Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day!


Lately, it seems like I run from morning till night
& have been just swamped with all kinds of
projects that are keeping me away from my blog!

Between harvesting & cooking our garden’s
produce, working on the family tree on (2 wks free membership!)
& sewing lots of fall outfits
plus making DGD’s Halloween costume (Ariel)
I’m exhausted!


I’m not quite done with the costume so all I can
show you at the moment (above photo) is the
flesh colored long-sleeved top of a
very soft knit that goes beneath
the bare costume so she will look like she is
*neked* underneath but will still be warm
enough on the night of Oct. 31st in Ohio!
It is made from a vintage Kwik Sew
pattern for girls tee-shirts...#307.
That cute Pilgrim turkey fabric in the background
is from Hancocks (Thank you, Niener!)
That will hopefully become a jumper
sometime before November 25th.
(Somebody please remind me that it is
a one-way pattern to those Pilgrims???)
I've got them upside down!!
I’ll have to be careful when cutting!

I promised to show you some of the completed
sewing projects that I gave you
a sneak peek of last week.
Both of the little skorts below, are from the
pattern "Sara's Skort" by Children's Corner.

They are lined, have elastic through the back &
have attached shorts so my
darling granddaughter

(6 yrs old)

can cartwheel to her

's content & remain modest!
You should see her doing flips & trying to do a
one-handed cartwheel. Yikes!
I just know she’s going to be a cheerleader!

Skort shown here with a matching machine embroidered design

on the black shirt & black knee-socks.
One of those sparkley glue-on diamonds
is covering a tiny hole that I managed to make
while cutting away the stabilizer.
Thank you, Nicole, for the idea to use the Bling!!

Another version of the same skort.
Shown below with a different black long-sleeved
top that has a sparkle effect
which does not show up in the photo.
I couldn’t decide what to embroider on this one…
Its a cinch one of the dogs won’t show up! LOL

They have 2 black Schnauzers at their house,
so I think she will especially love this one!

The pattern for the little Christmas package with
the appliquéd bow


is from a free insert in last

month's issue of

American Patchwork & Quilting

This is just one block to be used as a trivet
but here is what several of them would look like

made up into the entire quilt.

Cute, huh?
I don’t know if I’ll make the entire quilt before
Christmas gets here or not…
Its only 93 days away!

I made this little oven door dress , below, out of 2 tea towels.

If you google “oven door dress” there are lots of
tutorials available.
As always, after I took the photo, I saw that the cherry appliqués
weren’t laying right so I took out those few gathers in the front
and straightened it out, then sewed it back together but
never got another picture before I gave it to my sister.
Why is it we can see our mistakes so much better
when looking at a photo?

Thanks for stopping by the Gazebo House.
I’ll be back with some autumn decor & a fall tablescape real soon.



  1. Hi Rett!! have really been sewing up a storm. Everything looks so cute and I am sure your little trick~or~treater will be the cutest Ariel on the block!! You have such a great gift for handiwork...I would love to learn to sew but I can't even thread my machine yet{I heard that is the hardest part!!!}

    You sound busy. I hope you get all caught up soon if that's even possible!!


  2. Rett, I can so relate to being busy these days, though I know you have me beat on being productive with your time. No vegetable garden, canning, or sewing going on here. The outfits for Miss C are darling. I'm sure she is the envy of many of her friends. How lucky to have you creating these fun pieces for her wardrobe.
    Hope all is good at your house. I look forward to your posts when you have time to share. ~ Sarah

  3. I wish I liked to sew like you. My thing is painting. You are sew good and sew creative. lol I love the clothes and that oven dress is the cutest. You even make the best ruffles.

  4. Adorable! Love the outfits and I know the kids will think they're great! The turkeys are just too funny:@)

  5. Wow! What a lot of beautiful sewing! Your little one is so lucky to have you sewing for her. You've inspired me, and I've just bought fabric and a pattern to make a Christmas jumper for my little grandniece.

  6. You certainly have been busy! Beautiful sewing! Your grandchildren are so lucky to have such a handy and wonderful grandma. You are special! Thank you for sharing your wonderful sewing skills.

  7. Amen! You have really been busy, and you are right, never enough hours in the day, especially when you are enjoying what you are doing.
    The outfits are darling and so are the fabrics. I know Miss Caroline will be so cute in everything.
    Have a Happy Fall! We may get some fall weather in a few days.

  8. You are just amazing at this stuff. What a lucky little granddaughter! I've never seen a dress for the you make me want to google and see more! Real life comes first sometimes...just don't stay away too long! We miss you!

  9. Those skort outfits are darling! Great work, now go take a little nap.

  10. my goodness!!! I don't know how you have done it all!! Are you "putting up" those tomatoes too!!! wish I had produce like that!!
    Love those little skort sets , too cute!

  11. You are so talented, Rett. Those outfits are so cute. Pretty patterns!..Christine

  12. You have been busy, no wonder there is not time left. The granddaughter skorts are so cute, love the Halloween prints.

    Like your new seasonal header. Take care.

  13. They are so sweet! I remember trying to wear my coat under my costume while growing up in the suburbs around Dayton, OH, it was so cold. The last place we lived was Troy, I was 15. Now, in Dallas, our daughter is begging us to turn the AC down! Oh and how I miss those sweet little outfits, those are just precious. I hope your grandsies have the best time ever this Halloween!
    xo, Andrea

  14. Rett, You are so talented! I love the oven door dress. Just adorable. Love your new header photos too. Very seasonal. I did a little experiment with my morning glories recently. You might want to read about it here:

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Cute, cute, cute!!!! That is one lucky little girl to have such a talented grandmother!!! BTW... I love your gardening shoes!

  16. I was wondering what happened to you! I knew you had a lot of sewing projects! WOW, they are all so cute! And the quilt block is just lovely!
    You are very talented and your gdau is very lucky!

  17. HI!!!
    YOu are the most talented friend I have!!
    I LOVE THOSE TOMATOES!!!Makes me crave a tomato sandwich and I am on a diet from bread!!OK, I'll have them alone with some salt!!!They look so yummy!!
    your sewing makes me say AWWWWW!!!
    love it all!!!
    Have a fun time sewing away as I dream I could be so talented!!

  18. I LOVE to see what you are working on, Rett. You've got the gift with that sewing machine. That little oven dress is the sweeting thing ever. I'm off now to check it out.

  19. gosh you have been so busy i miss you at food for thought, but i can see you are just like me with a gazillion fun projects! all your little outfits are adorable, that little doggie skirt is my fav with your cherry dress close second, cute cute cute! just waving hi and admiring all your handiwork!

  20. Rett, You were bitten by the sewing bug! If only I could create such marvels. Your little Caroline will look so adorable in all of your wonderful creations.

    It is a busy time! What fabulous creations are coming out of your garden? I would love if you would share.

    Real life before blogging! That's what I say.
    We will all be here when you have time... waiting to see what deliciously wonderful things you have been up to!
    xo Yvonne

  21. Hi Rettabug! :) I have missed you at Color Outside the Lines ... I hope I haven't lost you forever! Stop by when you can ... let me know what you think of the new layout! :) xo, Artie

  22. Miss Rett, you have been a busy girl!! I love those little skorts and they are great for upsy-downsy girls!
    I hope you are having a lovely Autumn.

  23. Rett, you have been extremely busy with all your creations and they are all just adorable! Your grand will look so sweet in all of her outfits. I always had home sewn outfits- I learned to sew when I was in 5th grade when I made my own cheerleading outfit. I've never seen a "dress" for the oven but I think they are just amazing. I've seen a little towel with a crocheted top to snap over a cupboard handle, but your creation is much, much nicer! The little cherry one you made for your sis is cute as a button. :-)
    Did you get the rain yesterday? It was so nice to have some relief from all the dryness.
    hugs, Sue

  24. You are a busy lady! A smart lady too, such cute things you are making!

    I'm trying to catch up, we were out of town (in NY for my DH's 50th Class Reunion!) just returned late Tuesday!


  25. Inspiration, yup...thats what you give me Rett with all your projected. I can't believe you are still harvesting tomatoes, our gardens are long gone and I'm not that far away from you.

    Your granddaughters outfits are just too cute, I would love to have someone to sew for like that I probably would never get to blogging either.

    Thanks for sharing so much of your beautiful talents with us. I'm in awe of what you get accomplished.


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