Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Chickadees!

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 001

I realize this little quilted wallhanging falls more under Christmas decor but I just finished putting the binding on it last week. Hey, I'm EARLY for next year, right?

It matches the table runner that I used a for Valentines Day dinner HERE.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 014

The feathered circle in the center was done by machine embroidery. It is a design specifically digitized to look like a quilting motif but it is all done by my embroidery machine. All I had to do was get the quilt top, batting & backing evenly centered in the hoop...not always an easy task!

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 005

I was a wee bit unhappy when I noticed that a very small section of stitching ran into the beak & body of my chickadee. Oops... I didn't think the design was big enough to go over that far.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 006

I disguised it by using my micro tip permanent ink pen & just lightly touching up the few cream threads that were on the black areas.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 007

There...MUCH better!! I'm slightly anal-retentive, I know. Most people wouldn't be bothered by such things but I am.

I don't know if you can see the stitching, but I went around all those little pine cone scallops with smoke colored Mono Poly thread.

It is made by Superior Threads & is polyester, not nylon like other invisible threads. It has a higher heat resistance, won't discolor & does not get brittle over time. I met the owner at the Houston Quilt show & he is extremely knowledgeable & very helpful.

(not affiliated in any way, just a very happy customer)

I LOVE MONO POLY for quilting!!

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 013

The center panel has some scroll work designs in each corner & by adding extra batting beneath just those areas & then tightly stippling at the edges, you get a trapunto effect...puffed up & more dimensional in those spots.

The earliest known example of trapunto is Sicilian & was made in the 14th century.

In those days, they would cut the backing & stuff whatever areas they wanted to highlight from behind, thus throwing the shapes into relief, then carefully sew the cut section closed. This newer method is much better, in my damage to the backing.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 008

I hope this photo gives you a better feel for the 3-dimensional effect achieved.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 009

I put a hanging sleeve on the back of this, intending for it to hang on the wall in the sunroom but while laying it out for photos, I discovered that it fits PERFECTLY over the glass insert in my coffee table.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 010


I love it when stuff like that happens.

Chicadee quilted wallhanging 011

I was recently the lucky winner of a beautiful chickadee tea set from Mary at

Home Is Where The Boat Is

in celebration of her 2nd year of blogging. Can you believe she has only been at this 2 years??? Thank you Mary...I love them & I collect teapots, ya' know!

I used the teaset last week when my *Smock & Talk* group came here to my home for a morning of stitching & gabbing...and eating, too!

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 023

I knew they would go with my chickadee wallhanging beautifully

the minute that I saw them on her beautiful blog.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 024

The set is by Kate Williams, Global Design Connections & I just love the grey twig rimmed edges on the plates & the detailed spout & handle of the teapot.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 028

Everyone who has seen them has immediately reached out to touch the little birdie, including ME!

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 025

The little red berries on the branches echo the ones in my wallhanging as well.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 026

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 027

I used my wicker serving tray to carry my Wicker pattern, by Oneida, cups & dessert plates down into the sewing room.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 029

I call it my "play room" & I am happiest when I am down there, stitching away the day. Its SEW nice to gather with friends who share your passions & understand.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 030

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 031

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 032

I made individual lemon meringue tarts for everyone.

I cheated & bought the little pie shells already made & I used Durkee's lemon pie filling, from a box mix, which you can find in the Jell-O section of the grocery store. The meringue directions are on the side of the box, too.

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 036

I got up early on the morning that they were coming, so I could make them fresh that day. I don't care for meringue that has been sitting for gets rubbery. (is that a real word?)

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 037

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 039 TGH

Be sure to stop back next week & I'll share where we gather to sew & you will get to see some of our recent projects. These gals are good & are so much fun!

I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for her Table Top Tuesday,

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for her Tablescape Thursday,

Michael Lee at Rattlebridge Farm for Foodie Friday,

and The Tablescaper for her Seasonal Sundays.

Please visit each of them so you don't miss out on seeing what pretty things others are doing!

Sewing group with Chickadee quilt & tea set 040 framed

P.S. I saved one just for YOU!


  1. Your win was a wonderful bit of serendipity! The little quilted piece is beautiful, and won't you be happy to pull it our, complete and ready, next winter?

  2. Wow, I can't believe how that birdy tea set matches your gorgeous quilt. It is like it was meant to be. What else could explain it? Congratulations on both! Winning it and creating the quilt! Both are beautiful! So glad you had fun with your friends!

  3. Rett, your chickadee quilt is yet another beautiful example of your talents. What fun to have the darling tea set to go right along with this quilted piece. You and I were both lucky girls with Mary. I use our set of dishes frequently, but have yet to produce a post. I need to get that done!
    It's like spring here, and since March 3rd is usually the date for the last freeze I suspect we are through with winter. It was an extremely mild one. Hope summer takes a cue and follows suit. I'd love a mild summer! ;-)
    All the best to you......Sarah

  4. Rett, this is fabulous. No wonder you want to show it even if we are going into Spring. Your work is wonderful.

    That chickadee service is TDF! They are my Ern's favorite bird and we have many of them.

    As far as the lemon pie, GO DURKEE! They are beautiful treats. Thanks for sharing it all.

  5. Hello Rett
    I had to come and visit when I saw chickadees on my sidebar - these little acrobats are one of my favourite backyard birds. Your quilted piece is wonderful, as I knew it would be and the tea set you won is perfect to use with it for tea. The tarts look yummy, glad you saved one for us!
    I'll be back to see what projects your crafting group has been working on.

  6. Rett, I love the way you quilted the chickadees/wreath. It's wonderful how the corners look like trapunto. Love meringue pies and tarts, but know exactly what you mean about the rubbery texture. They also tend to "weep" once they are sliced. Love the tea set. I must have been sick when you were giving it away. Will have to do some hunting for a similar set.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  7. Your quilt is lovely, and the tea set is so pretty! And yes, you are early for Cmas!
    You do such beautiful work!

  8. Hi Rett, That wall hanging is awesome, I love, love it. The tea set is perfect with it...chickadees bring me so much pleasure each summer. The same pair nest in the yard every year and they are so entertaining with their antics. I leave watering cans full of water down the deck stairs and they are always getting their drink of water from them instead of the birdbath. Last year it was fun watching them teach the babies how to get a drink:) Take care and have a wonderful Sunday. Jen

  9. Lucky girl! Those little chickadees all go so good together! Please send me that little leftover pie! Oh my, that looks sooooo good!

  10. Oh, Rett, your wall hanging is a masterpiece! Not only do it love it because of the chickadee, but the mastery of it all is amazing! And I love it on the table too! I'm so happy that those sweet chickadees went to live with you! They came to a good home :) They pies are darling--thanks for saving one for me!

  11. Hi Rett:
    I LOVE your chickadee quilt. You did a beautiful job and I love the details! You're so right that your new chickadee dishes go perfectly with it.

    Hope you have a great Sunday.

  12. Oh Rett, this is outstanding! I just adore it and you are so talented. I love what your incredible machine can do. How beautiful and it goes so well with your new tea set. What a perfect combination. Really, I should start Christmas projects right now so I get some things done!

  13. Your quilt is gorgeous Rett, lovin' your new header too! The tea set found a good home and I still haven't tried to make lemon meringue pie... gotta get on that! Happy Sunday:@)

  14. Rett~ I'm SEW glad the Chickadees have such a happy nesting place alongside your beautiful quilt! You are way ahead for next year with your Christmas projects! Your touch up with your pen on your stitching is genius. I can identify~ I had to chuckle at "slightly-anal"! I refer to myself that way and had a friend once ask, "Isn't that like being slightly-pregnant?" :)) I share your love of quilts, have those same Oneida dishes & Bee flatware so we have those in common too!

    Love your sweet little lemon tarts with your perfect meringue peaks! Thanks for giving the Chickadees such a good home, I'm glad they arrived safely without breaking any wings in flight!

  15. Sew Pretty, Rett!!! You are a gifted one! The piece was lovely on it's own, but now it is a masterpiece with all your touches and stitches.

    Your tarts look and sound mouthwatering! I love lemon meringue.
    Rett, thanks for the sweet welcome back note you left me. I am very thankful for your friendship! Can't wait till tomorrow... hope the blog design is finished! Hope you like it!
    xo Yvonne

  16. Rett...thanks for stopping by the Dresden plates are fun to make just alot of cutting I absolutely love your wallhanging I also have an embroidery machine I will have to try some quilt designs the tea set is perfect it was so meant to be you being the winner.
    I also love your post of The Old Thyme Pottery didn't know we had one so close must go check it out have a great week!

  17. Rett-that is just gorgeous! I am always in awe of what wonderful things you create! The teapot and dishes are so perfect with it! I had to laugh at you touching up the thread...that sounds like something I'd do, but I know that you had to be the only person who would have noticed! Love it!

  18. Mary's tea set couldn't have found a better home! Hope pretty is looks with your beautiful chickadee wall hanging. Beautiful!

  19. Rett thanks for visiting my blog and now I found you too! I love chickadees and what a fun post. I will be back Have a Pink day!

  20. Congrats on winning that beautiful chickadee tea set, Rett. You are so talented, the quilt is gorgeous!...Christine

  21. The tea set and the quilt are just amazing together. How fabulous and congrats on the win. Thanks tons for joining TTT and can I please eat my pie now. Hugs, Marty

  22. Hi Rett,
    I did use mod podge to adhere the circles of fabric to the light fixture, it was so much fun to do.
    I do love this fabric as well from Robyn Pandolph from her Hannah Bella line which is a few years old now but the good thing about fabric is that it does not have an expiry date! I have been hoarding this piece saving it for the right project...I love the roses too! I have another project that will have this fabric in it again to go with the light fixture in the sewing room.
    Thank you for your sweet comments and becoming my newest follower, I really appreciate it...
    I love the quilt table topper you just completed and I have that design as well for my embroidery machine, it turned out fantastic and that was such a good idea with the marker to darken the thread.
    The little birds are so sweet, everything is just beautiful! Love the quilting!
    All the Best,
    I look forward to your future posts...

  23. Everything looks just beautiful, Rett. Your quilting is amazing. I wish I had learned this from my mother but ......I THOUGHT I was too busy raising kids. Wish I could go back for a little while. bwaaaaaaaa

    Those little Lemon Pie beauties are to die for. The photos you took need to be in a high class food magazine.:)

  24. Rett,
    Your wall hanging is super! I love chickadees too. They just represent happy to me. The tea set is perfect with the hanging. I look forward to seeing it again during the holidays. Dianne

  25. I love your wall hanging, Rett!! You are such a super sewer, I must say. I wish I was a member of your group. It really is much more fun to share with friends. I really woul like a bite ( well, actually the whole thing!!) of that tart. I can't wait to see what you share next.

  26. I love it! I just finished my first quilt.Will show it soon.Come and follow me back.I love the dishes too

  27. Rett...Your quilt is GORGEOUS!!! (I'm so with you with chickadees...mine are ravenously hungry at my feeder right now!) and your dishes are perfect with the quilt. Love it all!!!


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