Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, Fritzie!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my MUCH OLDER sister, who turned 70 today!


My sister, Fritzie, (Catherine Frances) is just about the kindest,

most thoughtful devout Christian that I know.

She is the anchor of this family!

All my siblings check in with HER to find out what

is going on with the rest of the gang.

She cared for both my parents in their later years,

even taking early retirement to do so.

She now lives on the family "farm" about

an hour east of us in Ohio.
She tends those fabulous blueberry bushes from

which we all enjoy the fruits.

Every year they have to be covered with netting to prevent the birds

from devouring the tasty treats before

she can get out there every morning to harvest.

Then every fall, they have to be uncovered,

stored & the bushes cut back.
She picks the pears & apples from the trees &

the grapes from the arbor to

turn them into luscious

treats to share with us.

She watches over my 85 year old uncle,

who lives alone next door to her.

God has blessed her with 4 boys who take great care of their Mom

& help her a great deal with the mowing & such.

For one of her birthday gifts, I made her a quilt, using the "tube quilting" method.
The blocks went together very fast & I was sooooooooo proud

of how nicely all the points matched!

Just LOOK at those PERFECT POINTS!!!!

But not ALL of them were perfect, though.

It is said that "Pride goeth before a fall"


Because a few of the blocks had to be cut down to make them all the same size,

I lost some of those beautifully perfect points when joining them together.

I wanted to cry but I finished it anyway.

I used my embroidery machine to do designs specifically made to

resemble quilting feathers & swirls

inside each of the individual blocks.

I'm sorry I didn't get a good picture of the entire quilt


I'm pretty sure she liked it.

Happy Birthday, Sis!!!

love ya',



  1. Wishing your sister a very Happy Birthday! What a thoughtful gift!

  2. Today is Mr. Hubby's birthday too. We just got home from having dinner with the kids. Your sister sounds like a wonderful person Rett, please tell her happy birthday.

    Oh, and Mr. Hubby's cousins had a blueberry farm in Ohio for many many years, small world. They sold it when they got older but I loved going down there to pick berries.

  3. Oh wow! What a gorgeous and thoughtful gift. I hope someday I can say my sister is turning 70! Loved reading about your memories. You might want to stopy by and look at my Vintage photos this week, it will show a differnt ME! Have a wonderful weekend, coming up! Sandi

  4. What a wonderful sister you have...hold her close! I am wishing her a very Happy Birthday. Your quilt is magnificent!!


  5. That is a gorgeous quilt, Rett! I just love it, and I know your sister is bound to, too. Happy birthday to Fritzie!


    Sheila :-)

  6. I think your quilt turned out lovely. Happy Birthday to Fritzie from one Buckeye to another. La

  7. Rett...what a wonderful gift! The quilt is just beautiful! You are one talented lady and I know your sister must have loved it. It will be keeping her warm all winter. Have a great weekend...sounds like you have plenty of sewing to keep you company. Christmas dresses...can't wait to see!

  8. A sister is definitely a gift - happy birthday to your dear Fritzie!

  9. You are lucky to have such a wonderful sister who shouldered so much of the responsibility in your family! I think she deserves a gold medal for all she does! The quilt is beautiful!
    I forget where you are in Ohio. I was there for 4 yrs of college.
    I had a friend who had a farm and we used to love going home with her for the weekend.
    I was in a Deli here in Southampton and got to talking with the clerk. Turns out he grew up there and my friends dad was his family doctor!! Small world!
    Hope you are having a good Sunday!

  10. Your sister sounds like a wonderful woman. I know you enjoy having her as your sister. What a beautiful handmade gift you gave her. I am quite sure she loved it. It's beautiful!



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