Saturday, April 16, 2011

TeaTime Mug Mats


I'm having fun making these little mug mats for friends & relatives.


These are going off to two tablescapers who love to

shop for bargains together.

Can you guess who they might be???


I'm joining The Tablescaper for her

The fabrics that I used on both of these have been

mellowing in my *resource center* for YEARS!!

It was a line called "TEATIME" fabrics put out by Hoffman Media

in combination with their book,

"TEATIME", which I still have.


It has some darling projects that I'd love to make

but I can't find the fabrics anymore!

I only have some small pieces left from

prior projects.

The two table toppers, below,

were some of the very first quilting projects I ever did.

In fact, there is very little quilting on them...

I was so afraid I would ruin them that all I did was

"stitch in the ditch" to anchor the layers together,

then used my embroidery machine to add some

red work teacups...well, really
PINK teacups.

I still have the pink one up on the wall of my sewing room.

The blue one, below, I gave away.

It is fun to look back at how far I've come,

yet I feel I still have so much to learn!

I'm not as afraid of doing free motion quilting now.

In fact, I had lots of fun doing the stippling on the mug mats.

Check out those tiny squiggles around the teapots!!

You get a trapunto look that makes the teapots feel 3-D.
The word "trapunto" means "to embroider" in Italian.

Long ago, in Italy, the women would cut the back of the project

and stuff it with batting, then sew up the hole

to achieve the same effect.

I have a few more in my head that I want to make,

then its on to other UFO's that I've neglected.

Never enough time!!!

Thanks for visiting...stop by anytime...

I'll be in the lower level, sewing up a storm today since its raining...AGAIN!



Donna from Brynwood Needleworks has a great tutorial on how to make these.



  1. Rett, I need to come live near you so I can "absorb". These little mats are just too darn cute and I love the teapot fabric. Do you have a tutorial for them?

  2. Oh my word, these are just gorgeous. What a great idea. Love the fabrics you've used. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love the mug mats Rett, the colours are great. Fantastic job on the quilting. I would love to join you in the sewing room, as it is raining here as well. But this is the last weekend before the closure on the house, rain or shine the junk has to be taken away. Have a great day sewing:)

  4. Rett, I can definitely guess who those two shoppers are. ;-) They are going to love these little mug mats. That fabric is gorgeous. Love the blue teapot! Your quilting looks fantastic! Happy Day! ~ Sarah

  5. I love these!!!! And perfect for coffee chats with friends! Starbucks may be a cool place to meet up for coffee and tea but nothing beats getting together with a friend where there are such beautiful and personal touches served up with the beverage. You are amazing!

  6. What adorable mug mats! I love those little "squiggles" and the 3D effect that is created, the fabrics are so colorful & cheery, perfect to enjoy a cup of tea by. You are SEW productive~ Happy Quilting :-)

  7. Dear Rett:
    These are breathtaking. I love it when the student outshines the teacher! (I told you they were addictive! lol) Thanks for linking to my tute. Let's catch up soon, my dear friend.

  8. Oooh, I just got up and saw your gorgeous mats. I just love them and you do amazing work! Beautiful.

  9. I am siting here reading with my coffee on my mug mat. I love it, and it a work of art. The back is as lovely as the front!
    Thank you so much, dear Rett! You are so very talented!

  10. Just beautiful Rett! Lovin' your stippling (and that word too:@) I'm sure they will be enjoyed-Happy Weekend!

  11. HI RETT!
    THOSE are simply Beautiful!!!
    I love them, you are sooo talented. You did an outstanding job!!!!
    Who ever gets those should consider them Priceless!!
    Have a great day

  12. HI RETT!
    THOSE are simply Beautiful!!!
    I love them, you are sooo talented. You did an outstanding job!!!!
    Who ever gets those should consider them Priceless!!
    Have a great day

  13. These are so cute..I received one in the mail today from a fellow blogger..going to blog about it soon. :))

  14. The're so cute and homie. I love them! I specially love the tea pot fabric. I think I'd love to go shopping for material like yours and make them...hope you have a tutorial! Thanks for showing. Happy Easter.

  15. Those tea time mug mats are adorable! Yep, I can guess those two lucky girls who'll be getting one!

    I enjoyed seeing all those great projects!


  16. These are so are so talented to sew the color combos and patterns you chose to put together :)
    Happy SS!

  17. I love your mug rugs! They are perfect for tea lovers like me. Well done!

  18. These are so pretty! I love the 'tea' motiff. The fabrics you used are super. Such nice work.

  19. Rett, I call these "mug rugs." Yours are absolutely beautiful. I know two sweet gals who are gonna love these! The fabrics are so sweet and adorable. You enjoy your time with the grands for brunch next week. I just heard from the SIL that I should bring a veggie for dinner, so I gotta come up with something unexpected. Ya know, we need to plan a get-together some day this coming summer. You're not THAT far- I like road trips! :-)
    ~ Sue

  20. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am one of the lucky recipients and these little mats are just beautiful - every little stitch in the perfect place. Just beautiful.

    Thanks also for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablesaper

  21. Oh your quilted tea mats are just beautiful!! Love them all..I adore blue and white dishes and that blue and white teapot is precious! Love my visit ot your blog! Have a great week!! Thanks for your sweet visit too!

    Miss Bloomers

  22. I have never seen such talent, this is extradinary! love it!


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