Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tube Quilting

I made this little table runner using a
new-to-me "tube quilting" method
& some French fabrics from
my stash *resource center*.

A sewing friend of mine, Karen (CoastieWife)
recently posted a link to a video
on how to do "tube quilting".
I couldn't wait to try it!

I've included that video at the bottom of this post,
in case you're interested in seeing how its done.

The fabrics were leftover from this little quilted
tote that I made when I first started quilting.

It is to protect my OTT-LITE when taking it to
sewing classes or quilting retreats.

The pattern for this little tote can be bought
at Thistledownquilts

It can also double as a lunch tote.
It even has pockets on each side.

I had all these fabrics & more leftover from that project.

Using the tube quilting method to make blocks,
you get several different possible combinations.

You can put all of one color...
in this case the BLUE
turned toward the center ...

or turn them around & all the REDS go to the center.

I decided I liked them alternating as it looks more
interesting & complex.
This is really easy sewing, honest!

I used the embroidery mode of my machine
(Brother 4000D)
to do the quilting motifs in the center of each block.

These designs are from a CD by Anita Goodesign

I am thrilled at how nicely they turned out!
Positioning the blocks in the frame is the
most important step.
You can see below that one of my designs
is a wee bit off the mark.

Here is the completed project, although I think I'm
going to do some hand quilting yet.
I don't like the poofy-ness of those yellow sections.

A photo of the back in blue paisley.
I'm going to use this side up for a
Fourth of July party this weekend.

Please come back to see that
on Susan's Tablescape Thursday!



  1. Hi Rett - I love this post! I've heard of tube quilting but have never seen exactly how it's done. I can't wait to use this technique on a quilt I'm laying out.

    Your table runner is lovely and I especially like the decorating stitching you've used on your blocks. Inspiring!

  2. Very pretty, I'm sure you will get a lot of use out of it. I'm a quilter at heart - just not in reality. I like the piecing, but just can't get the stitches as small or even as I like, so don't even try anymore. I hire it done! Have a blessed week. Sandi

  3. Such a fun runner, and perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend! Sounds and looks like your Fourth will be spectacular!

  4. What a fun technique! If I ever get my sewing room back (and I WILL!) I'll have to give this a try.

  5. Rett, you tease! I want to see it now. LOL!

    Love this. I am crazy for quilts, and this is darling and so is your carrier. You did a super job. Love the colors and the fabrics.


    Sheila :-)

  6. Well, you know how much I love this and will be soon copying you and Karen!! It looks beautiful and I love the tote too! I'd never seen that before.

  7. Your project turned out very nicely. Can't wait to watch the video and see how it is done. I think you did a great job of centering your embroidery in the blocks. That is one of the most difficult things I do is center in my hoop. I just don't seem to have a good eye for it. The corners on your triangles look nice too.

  8. Beautiful project, Rett, and those fabrics are TDF. That is some special jello and perfect for the holiday!

  9. Rett, Your fabrics are gorgeous and so Frenchy! I don't know how quilters do it- the designs befuddle me. LOL Your runner is just so, so pretty. The blue reverse side will be perfect for the 4th. Thanks for coming by. I really DO like my table and chairs! I'll come back by again after you post your finds.
    hugs, Sue

  10. It is looking and sounding too easy to be true! Your table runner is beautiful.

  11. Rett, you are so talented! This is beautiful. Of course I adore those fabrics. Perfectly French! Your quilting stitches are a beautiful design.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your 4th of July tablescape. I don't think I'm going to get a table put together this week. We are joining friends at their home for the 4th so I won't do a table for here.
    Happy 4th of July! ~ Sarah

  12. Dear Retta:
    Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. You know I'm going to have to try this technique!

    Next time you're in my neck of the woods, send me an email and I'll take you for coffee! I'd love to meet you in person. Thanks again for visiting Brynwood, my new friend.

    I'll be back to visit again soon.


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