Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Recent Sewing Projects

I just completed a few corduroy autumn outfits for my granddaughter, Caroline.

This dress is from the Childrens Corner pattern, Annie, view C with 3/4 length sleeves.

It is a size 6 appears to fit her quite well. She may even get two years of use out of it,

since there is space to move the buttons over next fall for more room in the bodice area.

I purchased the picture smocked insert (sorry I don't know the name of the plate).

Although I know HOW to do picture smocking, I just don't enjoy it.

Life is too short to spend any precious hours doing something

that doesn't make your heart sing!

Besides, I don't have the patience nor the eyesight to do it well.

I do
♥ ♥ ♥ to do geometric smocking but the picture smocking

is too much like counted cross-stitch...drives me nuts!

The same trim was used around the neckline & cuffs.

I thought it resembled tatting a bit.

Something ELSE I don't have patience to do. LOL

I used the same piping around the back belt tabs & across the top of the smocked insert.

I wish now, in hindsight, that I would have put it across the bottom of the insert as well.

The weight of the corduroy is distorting the pleating a bit.

Later, I will put some tight back smocking stitches

on the underside to try to stabilize that area a bit more.

Below is another Sara's Skort, also a Childrens Corner pattern.

This, too, is made of corduroy but lined with a slick broadcloth.

The shorts beneath are also of the same broadcloth.

She will likely need to wear tights with this during the winter

& I didn't want them to *grab* against the corduroy.

BTW, That is a SNOWFLAKE in front of the camera!!

What we won't go through to get some decent outside light for photos, huh?

This is a close-up view, showing both the cute leaf pattern on the outside

as well as the solid red lining & shorts beneath.

This pattern fits Ms. C well.

I've made it several times before &

I have added 1 1/2 inches to the length of it & it is STILL above her knees.

Since it is only slightly flared, it would be restrictive to walk in it,

if it were below her knees.

Hard to cartwheel in, too.

I added the monogram to the store-bought shirt,

to pick up the bright blue color in the skirt.

She can still wear the top with other things, like jeans....

although she is such a *girly-girl*, she hates to wear pants.

Thanks for letting me share my sewing projects with you.

I do appreciate your comments & any constructive criticism offered.

How else does one learn?




  1. I think your sewing skills are fantastic!! Little Caroline must have one fantastic wardrobe {and it looks like she is enjoying modeling the outfits}. Coming from one who doesn't sew, but would love to learn, I think you do a wonderful job and it makes me smile to hear you say that we shouldn't waste time on the things we don't love. Well said.

    Happy Sunday, Rett!


  2. It was fun looking at your fall sewing projects. Loved your scarecrows!

  3. Beautifully done projects, Rett. Your comment about not doing things that don't make you sing is priceless. Thanks for reminding me. It is very timely right now.

    Ya know, just between friends here, I wouldn't tell a soul you didn't smock that plate. You DID make the dress after all! (wink;)...bunny

  4. What lovely things you make, Rett! Your little Miss C is lucky, and from the smile I can see that she appreciates your gifts. Now, all I need is a granddaughter.....

  5. Your fall sewing projects are wonderful and your granddaughter looks as if she is loving the beautiful handmade wardrobe. What a wonderful gift and memory for her.

  6. The outfits are adorable Rett! You can tell by the pic that she feels really special wearing them too-enjoy:@)

  7. I love the dress and the skorts! Great job!!!! I didn't know you could buy smocking inserts already smocked!

  8. Your granddaughter is a lucky girl. Your are very talented Rett. I loved looking at your sewing projects, they are beautiful. Take care.

  9. Rett, I was fully ready to believe you did the smocking and the tatting. Could have fooled me, your outfits are just beautiful and I love the detail. Every little girl should have a sewing grandma like you. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How adorable~ whether you did the smocking or not! "Life is too short to spend any precious hours doing something that doesn't make your heart sing!"...SO TRUE!

  11. Cute cute cute!!!!! I love both, but that dress with the scarecrows... love it!!! You are one talented lady!

  12. Rett, what sweet additions to Miss C's wardrobe. You are so talented! I never learned to smock, but I'm at work on a counted cross stitch piece at the moment. I do enjoy it, but it can drive one crazy. I've had to pull out a row more than once because I miss counted. I work on linen, and the stitches are really tiny.
    When all my friends were having their families, smocking was all the rage. I think each one of them smocked for their children. I don't think many young moms do that these days. ~ Sarah

  13. The dress is adorable, and so is the skort. If anyone asked if I made that dress, I would just say yes, smocking and all. LOL
    I need to find a cute smocked insert to make something for Shelby because I'm not ever going to learn picture smocking.

  14. What a lucky girl to have such a talented grandmother! She must feel like a princess this these sweet outfits.

  15. Rett,
    Your sewing is just beautiful. And you have a lovely model. I don't sew clothes anymore. I used to for my boys. Now I am into quilting and machine embroidery with some knitting and needlepoint thrown in!

    I spend a lot of time on the blog, too. Like you said - just not enough hours in the day.

    I have two quilts at the long arm quilters and am working on one now but also embroidering Christmas stockings in the hoop for Christmas Eve.

    Glad you became a follower.


  16. You are so good at sweing, Rett. Your granddaughter is a natural model, so pretty!..Christine

  17. Those little scarecrows are adorable (you know I collect scarecrows!) Caroline is getting to be quite the little model!


  18. Rett! You never cease to amaze me with your sewing and decorating skills. These are absolutely ADORABLE, and I know Caroline is thrilled with them. How could she not be? Great job!


    Sheila :-)

  19. Caroline is a lucky girl! The clothes are beautiful! My mom used to make things for the grandgirls but not for the grandsons, which cause a lot of trouble in the family!!

  20. HI!
    Those outfits are adorable!!!
    And your Caroline looks so cute in them!
    I so wish I had learned to sew when my sister was the patient one learning how!!
    I was to busy outside playing!!!
    Great job!!
    big hugs 2 u,

  21. Miss Caroline looks beautiful in all the special things you have made her. She always looks so happy in the photos!


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