Saturday, April 02, 2011

Snowbird Season Part II

Sanctuary golf

I have some more Florida vacation pictures to
share with you.

I went for a loooong walk almost every day &

remembered to take my camera with me a couple of times.


Palm trees swaying in the breeze...
I just love seeing that blue sky!

The Florida style homes are so different from Ohio.


Pale colors, lots of balustrades & gated entrances to communities.


Pretty etched doors, usually done in Florida scenes
like the one below with the herons & ferns.


Plantings are very different, too.
Most would not survive our winter's cold
like the bougainvillea seen here.

I loved these beautiful double doors!




The Mediterranean style with plenty of arches & turrets
is very much the norm.



Everywhere you look are little accent touches that made me smile.



Big splashes of color are abundant all year 'round.


Little unexpected splashes, too.


Its rare to see a two-story home &
I think its because of the difficulty
in cooling an upstairs level.

I really liked this one & spoke to the
lady of the house several mornings
as she worked in her yard.


The one below was my ultimate favorite though. I just loved how it was positioned on the corner lot, with the beautiful fountain gracing the curved driveway.


Their lanai goes across the entire back of the home
& it faces down the golf course fairway.
What a spectacular view!

I talked to the owner & he said his wife had

designed the entire thing!
She did a terrific job, don't you think?

We've got about 2" of snow this morning here.


Somebody remind me again why we came home?

Oh, that's right...Princess Caroline & Co.


Who is now sporting a HOT PINK CAST

since her brother landed on her &

broke her right thumb

during a game of

"Monkey in the Middle"

Poor baby!!!!

I'm joining The Tablescaper for her weekly meme,

I hope you'll visit her & all the other participants to see some lovely seasonal displays.

I thank you for stopping by my place, too.



  1. Those photos make me long for Florida, lol! I told my husband this winter that Florida was looking really good! I love that style so much too, and of course my husband loves it. Lovely photos, and I love your profile photo too!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  2. Those homes are just beautiful, I've been giving FL some thought myself recently! At least PC's cast is hot pink, hope she heals soon:@)

  3. Florida does have a style of it's own! We will be spending our family vacation there again in May!

  4. More snow! Wow, makes one wonder if it will ever end this year. Sorry you are having to deal with this long winter. Your FL home away from home looks nice. The architecture is different, but interesting.
    Hope Miss Caroline is better. Hot pink should help! ~ Sarah

  5. What a wonderful place to spend the coldest parts of the year. That etched heron door is lovely.

  6. More snow?!? What???? That is craziness!! I don't miss living in Michigan now that I am used to the South again! Your Florida pictures are lovely. We are going in two weeks to my in-laws there and I am so excited! Poor Caroline! Hope she heals quickly!

  7. I wanna be in Florida too.....waaaaaa!!!!! Like RIGHT NOW!!

  8. Oh how I would LOOOOVE to have a place in FL.!!!! I have been there twice this winter and it is SOOOOO hard to come home! I love the style of the homes, and the fact that you can garden YEAR ROUND! Oh what a dream that would be for me. It breaks my heart that we are stuck here in Pa. THANK YOU so much for sharing these beautiful pictures! What part of Fl. were you in, Rett? XO, Pinky

  9. Such fun post! Yeah, Flrida's arquitechture is like this, kind of fresh and crisp. Love that etched heron door, it's lovely.
    Thank you for sharing such nice pictures.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  10. Hi Rett, Loved going for a walk with you. There are some beautiful homes where you stayed. Hope Princess Caroline is doing Ok? Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend. hugs, Jen.

  11. Rett,

    Your pictures are wonderful. You captured the look of our neighborhoods very well. I'm sorry you had to go back. Next year we will do more while you are here!

    Have fun this week!


  12. I used to go to Florida all the time when it was part of my husband's territory. I hadn't thought about it until reading your posts, but it has been several years since we even crossed the border.

    So now, "GO TO FLORIDA" is on the to do list. -

  13. You are right about not too many second stories. My Mom has a cousin that lives there and the same type neighborhood. Maybe the average age has something to do with it too! :)

  14. Thank you for dropping by and leaving such nice and generous comments! I like your idea that the heirloom things are in my CARE, yes, you're right, I need to take care of them to be someday for others, like her granddaughters!
    Have a nice Sunday.

  15. Hi Rett, Love the new header. The table runner is the Twenty Minute Table Runner, I forwarded the pattern. If you want a better pic, I can e-mail it. hugs, Jen.

  16. Beautiful photos, Rett and it all looks familiar to me. I lived in FL for more than 20 years and still have a home there that is being rented out. All our children live there too...Christine

  17. I love looking at houses in different areas. Glad you enjoyed Florida. Hope the little one heals quickly and that spring will reach you soon!

  18. Thanks for sharing the pics of the lovely Florida homes. Just to have that sunshine most of the time would be fantastic, but I think I would miss the seasons. Hope your sweetie's thumb heals fast!

  19. Oh such lovely Florida photos. We used to have a family home there. I do miss it.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Your photographs are beautiful! Makes me want to head further South!

  21. Florida... *big sigh of contentment*... I always enjoy walking around looking at homes, especially on vacation. So sorry you have more snow~ I think snow in March should be outlawed!

    Hope Caroline's hot pink cast makes her thumb feel better :-)

  22. Your photos make me long for Florida as well. But Princess Caroline is well worth the return.

    Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  23. Florida is in our future too. I just love it there. Soon soon. Thanks for sharing the pics you took the chill off me.


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