Monday, April 04, 2011

Favorite Cupboard Party at Shelia's!


I'm joining the lovely Shelia,

author of the blog,

Note Songs

for her

featuring your favorite cupboard.

She said baker's racks could be included

so I'm sharing my favorite corner

which sits between the kitchen & the sunroom.

It is so fun to decorate for the seasons &

I am SOOOOO ready for some Spring!


I gathered lots of green & white accessories from elsewhere in the house.

The teapot was recently given to me by my younger sister, Louise.

It goes beautifully with my Lily of the Valley teacup.

"Thanks, Weeziebug!"

The green salad plates in the little stands were made in Portugal.

I recently found them at T.J. Maxx for $3.99 each

I also got the matching salad bowl while there.


Some silk hydrangeas add a touch of greenery.

I had a bag of limes in the refrigerator.

I bought them to serve with Sante Fe Chicken Chili & had some leftover...

the limes, not the chili.

I'll have to share that recipe with you soon.

It is REALLY good!


My little birdie is sitting on my husband's mother's

worn & tattered old cookbook.

Published in 1936, it has some really interesting recipes.


The part I treasure is where, on the inside flap, my hubby had written


wake me for 9:00 Mass.

Ernie x"

How sweet is that?

He is such a devout Catholic, even to this day.

We figured he must have been about 10 years old

when he wrote that note.



I've used lots of my white dishes along with some vintage milk glass pieces.

I was excited to find this one with its lid intact.


I love the intricate details & texture on them.

I remember several pieces that my mother had years ago.


More Portuguese ceramics with lots of texture.



Since Easter is late this year,

I'm going to leave my green & white in place

then I'll add my bunnies & eggs to the mix

closer to April 24th.


It looks a little more Spring like now.

If only Mother Nature would cooperate outside!

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House.

You're welcome anytime!


  1. I love your greens and crisp and fresh. Yesterday it almost felt like summer, 50 degrees (not a typo) colder and UGLY! You have some beautiful things...I love those pitchers!

  2. Oh, Rett! Your bakers rack is just lovely! I love the message to your MIL in the book from your husband. That is a treasure!

  3. You have done such a nice job accessorizing your baker's rack. The green and white color combination looks so fresh and springy. It will be a great backdrop for the bunnies too.
    That recipe books is precious especially the little message written in it.

  4. I know you will never believe this...but I grew up on Liver Sausage. It is a German's household staple....and it is delicious.
    Your bakers rack is so pretty. I have always loved those....

  5. If liver sausage is what we called braunschweiger and liverwurst, I LOVE IT! My mom would bring it home from the deli and the liverwurst was great on toast.

    Your baker's rack is lovely and a breath of spring.

  6. I guess taste is an odd thing, because I'd love the liver pate and my Great Dane would love the mashed sardine! Most of all, though, I love that treasure of a cookbook with the sweet note inside.

  7. Having something so personal like a favorite cookbook connects us with our heritage. I can see it was well used by the worn cover.
    YOur baker's rack IS full of spring green. I love it, especially the lilly of the valley tea cup!
    Everything is soooooo pretty.

  8. Your bakers rack is with all its attire is lovely!

  9. What a gorgeous piece of furniture! And I love how you've decorated it. I'm your newest follower over from Shelia's party.

  10. Hi Rett! Oh, what a beautiful baker's rack you have! You know your room is amazing with that tall ceiling. You've certainly dressed her up for spring! Love your greens and whites. Those milk glass pieces are so pretty! Now that little cookbook is a real treasure. I'm like you, I'd pass on some of those appetizers! :) What a sweet little memory of your hubby as a child writing in his mama's cookbook! ;)
    Thank you so much, Rett, for coming to my party.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. Your baker's rack is lovely all dressed up for spring!! Love all your dishes and potter pieces! The cookbook really got mom had something just as old and just as filled with delicious{!} recipes. Did they really eat this stuff back then? I would definitely come to the party late!! lol!

    Have a great week, Rett!


  12. Rett, I enjoyed seeing your nifty baker's rack. The greens and whites look like spring! Loved hearing about that sweet note of your hubby's to his mom. Isn't that precious? Makes me smile.

    Sending you hugs across the miles...


    Sheila :-)

  13. I've been ogling all the wonderful cupboards from my favorite blogs. I think yours might be my favorite of all. I love the greens with the white. I want to copy you!

  14. I am loving your baker's rack! You have some of the prettiest accessories, Rett. I do love the green and white. Such sweet little asparagus pieces and the green onion plate is so cute.

    This has been so fun to see everyone's cupboards and such. Sorry I missed this one.


  15. Your bakers rack looks wonderful with whites and greens. I especially love the design on the cake stand and that sweet pedestal bowl with the apples Gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful Spring vignettes Rett. I also love your baker's rack. That tall green pitcher is gorgeous, and your milk glass compotes are so pretty. What a great deal you got on those green plates! It does, indeed, look like Spring at your house. That cookbook is so great, and I love the note your husband wrote to his mom. laurie

  17. Well I was going to make that sardine appy till you expressed your disdain for it!! :)
    I love your shelves, so pretty.
    What I really love is that cookbook with the sweet is that! Not many kids remind their mom's to wake them up for Mass. But in our house, it wasn't a question about going! And during Lent, 6 a. m. Mass every day. We used to roll up our PJ's put on knee socks and a trench coat, and go. When we came back got dressed in our uniform and catch the bus right back to where the church was!
    When you come to LI, I will make the Liver Sausage recipe! :)

  18. Rett,

    Just gorgeous. Very crisp. The bakers's rack is perfect for display and yours is beautiful.

    I am having more fun with the mug mats. I still haven't put the last border on "our" quilt but next week I hope to have some extra time.

    Have a great weekend!


  19. I love the milk glass with the green apples, and everything is oh so pretty!


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