Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine’s Day Anniversary Luncheon

Wrought iron basket
Laurie is having her Valentines Day meme again this year.
Come on in….we’re having a party!
Valentines Day table long
We were married on Valentine’s Day, 1987……
23 years ago!
(EDIT: 24 years on the 14th)
I’m SO glad we get to celebrate another anniversary together!

The table is all set for a Sunday Luncheon after church with some of my family.
Valentines Day bridal box
For the centerpiece,
I’ve used an antique lidded compote, sometimes referred to as a
“Wedding Box” or “Bridal Box”.
I filled it with
Valentines Day bridal box, open
Dove chocolates….Yummo!
Valentines Day table
I’ve set the table using my Mom’s vintage luncheon plates
that have matching cups which
fit into their own little space in the corner of the plate.
The pattern is called “Candlewick” due to the little dots
all around the edges, which resembles the embroidery
technique of candlewicking.
Candlewicking is a traditional form of
white on white embroidery,
done on white linen or cotton fabric with heavy cotton threads
used for making candle wicks in the olden days,
thus the name.
Valentines Day place
Mom had 18 of these plates with matching cups & her sister
also had the same sets, so that they could borrow
from each other for big gatherings.
I’m serving quiche with fresh fruit on the side.

Valentines day strawberries with wc
I know Caroline will want whipped cream on hers with sprinkles!

Individual favors for everybody are GIANT Hershey’s Kisses!
Valentines Day Kiss favors
Little Mikasa heart shaped dishes hold another treat…..
Caroline’s favorite.
Valentines Day Mikasa heart

Idea for placing a candle on a can so as to use
less candy to fill up around it was
benchmarked from Sara at August Fields
Thank you, Sara, for the idea!

Valentines Day napkin folded
You may like to watch this video below to see
how to make this heart shaped napkin. Its very easy!
Sheer red ribbons on the inexpensive Luminarc stemware
glasses dress them up a bit.
I’m serving… Valentines day drink
1 (12 oz.) can frozen Hawaiian Punch
1 (12 oz.) can frozen lemonade
1 (1 liter) bottle of 7-UP soda

Mix above ingredients in punch bowl just prior to guests arrival so that the soda doesn’t go flat too soon.

1 (4/5 qt.) bottle pink champagne
Keep the champagne on the side for the adults to either add to their glass of punch, if they would like, or just have it by itself.

Valentines Day cookies from MQ
We’ll have cookies, too.
This Federal depression glass cake plate,
was my Grandmothers.
It is called “Sharon Cabbage Rose” & there are TONS of
them available on Ebay.
I understand they were given away in sacks of flour
and since most women baked a great deal during the Depression, they collected several.
The ruffled lace or reticulated edge milkglass candy dish,
below, was also my Grandmother’s.
Valentines Day cookies, III
Besides cookies for dessert we have……
Valentines Day cupcakes overhead
Valentines Day cupcakes
Valentines Day cupcakes overhead II
Valentines Day decorations
Extra goodies are located on the bakers rack in the kitchen.
The vases were all my Mom’s except for
the little one up top, with the gold trim.
It is hand blown Venetian Murano glass brought back from our trip to Venice, Italy, where we got to actually watch them blow the glass.
Valentines Day decorations cookies
The heart shaped china box on the left is from an FTD floral
arrangement and the heart shaped candy dish on the right is Waterford crystal,
purchased on our trip to Ireland.
I get to remember all the wonderful traveling we did when
hubby first retired, every time I pull out one of these items.
Before he passed away, my Dad told me the one thing he regretted
most was not traveling when he was younger
and could get around easily.
Don’t put it off till you’re old…..go NOW if you get the chance!
I’m linking this post to two different
memes this week.
"Queen of Tablescapes", Susan,
Tablescape Thursday
Laurie’s Valentines Day Party
at her blog,
Thank you to both these charming ladies for hostessing such fun parties!


  1. Rett,
    Your tablescape is sooooo SWEET...luv those luncheon plates! Happy Anniversary!


  2. Have a wonderful anniversary, you two! I hope your day is super special! (Love your tablescape, Rett! You do such a MARVELOUS job!!)

  3. Rett, where do I start on this one? Well, first off "Happy Anniversary" is definitely in order. Your luncheon table is so cheerful. This would make anyone happy! Loved seeing all your pieces from your family. Why is it that my bag of four never has anything cool tucked inside? Funny, how that made me think of all the things that grocery stores and gas stations used to give away with purchase.
    The cupcakes and cookies are beautiful. I think I'll have one of each if you extras.
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time together on your anniversary. And by the way, "Wow!" on the new header with all those beautiful quilt projects. You have been busy.

  4. Now, that's what I call a Valentine's Day celebrations. Your table is so wonderful and festive, Rett.

    Happy, happy anniversary best wishes to you both.

  5. Beautiful table and decorations. I love the dotted ribbon on the special dishes. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Everything is so festive and pretty! The kisses as treats are a great idea.


  7. Happy Anniversary, Rett..seems like a popular day to wed!
    I love your table..those plates are precious. Funny, I give all 3 of my nieces the same things so they can share when they have a party..platters, etc. Here I thought I was so smart.:)
    I will watch the video.
    I never heard of a bridal box, very pretty..and interesting..
    Have a wonderful anniversary, and many more healthy ones..
    And of course you can use my shrimp heart idea..that's what we are here for! ♥

  8. Rett, I love your table and all of those desserts!!! I'm glad they aren't within reach, though, or I'd be in a sugar coma. LOL! ;-)

    I hope you and your sweetie have the Happiest Anniversary to date! Happy Valentine's Day to a real sweetheart...


    Sheila :-)

  9. What a gorgeous post Rett. I hope you have the best anniversary ever. Your table and your food looks sensational. Blessings...Mary

  10. Rett,
    Happy Anniversary! Your table is so refreshing after this long week of snow!
    Dee dee

    What a beautifully festive tablescape. The perfect ambiance for your celebration, even your cookies and cupcakes are beautiful.
    Oh, how I wished the gas stations and grocery stores still gave dishes and or glasses, especially with the amounts that are charged for groceries. I remember when my mom would get glasses in the laundry detergent boxes too.

    Sweet wishes,

  12. Happy Anniversary to you and Ern. The pink, the red, the doilies, chocolates, crystal,,,,,you have it all going on for your festive luncheon. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Bunny

  13. Happy Anniversary and how romantic to be married on Valentine's Day! Your table is so pretty. The ribbon is so pretty on your dishes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  14. Just beautiful! Love it all! Thanks for the napkin tutorial!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  15. Happy anniversary! Love your festive table with all the family pieces.

  16. Beautiful table! Love all your vintage things! I noticed the Venetian glass too. I have a small piece I bought in Venice right where they make it. Gorgeous!!

  17. Hi Rett!!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!! I am so happy you and your darling Hubby will be together for years to come to celebrate more LOVE-LY days together!!!!
    That table is set for a LOVE-LY Day!!! Love it all!!! I'm with Caroline on loving the M & M's!!!!
    Cookies and cupcakes look great and so yummy!!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day too!!!
    enjoy it

  18. I enjoyed this very informative post. Thanks for the video about the napkin folding. I want to try that.
    Happy Anniversary/Valentine's Day

  19. I loved the post loved the little white heart plates and I also loved the glass ones that match the glass cups, love them...thanks for sharing...Phyllis

  20. Hi Rett, just found your blog. I love your table setting. How great to be celebrating your anniversary on the day of love. We got married on the 22nd. Getting ready to celebrate our 35th. Those cupcakes are beautiful. I love the colors on them. I have Murano glass, too from our trip to Venice and we watched the glass blowers, too. It was cold and drizzling on that trip. We went back a couple of years ago to Italy to my daughter in law's family's home and we took our son to see Venice and it was flooded in the square and he was sick with a cold and could not walk out in that cold water. My husband took his shoes and socks off and walked out there to take pictures for my son. I am sure someday he will see it in person on one of his future trips back to his in laws...Kim

  21. Oh Rett, It's all simply lovely. You have set of very pretty table. I like how you used your mother's luncheon dishes. My mother gave me hers too and I really should pull them out and start using them.

    The food looks wonderful too! Thanks for sharing with us.

  22. Your table is so festive! I love it. Happy Anniversary!

  23. Hi Rett!

    First off, Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful Anniversary date. Unlike mine, April Fools Day! LOL

    Your tablescape is so pretty. I have some similar design plates and now I know the name of the design and the reason they are called that (I just love learning new facts about the dishes I own~Thak you). And thanks for the cool video to show how to make heart shaped nampkins. I need to try this!

    Just beautiful!

  24. Rett, I know it's a while before Caroline grows up and gets married, but I found a cool website for wedding favors. Just happened on it. I acutally was looking at some gold-leaf looking starfish that were in a magazine and followed the bread crumb trail to that website. It was either that one or another that has favor bags. I could always ask Peggy where she got hers. You could stockpile them now. ;-) I do that, and then I end up with something in my closet that I have no idea why I intended to use it. I have about 15 years or so for Cecelia... I hope to still be creeping around then. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  25. Hi Rett, me again, thanks for coming over to my blog. Actually we are in Buford, Ga. I think you are talking about Beaufort, SC. That is a beautiful place. I would love to live there...Kim

  26. Hello Rett...

    My friend, a warm and heart Congratulations on your anniversary! How have been married on Valentine's Day and be able to celebrate your anniversary on the day of love!!! Happy Anniversary!!! have certainly prepared a lovely Valentine/Anniversary's gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed seeing the pieces that belonged to your family! Love the candlewick luncheon very pretty!!! Ohhh...and your Bridal dish makes a beautiful centerpiece for your pretty table!!! Sooo many pretties and sooo many goodies!!! I just love how you folded the napkins into heart shapes...thank you so much for sharing the "how to" video on that! I really do love that idea and plan to try my hand at it! Thank you so much for sharing your special day and beautifully set table with us, Rett!!! What a sweet treat, my friend!!!

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day...may the Lord continue to richly bless you and your husband's union!!!

    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...really enjoyed hearing that beautiful love song by Placido Domingo and Maureen McGovern...thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  27. Happy sweet your table is.

  28. Happy Anniversary! It's so neat that you got married on Valentine's Day.

    Your tablescape is awesome. I keep seeing those luncheon plate sets crop up on tablescapes and I would love to find some one of these days.

  29. Rett,
    Happy Anniversary! Everything is all the dishes!
    Those luncheon plates are gorgeous!

  30. How special to have a V's anniversary! Your table is perfect! Love the luncheon plates with the separate areas in them!


  31. Wonderful post, I enjoyed that!And
    congratulations on your Anniversary, how wonderful and enjoy it!
    All the goodies and heart shaped napkins ( I have to try this) too, is wonderful.
    Nice that you have your mother's things and special things to set it with.

  32. What a special Anniversary you have Rett-on the most romantic day of the year! I hope you have many more happy years together and that you have fun celebrating with your loved ones.

    Best Valentine's wishes,

    PS Your table is gorgeous!

  33. Happy Anniversary --

    A special table for both Valentine's and an anniversary!

    Love all of your little touches!

  34. Oh Rett - everything is so beautiful! I love all the pieces you've inherited from your grandmother and mother. I think they are my favorites! I also love how you cleverly wove ribbon through the milk glass. LOVE this tablescape!!


  35. This is just gorgeous. I love all of it. The luncheon plates are just the most wonderful heirlooms. Beautifyl table. I love the wedding picture too, it's si pretty. Huga, Marty

  36. Happy Anniversary! I love your calla lilly bouquet. I played your wedding song and it is so romantic. Thanks for the demo on the folded napkin, too.

  37. What a fabulous and exceptionally pretty Valentines tablescape!~ I adore what you've created!..,

    I love to hear of special celebrations that are being held on Valentines day! Happy Anniversary my dear lady, to you and your wonderful hubby!..,

    (I am also celebrating, with the celebration of my fiftieth birthday this Valentines day)..,

    You are most warmly invited to pop over for a visit and enjoy our afternoon tea post my dear..,

    Blessings from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  38. Rett-Happy anniversary! I love your wedding picture and that off the shoulder dress! Those plates are great and perfect for a light lunch. Thanks for showing us so many of your treasures. Did you make those cupcakes???? Fabulous!! Hope you have the happiest of anniversaries and Valentine's with your sweetie and family!

  39. Everything looks beautiful and festive! I know everyone's going to have a great time.

    Happy Anniversary and I wish you many more ~ along with Valentine's Day!

  40. Happy Anniversary -- oh what a romantic day to get married. And your table is so lovely. I love that "Bride's box" and your mothers and grandmothers additions to your table. Everything looks so sweet and inviting -- Wishing you a wonderful gathering on your very special day.

  41. So cute! I bet that will be alot of fun. The menu sounds great! And I heart the party favors! Happy V-day!

  42. Happy Anniversary! I love your tablescape and the stories behind your serving pieces.

  43. happy anniversary rett :) what a special day!

    your tablescape is beautiful.....i absolutely love the luncheon plates with the little spot for your cute!!

    thanks for stopping by :)

  44. Oh My!! I loved your blog and will be back to take it all in. Your tablescape is so sweet. So many special touches. And you are sharing your Anniversary with others. Loved looking at the quilst pictured on your banner and the way you showcased your projects.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment.
    I will be back. Happy Anniversary on Sunday.

  45. rett...wanted to that we have matching dishes :)

    ....and so great that you're using the old soup can trick :) thanks for linking back to me. :)

  46. I am amazed at all the work everyone is doing! I was lucky to get my table done! Everything is just so pretty and heart filled! Love it!

  47. Your Valentine's tablescape is just delightful...Happy Anniversary!

  48. Oh Rett! As always, your tablescapes are lovely! I love the wedding pictures - what a beautiful couple and I am sooo glad you have another anniversary to share together! Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine's Day and thanks soooo much for sending me the link to your blog - always enjoyable!!!

  49. Happy Anniversary. I know this one is all the more special this year. Your table is so fun and so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  50. Haooy Anniversary, Rett! How nice that you get to celebrate again. Your Valentine's table is so pretty with all those pretty glass plates and all the wonderfully decorated pastries...Christine

  51. Oh Rett, what a gorgeous wedding gown! You look so elegant and beautiful! Your table looks so pretty. What pretty little luncheon plates, and I LOVE the polka dot ribbon wound through the lacy looking acessories. Have a wonderful Anniversary, and thank you so much for joining the party. laurie

  52. Rett, Thanks so much for your kind words, I'm new to blogland, and the kindness is so appreciated!
    Happy Anniversary! Your post is so wonderful, precious wedding picture and tons of sweets (sugar cookies are always a favorite of mine)!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  53. I love the folded heart napkins and the ribbons running through the milkglass plates. Very pretty!

  54. What a sweet treat! Love truly lives in the details.

    Happy hearts day!

  55. Oh, Rett, I loved this whole post! Loved every picture and every word. And how romantic to be married on Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing it with us. I remember how much I loved this from last year, and I want to wish you a Happy Anniversary in advance. One of my favorite posts from one of my favorite bloggers!


    Sheila :-)

  56. Happy Anniversary in advance Rett. Your table is so pretty and isn't it fun to use all of our old treasures. You always do it so well, and I always learn something about the older dishes too.
    Have a sweet day!

  57. Happy anniversary, to you and your hubby, Rett! Love your festive! I hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  58. Well happy anniversary! How fun that we all celebrate it?!? I'm going to try that sweetheart punch! New to your site. Love it here already. Can't wait to poke around some more.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  59. HI RETT!!!
    YOU have been on my mind for days now, I was worried so about you, I even tried to find a phone number for you online and even called directory assistance to get one, they said you are unlisted!!!
    You must e-mail me your phone number, so the next time I am worried sick about you, I can just call you!!!
    SO glad you are ok, I do not knwo why I was worried, but I prayed and Prayed that you were OK!!
    Hugs sweetie,

  60. Rett, I hope wherever you are traveling its warm!

    Your table looks beautiful, I love all the different elements, especially the luncheon sets. It's wonderful that you have such a beautiful set that has been passed down to you.

    Happy Anniversary to both of you and I hope you have many more.

  61. Hi Rett, Fabulous table setting.It was a trip down memory lane. Have a wonderful anniversary!!

  62. Rett, fun to see this again. All your details and family pieces make this a special table. Not to mention the fact that your anniversary is on Valentine's Day.
    Hope you and your valentine are enjoying sunny skies. Going to get cold here again tomorrow. ~ Sarah

  63. Rett,
    While looking at your photo slide show I saw a glimpse of a really cute Easter dress with grass?? on the basket. Is there a site or a pattern you can direct me to so that I can see this dress better?

  64. How beautiful, Rett! Everything about this post (especially the bride!) is gorgeous! I love the way you're using your mom's Candlewick luncheon plates. I remember when ladies used them for teas and parties. I've passed on some pretty ones at local estate sales. I think I'll be on the lookout for some now after seeing the clever way you've incorporated them in today's table. Speaking of days/dates -- you freaked me out a little when I saw the date at the top of your post. I did a quick check of the calendar to make sure I hadn't done a two-day Rip Van Winkle!

    I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful anniversary and a very happy Valentine's Day!


  65. I sure bet that you're going to have a great anniversary party with all those lovely cupcakes and chocolates!

  66. What a beautiful wedding! Handsome couple! I enjoyed seeing the details of your party!

    Happy Anniversary!


  67. This is such a pretty post. I just had to get it linked up to my party. I hope the photo I chose for the link is okay with you. How cute is that napkin folded like a heart! Your table looks so pretty, and all of the desserts are pretty too! Happy Anniversary! Thank you for linking to my party. laurie

  68. My side bar is still showing your previous post, so I came over to see how you were. I see you are off celebrating! Good for you! Congrats!

  69. Happy 23rd Anniversary. We are old fogies but only married 3 1/2 years. Love your table setting by the way. It's charming!

    If you have time, stop by my blog. I am having a giveaway of a nice khaki jacket as soon as I reach 300 followers. SO, one of my followers will be winning this.


  70. Rett~you are the queen of table design. Your settings are always beautifully inviting and I appreciate how generous you are to share recipes and tips.
    I'm having a b-day dinner for a friend on Wed, I'm using the heart napkin pattern/technique for my tablescape.
    I hope you find internet soon, I'll miss your posts.

    Sweet wishes,

  71. P.S. Up until your post...I had never seen a Cherry Blossom! We've got the bumble berry and traditional apple, which is my sons absolute favorite...topped with caramel and vanilla ice cream.
    Now I'll be craving the cherry. They're a staple in my freezer too.

    Sweet wishes,

  72. Our Friend donna sent me your way. Your blog post is beautiful. I loved the table runner that you took with you to Florida to see our Friend who is amazing. I am looking forward to knowing you better and I have enjoyed you blog so far. Have a great weekend. A New Missouri Friend.


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