soon.  It is very easy & VERY GOOD!
 Valentines Day 2013 018

The bakers rack in the kitchen is festooned with lots of red & pink!  My Ralph Lauren cake plate is threaded for the occasion, just waiting to hold that special treat.  I have some happy Valentines Day paper plates ready to serve the grandkids cookies, in case they stop by before the official holiday.  

Valentines Day 2013 023
Isn't my little mouse ADORABLE?

  He was a gift from my friend... Thank you, Carol!! I just love him to pieces &have nicknamed him "Valentino".  I think he is supposed to be a pin cushion but I could never stab him with a pin...he's too CUTE!
 Valentines Day 2013 025

 There are hearts everywhere! 
  Valentines Day 2013 035

 Heart shaped baking dishes to hold PINK cuppies...
 Valentines Day 2013 036

 I have lots of pink & white paper heart doilies around the house.  They make me happy & bring back fond memories of grade school Valentines.
Valentines Day 2013 040
I brought out my Waterford crystal heart that I carried home from our trip to Ireland.  Of course, there HAD to be some conversation hearts available, too.  It wouldn't seem like Valentines Day without those!

Valentines 017 labeled

My husband calls my granddaughter, (Ms. C.) "Sweetie Face".
I bought special Valentine colored M&M's just for her.  I have them in one of my Mother's vintage milkglass compotes.

Valentines Day 2013 028

The apothecary jar in the kitchen is filled with lots of big, puffy heart shaped marshmallows, just waiting for a visit from her, so we can enjoy some hot cocoa together.

Valentines Day 2013 029 
 I wish you could join us!

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  1. Rett, you really are ready for Valentines Day! How sweet, literally!
    What a romantic day to get married. Happy Anniversary a little early!

  2. I can only imagine the joy with which Ernie and you will greet your anniversary this year! It is so fitting that you have decked your home with such special things. Your embroidered hearts are incredibly beautiful! This is the first time that I've ever seen anything like them. Have great fun with that sweet princess. Happy Valentines Day! Cherry Kay

  3. Another delightful and beautiful post, Rett! Each day is a delight at your house with your gorgeous things and clever touches! Many blessings to you and Ernie on your upcoming anniversary. I hope you have many, many more!

  4. I want to come and enjoy those M&M's also! It's all just lovely!

  5. You truly have the spirit Rhett! Just today I bought some of those little heart candies with words on them as well as some cinnamon hearts - I'm getting ready too!

  6. Your home is looking great for Valentine's Day! I will be getting ready after we get back from our trip. Maybe I'll look for some fun themed things here in the US where the selection is so much more varied.

  7. Looks like you're all set for Valentine's Day Rett! I love your pretty runner-have fun:@)

  8. Rett,
    I start Friday! I love this holiday and how special that it is your anniversary as well.

    My machine is loaded with the designs and all supplies are in order. I need to finish one knitting project for a class but then I will begin. Hopefully I will have it together enough for a blog post!

    Again, Happy Anniversary.

  9. Looks like you are almost ready. I adore the hearts you made, so delicate and pretty. Happy Anniversary. Blessings, Jen

  10. Your lace hearts are just beautiful, and the little touches you've added to your home and kitchen are very festive (and will be enjoyed by all). Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  11. Oh, you are such a busy, creative lady! Love seeing all you touches for Valentines. I need to get some of those heart shaped marshmallows. ;-)
    Happy Anniversary, dear friend. ~ Sarah

  12. What could be more romantic than having your anniversary on Valentine's Day! Your decorations are so festive and I love the charming embroidered hearts. The heart shaped marshmallows are cute too, never seen them here though.

  13. What a perfect day to get married, Rett! We actually got engaged on Valentine' s Day. I love all your heart related things that you have around our house. I'm partial to the runner and wish I cold get a better look!!

  14. You weren't kidding when you said you were getting ready...all you need now is for day to get here...save me a cupcake!

  15. You table runner is great. I love all the hearts I am sure your "Sweetie Face" will love it too. You look completely ready. Happy Valentines! Dianne

  16. Hi Rett, The marshmallow hearts look delicious and your embroidered hearts are just exquisite! Valentine's Day would be such a romantic time for a wedding. Linda

  17. Hey there, Rett!!!!! How's it goin'!?? You are SO ready for Valentine's Day!!! Dang, girl...it's a Valentine's extravaganza at your house!!! That's where we need to be! The little mouse is cute. I couldn't bear to stick him with a pin, either! I hope all is well with you and yours! Take care, and have a great weekend!

  18. My in laws anniversary was on Valentine's day too. So romantic! Love your sweet runner. And the freestanding lace hearts are adorable.. fun candies in pretty dishes, too. xo marlis

  19. What fun you've had decorating for Valentine's Day! I know your grandchildren will be delighted to see all the pretty (and tasty!) decorations when they stop by. I LOVE that runner you made, especially, and your photos are wonderful!

  20. Love the hearts you made, so talented, they look wonderful in the window...

  21. Rett, You've been stitching up a storm~ love your lace hearts! Happy Anniversary early to you, what a wonderful day to get married!

  22. How special to be married on Valentine's Day Rett. I love all of your hearts ~ I'm a bad grandma, nary a heart to be found here yet! You always do up the holidays with FUN! Love it.
    Enjoy your day

  23. I think I already told you my dear friends married on Valentine's Day and their name is Valentino

    Everything looks so LOVE ly, and I HEART ily approve.
    Those hearts you made are fabulous, you could sell them!

    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish


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