Monday, April 25, 2011

Memory Lane Monday @ Brynwood Needleworks

Once a month, Donna at Brynwood Needleworks
hosts her Memory Lane Monday meme,
which I'm joining for the first time.

All weekend long, I was thinking about
an Easter story my Mother shared with me years ago.

She was the older of two girls & had five brothers as well.
A poor family of seven children, they had very little money
to spare for fancy extras.

Every Easter, as a child, she used to pray for snow!

You see, she never had a pretty new dress or shoes
to wear to church on Easter morning.
If it snowed, everyone would have to wear their
coats & boots, thus no one would be able to tell
that she wasn't dressed in something new.

Imagine how happy I was to wake up to a cold, rainy day on Sunday.
Somewhere, some other little girl's prayers were answered!


I hope you had a blessed Easter celebration with your family & friends,
no matter what the weather was like!



I'll also be linking to Marty's Table Top Tuesdays at A Stroll Thru Life tomorrow.
Thank you to both Donna & Marty for giving us a spot to share our worlds.


  1. What a tender way to look at Easter.......thinking of being kind to others. I appreciate this point of view! You may count me as your newest follower.

  2. Rett, such a touching and precious story. In these really tough economic times today, I am sure there were lots of children praying for snow. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  3. Maybe that's why I live in Wisconsin. Easter is never really lovely here. At least that I remember!

  4. Very sweet and touching story, Rett! We had a lot of rain.


  5. Rett, this is so lovely. Truly one of the sweetest Easter posts I've viewed. Memories of loved ones is a great gift. Thank you for sharing this precious memory. Your images are perfection. ~ Sarah

  6. My parents were both one of 7 and shared similar stories!
    It cleared up here Sunday, so the kids could have the hunt outside. I filled 90 eggs and they found them all. When we got in the car for the hour drive home, the skies opened up!
    Hope you had joyous Easter. We always called this Easter week! Lots of jelly beans to eat! :)

  7. Your memory story is very heartwarming. I can understand how it feels. Blessings to you...

  8. Hi Rett:
    Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story about Easters past for your family. Your family may have been "possession poor", but you sure were rich in love. I so appreciate your linking up to Memory Lane Monday to tell us about your Easter memories.
    Hugs, my friend.

  9. HI RETT,
    Oh gosh what a great story!!!
    I nearly cried reading it. My MOM would always buy us kids something new to wear on easter, but she rarely bought herself something new....this gives me an idea. From here on out, I will send her mo ney to go buy a new outfit for Easter. I need to ask her if she bought herself something new this year...I would say NO. I loved this story.
    It was warm and sunny here, but NOT HOT as expected being that Easter was so late this year.
    Loved seeing your RAIN!!
    HUGS 2 U,

  10. Rett,

    What a beautiful post! I hope you had a blessed Easter. Gorgeous tulips.

  11. Love you perfect photos. What a touching story your mother shared with you. Wishing you a happy week; we will be in the rain for the next few days.

  12. Rett, What a touching story! I am sure this story resonates with many children... we are in hard economic times!!!! This story reminds me to think of other and their needs.

    Come visit me. I have a special post today! A very grateful post!
    xo Yvonne

  13. This is a bittersweet and touching story Rett...I'm SO Happy your Mom was blessed with YOU! Your pictures are delightful! I LOVE that egg box! My Mom has similar stories and God gave her a rich life with my Dad...They have been married for 64years...
    Have a wonderful Easter Week,

  14. What a precious story from your mom Rett. Thank you for sharing it and bringing back some poignant memories to me.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Hi, Rett,
    Lovely Easter story. We had beautiful, sunny weather.
    What program do you use to post?
    Your pictures are amazing!

  16. Hi Ms. D!

    I use the Live Writer program to load all my photos onto a draft of the post that I start in blogger. I put in the title & my little siggie at the bottom always shows up unless I change it.

    I then move the photos into the exact order that I want to follow the story line I have in mind.
    Then I click on each photo & go into the "advanced" area to resize them. Some I make larger than others & often I will have to come back & shrink them down later. LOL Too big!

    I then send the Live Writer draft to the blog & its there that I add my text. I had TONS of troubles doing text in Live Writer...spacing was off, paragraphs were goofy, etc. I just like Blogger better for the wording.

    Once I've previewed it in Blogger & decide that I like it, then I publish it. I know, it seems like a lot of fuss & sometimes it is, but I love doing it. Its like painting to me without getting your fingers dirty. :D

    The new Nikon D90 from DH certainly helps, too! It takes awesome photos just on automatic. I'm still learning all the buttons & whistles on it.
    I hope this helped you. I drooled over photos at Susan's BNOTP & Bill's Affordable Accoutrements & ML's on Designs by Gollum as well as Yvonne's StoneGable's. I wish I could do 1/2 of what they can!

  17. Rett, that is such s sweet, sweet story, and I love the way you saw the weather through your mother's eyes. I think I could stand to see things more through Christ's eyes and maybe I would be reminded of other people and their needs more. Thanks for a gentle reminder.

    I just read on another blog that new clothes on Easter started when Chrisitians would get baptized right before Easter and then wear a new outfit to signify their new life in Christ. I had never heard that before. A friend who is married to a minister mentioned it on her blog.

    My mother grew up during the Depression, and she said that her mother used to make all of her underclothes. She said that her cousin always had silk ones. Then Mama vowed that when she grew up, she would always have silk underclothes, and she did. I, on the other hand, love plain cotton. What does that say???

    I hope you had a blessed Easter. We have had a bit of craziness around here (some curve balls), but Easter was lovely. I'm glad yours was, too. I'm just so thankful for the Lord and His sacrifice for us and that He has overcome death! Hallelujah!

    Warm hugs...



  18. Rett, what a heart warming story! Oh my! What a different slant your mother had and one we should open our hearts to! Being extremely blessed all my life I never had to think of Easter (or any other day in this way). Thank you for sharing this story.


  19. What a beautiful story to share Rett. Thank you.

  20. Rett, your memories are as colorful as your photos...touching to the heart and soul..

  21. Aunt Rett, I never knew that story about grandma. Thanks for posting! :)


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