Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day Food: Hash Brown Potato Casserole & Fruit Salsa Dessert

 I've been making this popular Hash Brown Potato Casserole for years!
 For this Fathers Day, I doubled the recipe as there were 24 people gathered together to honor ALL the Dads in the family.

Fathers Day 2013 002

 The ingredients are few & the preparation is very simple, even for a crowd that size.

I buy the BIG bag of hash browns from Sams Club as well as their large size shredded blend of cheese. (only used 1/4th of the cheese)

Fathers Day 2013 003

 You also need an onion, real butter, sour cream & either cream of chicken or cream of onion soup. 

I used the cream of onion this time, because of the vegetarians in the family.
Oh & don't forget the crushed cornflakes for the crunchy topping! 

Fathers Day 2013 007

Some of the melted butter goes into the mixture & some gets drizzled over top of the crushed cornflake topping.  I like to use one of my Pyrex measuring cups in the microwave, as they don't get hot.

Fathers Day 2013 004

You can find the complete recipe HERE.
I doubled everything to make the large quantity for this crowd.

Fathers Day 2013 005

This HUGE bowl was a gift from my daughter & she found it at a restaurant supply house.  It is great for mixing things like meatloaf or Rice Krispie treats...anything that you need a lot of room to toss ingredients.

Fathers Day 2013 012

 We had a wide assortment of delicious foods...BBQ ribs & chicken, smoked pork, baked beans, healthy salads ... everyone contributes something to the meal.
The Longaberger baskets (made in Ohio) are for holding cutlery & napkins. 

Fathers Day 2013 014

The salad bowl, with matching salad tongs are Armetale by Wilton,(made in Lancaster, Pa...Hi Yvonne!) which does a great job of keeping things cold, especially if you chill it before use. 

Fathers Day 2013 015
The potatoes were a big hit...this huge pan (non-stick by Oneida) was empty by the end of the night!  I highly recommend using a non-stick pan for this dish.

Fathers Day 2013 016

It turned out to be a lovely day after some morning rains washed away the pollen.

Fathers Day 2013 017

 After dinner, everyone gathered around to watch the U.S. Open & later we enjoyed some yummy desserts!  

I made a fruit salsa that I saw on Pinterest from   
It consisted of a variety of fresh fruits, cut up into rather small, bite-sized pieces then tossed with brown sugar substitute, Splenda & low sugar Strawberry Preserves.  I added the fragile raspberries at the very last minute, so that they didn't get crushed.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

 Fathers Day 2013 010

The insulated bowl I used is made by know, the thermos people & has a lining of material that holds a chill well.  You put it in the freezer or refrigerator for a few hours, prior to use & it will keep your food cold for hours.

I'm glad you stopped by The Gazebo House today!

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  1. I need to give the hashrown recipe a try, sounds delicious as well as the fabulous fruit dessert. Hugs, Marty

  2. Sounds like you had a great Sunday Rett! No doubt the casserole is very tasty (that's one mighty big bag of cheese:@) Love your fireplace too!

  3. Rett, Our family makes that same hash brown casserole recipe, but I've always used cream of celery soup. It's a winner and great for brunch or dinner! Our spring allergies are happy that pollen season is behind us and we have buckets of rain our way :)

  4. Sounds like it was a wonderful celebration to honor all the Dad's in the family! Isn't it funny how it all revolves around food? Your hash brown casserole sounds yummy and I'm wishing for a plate of it right now. I know the fruit salsa is delicious with all those fresh flavors. Thanks for sharing, Rett. xo

  5. My family (ALL the women for three generations) make that wonderful potato casserole. We call it Cheesy Potatoes. I like to use the O'Brien cubed hash browns and cheddar cheese. This is a staple at big family gatherings. Love the fruit salad, too. I'll have to try it! Thanks, Rett!

  6. I think everyone love that recipe because it is so delicious nod easy to make! I was hoping Phil would finally win the Open!

  7. Your food sounds delicious but the painting over your fireplace really caught my eye! What a great pop of color in your room! We watched the Open for Father's Day too!

  8. Me too on Phil!
    Love your pretty Wilton bowl and insulated bowl too. Everything looks delicious, and I need a transfusion. DH hurt is back and can barely move, and I have had to take over his chores as well as mine. I need another day! Not going to get it though!

  9. That is my favorite potato casserole...we call them funeral potatoes! The fruit salsa looks yummy, too.
    Have a great week, Rett...

  10. Rett, your casserole looks sooo good! I'm adding your recipe to my list of favorites. Hope all is well at the Gazebo House. xxoo

  11. The potato casserole is delicious...we make them often, too. Love the fruit salad recipe...gotta try it.

  12. Everything looks great!

    - The Tablescaper


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