Tuesday, March 27, 2012

♫ ♫ I went to a garden party….♫♫

Garden Party 022

".... to reminisce with my old friends

A chance to share old memories

and make NEW friends again!"

Okay, so I took a few liberties with Ricky Nelson's song.

Garden Party 066

We have new residents in our development &

I invited a few of the neighborhood gals

to meet her & enjoy lunch together.

Garden Party 048

Since the SUN has finally returned to Ohio,

we gathered at the big square table

in the SUNroom.

Garden Party 005

This is the one that is 60" x 60" &

next to impossible

to find tablecloths to fit.

I used Martha Stewart quilted placemats to start &

layered these beautiful HUGE BLUE

glass plates as chargers with my Antelier.

I found the blue ones on sale at T.J.Maxx

last year but this is the first time

I've had a chance to use them.

Garden Party 001

They are by Luigi Bormioli

who makes many different lines of gorgeous glassware.

Garden Party 067

The good old Dollar Tree BLUE stems

looked beautiful in the sunlight &

echoed the colors in the plates.

Garden Party 068

I had little wine glass stem markers

with various garden themes to them.

Garden Party 006

Some are garden utensils,

like a hoe, trowel & shovel.

Garden Party 008

The little salad plates have garden themed

decorations around their rims,

so they coordinated nicely.

Garden Party 012

Garden Party 009

Even the cups are decorated with

clay pots of flowers!

Garden Party 007

Garden Party 011

Garden Party 013

There are also wicker baskets &

potted plants as markers, too.

Garden Party 019

Everybody got a packet of my

favorite seeds to plant...Morning Glories!

Garden Party 016

Some WHITE & some BLUE.

My grandfather & I used to plant them

every year, after soaking the seeds overnight.

Garden Party 023

I used my " lipstick plant"

(nickname for a cyclamen)

as a centerpiece in a white

cache pot, decorated with asparagus.

Garden Party 037

Garden Party 050

Everyone also took home a BLUE & WHITE

pot with purple pansies to plant in their yard.

Garden Party 017

They were as close to the BLUE color

that I could find.

Garden Party 018

I just love their little blossoms...

Garden Party 022

they look like little faces to me.

Garden Party 024

I had a few...shall we say


serving pieces, too.

Garden Party 021

I found these cute little toy

garden tools at Target last year.

I've been saving them for just

such a party!

I ran them through the dishwasher &

yes...you guessed it....

Garden Party 034

Yep, I did!

Thankfully, everyone laughed

at my humor &

no one was horrified by their use.

(stop back later in the week

for that chicken casserole recipe)

Garden Party 029

Dessert was

chocolate pudding

with crushed Oreo cookies on top,

better known as


Garden Party 032

I also had candy rocks &

gummy worms to add to the


The plastic carrots are filled

with powder candy...





Garden Party 029

Its a good thing these gals

all had a sense of humor!

Garden Party 041

Various other plants in the sunroom

added to the garden party atmosphere,

since it was still too chilly to eat outdoors.

Garden Party 063

Garden Party 053

Thanks for letting me share my

"Garden Party" tablescape.

I wish YOU could have joined us, too!

I'll see you at Cuisine Kathleen's party

"Let's Dish"

on Wednesday at 7 PM

The theme for April 18th will be


This post should fit right in!

Susan's Between Naps on the Porch for

Tablescape Thursday


The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday.


  1. I love that you've encouraged a whole new group of women to entertain...in such a glorious fashion. I checked out eBay a moment ago. There are currently 220, 90" square tablecloths for auction. Check them out! They should fit your table just fine. Thanks for inviting us to lunch. Cherry Kay

  2. Thanks Cherry Kay! I forget to shop Ebay & had been looking mostly at T.J. Maxx & Tues. Morning...my favorite haunts as you well know. I am off to check out your suggestions!!!!!
    You're a BAAADD influence on me, you know that? LOL

  3. Hello, I'm Dawn from Wisconsin, found you thru another blog. I was attracted by the Gazebo! I have always wanted a sunroom, one of my dreams. I love your theme, would love to know where you got your plates!

    1. Hi Dawn!

      Nice to *meet* you! I have a very dear friend in Wisconsin...Mamacjt. Her blog is on my sidebar. You should visit her!

      The lovely "In The Garden" pattern by is by Newcor Stoneware. These pieces are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. I honestly don't remember where I got them. Unfortunately, my set is VERY old & I don't think there are any available anymore. I've looked because I broke one of the cups & have been trying to replace it.

      The white American Atelier Bianca Leaf plates were found at T.J. Maxx, last year.
      I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you.
      Thanks so much for visiting!

  4. YOU, my dear (AND CREATIVE) friend, are just to clever! Mini gardening tools for serving and "dirt" chocolate pudding in pots for dessert? Tooooo cool!! That idea would be marvelous for a garden club luncheon!! I must tell my friend Shirley to read your blog today.

  5. Rett, this could be on the cover of Country Living or House Beautiful. What an inventive, beautiful tablesetting!

  6. Wow, what a fabulous theme and how kind of you to greet a new neighbor in like that! The garden plates and the markers on the stemware are the cutest! Love love love the potted pansies and the seed packets! Gees you even had dirt pudding and edible worms and rocks! Too cute! Love all the blue accents too! Great job!

  7. What an adorable theme! I love the trowels in the casserole :) Blue and purple flowers are my favorites in the garden!

  8. I'm sure this luncheon was a blast! Love your chargers and I had some fun with those carrots as ornaments this year too! Gotta ask though... "lipstick plant", is there a story to that? The pansies are pretty, I haven't picked up any this spring (yet:@).

  9. I loved reading all about your garden party, certainly can see a lot of effort went into getting this perfect for your guests. Just lovely.

  10. What a fun luncheon...blue and white is so cheery. We had 3 wonderfully sunny days, now it's back to overcast and rainy. We seem to get more than enough rain in the spring, but none in the middle of the summer when it would be welcome.
    I love pansies with their little smiling faces. You got a great deal on the blue chargers!

  11. I bet the ladies left feeling like they had really been to a garden party. The details...my! I am loving everything from the sweet dishes to the wine tags, the seed packets and your pretty pansies. Wow...you really did a wonderful job!

    Thanks for stopping today, I hope you get to Maui!


  12. Hi Rett
    You sure went all out to make your new neighbour welcome. The tablescape is fabulous with all the garden themed dishes, dessert and accessories.
    I'm glad I dropped by to see your luncheon.

  13. Hi Rett,
    I was visiting Betty Marie's blog and saw you visited. I created her blog and did the header for her, so I thank you
    for the compliment. Betty is having so much fun on her new blog.
    Your garden tablescape is sooooo cute! Ok, where did you find those adorable garden salad plates?
    Everything is so well put together and so much fun.
    you have thought of everything, down to the dirt dessert. It was a pleasure visiting.

    1. Hi Linda!

      Thank you for your kind words! The garden salad, bread plates & matching cups are called "In The Garden" by Newcor. They are old & I honestly don't remember where I found them. I've been trying to replace a cup that I broke & can't find them anywhere. I'm so sorry I can't help you more.

  14. Oh, yes...doin' a little Happy Dance for this table right now! You did an outstanding job! This is absolutely perfect down to the last detail!!! It was nice enough for you to plan a party to welcome your new neighbor, but even moreso for you to create such a welcoming and fun environment for her and your other guests! Bravo! As for the tablecloth large enough to fit this table, I don't know how much length you want on it, but you could try linentablecloth.com. They have 85" squares in many colors. Not a lot of patterns outside of checkered, though. They're all mostly single colors.

  15. I love all the sweet details for your garden tablescape but my favourite things were those candy rocks! They are brilliant! I'm going to have find some of those-my son will love them!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  16. Hi Rett, Thanks so much for the lovely comments and following me. I, too am following you back.
    You mentioned my dining room has a dead link. Can you tell me where? I have looked all over.
    Also if you click House, you can see our whole house and garden photos.
    Many thanks,

  17. What a sweet thing to do for your new neighbor. Your garden party theme is so cute and you've thought of every detail.
    I have the same dishes with the garden theme around the edge. I bought them years ago at a consignment shop in Michigan. You've given me so many good ideas to create a little garden party of my own. I'll be looking forward to your recipe.

  18. Rett,
    You are a special lady.. that's for sure. I would LOVE to live next door to you. How sweet you are to have a special luncheon for a new neighbor. You are the queen of graciousness!
    I hope the next time you have a garden party you will invite me! What fun! I love all your creative details... the potted flowers, the seed packets, the garden tools as servers! All so pretty and springy!

    If you get a chance stop by and read today's post. You will be very interested and be able to say... WHAT! not again!
    xo Yvonne

  19. Love your garden tablescape. I'm partial to blue! Love how you carried through the theme! Your room is a wonderful setting also!
    I'm visiting from Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish!

  20. Oh what a fun gathering! I know the ladies loved the whimsey -- and you'll have the prettiest neighborhood filled with panseys and morning glories soon!

  21. Rett, I think I'll be looking at this post all night. I wish I lived in your neighborhood so I could attend these lovely luncheons. I guess your neighborhood will be looking wonderful with all those morning glories and potted pansies. My mother always grew morning glories and I was thinking of planting some this year too. The little tools make great servers and your dishes are wonderful. I'm sure all had a great time and will be waiting anxiously for your next party. Linda

  22. What a nice gathering, and I must say that I ADORE the trowels in the casserole! I'm sure you can them again for Kathleen's "Good Earth" theme ;-)

  23. What a sweet thing to do for your new neighbor -- I am sure she is happy she moved to your neighborhood.

    Your table is so cute -- I always admire the way some of you can carry through a theme so thoroughly. The casserole looks delish!

  24. Rett~ I love this and everything garden! All your details I'm sure were so appreciated~ right down to the seed packets and potted pansies! I adore their sweet faces! I'm sure your new neighbor was thrilled at your hospitality!

    I love your sunny room to dine~ with the shadows on the wall! So bright and cheery~ hurrah for sunshine :)

  25. This is so good, Rett! Those chargers are amazing! What a great price! I love the tools you used to serve! The plates are adorable, and your take homes must have made them all happy! What a sweet thing for you to do! Now get them turned on to dishes and you will have new shopping friends! OR, maybe they want new dishes and you can volunteer to take their old ones!
    Thanks for linking this to Let's Dish, and now start thinking about what you will do on the 18th for the Good Earth Party! :) C'mon, you have some more ideas Blondie! I'll give you extra credit!

  26. Rett, I can't imagine a more delightful party to welcome a new neighbor. Your plates and all the details are cute and clever. I love the idea of the garden tool utensils. ;-) Your dining room ~ sun room looks like the place to dine. I adore your large window, and I like the idea of a square table. Ours is oval, which makes it really difficult to find a tablecloth to fit. Your blue chargers and the stems are both fabulous finds. I'm envious!
    Thanks for sharing your sunny garden table. ~ Sarah

  27. I am sure that those women had the time of their life! It's a lovely them and you carried it out perfectly, down to the garden themed serving utensils. I like your themed plates too.. What a great party. xo marlis

  28. What a cute theme for your new neighbor's party. I LOVE those dishes...so darn cute and the cups...sigh!! You did a wonderful job with the seeds and gardening tools. I do love morning glories. Aren't they the most cheerful vine??

  29. This is ALL just adorable! So many perfect coordinating accessories! Sure wish I could have joined you, what fun!


  30. Well, Rett, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The table was inviting and the details were fun! LOVE the colors, love the theme. I am sure your neighbors felt spoiled by your charming setting. What a treat!

  31. What a wonderful way to meet and greet a new neighbor. Oh, I wish I COULD have attended... maybe next time! The blue and white throughout your table setting is so crisp. A wonderful attention to the tiniest details with beautiful photos, too!

  32. My, but you put a lot of thought into this adorable party.

    Your table is just precious...love all the pretty blue glass.
    I know the ladies loved this get-together. You were very sweet to do this for everyone. Bet you ladies will continue to have a good time together.

  33. What can I say but see above comments! How wonderful to put together such a nice welcome for your new neighbor! And did your TJ Naxx have that many of those great chargers all in one store at the great price or did you have to travel to many stores to find them all?

    Robin Flies South

  34. I love this post!It is so nice and I bet the new neighbor was thrilled! I know I would be...Everything is so cute! I love the serving pieces too! Great ideas for a fun lunch...
    Blessings My Friend,

  35. OK Rett, without being melodramatic, this one literally made my heart skip a little while looking at it. It just plain made me happy. I love things brought to a theme anyway, but this one is especially well done. The place settings (especially those chargers!) are lovely on their own, and then when you added all the garden touches, it has the perfect touch of whimsy.

    I would say I'm pinning this, but I'm pretty sure you don't allow pinning.
    So I'm pinning inside my head. Hope it doesn't get lost beneath the blond.

    I really LOVE this.

  36. Great tablescape, fun post! I love your little utensils and I love your generosity in giving the pretty pansies and morning glory seeds to your guests. The dirt dessert is super cute, too!
    Blessings, Beth

  37. How festive your gardening table is! I know your new neighbor felt welcomed with your warm hospitality! I love the gardening tools as serving pieces, how clever!

  38. I feel like Mr. Rogers asking, "won't you be my neighbor!" That is the best garden party ever and oh how lucky are your neighbors!!! Your blue tablescape reflected beautiful blue skies. Love love love!


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