Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter table for the Grand kidlets

This Easter, I'm doing a colorful
FUN table with the grands in mind.

Lots of bunnies surround
a cluster of fresh flowers on
the sunroom table.
The rabbit teapot was a gift from dear friends
who know I collect them.

I've had all the white bunnies for years.
However, the little cabbage creamer, S&P shakers &
the 3-leaf cabbage plate are new
this year from Tuesday Morning.

Won't you help me find the matching sugar bowl?
My TM was out of them.

I'm using the BL Gibson dishes
(what did I ever do before them?)
I've added a little pop of
polka-dot color with square salad plates.

I machine embroidered the yellow
waffle-weave napkins last year.

There is a R A I N B O W of colors on this table!

The flatware is American Harmony, by Oneida.

The white hyacinths are going
to be planted outside soon.
In the meantime, they smell

I loved the colorful look of the dotted paper
so I left it in place & just tucked them
down into my white asparagus cache pots.

As the sunroom darkens with
evening's approach, the
egg shaped votive candles
cast a soft glow.

The pink hydrangea will also be planted outside.
Its open-work cache pot is really a candle holder
that I found in a thrift shop for $2!

It is so perfect,
it almost doesn't look real
but I promise you, it is!

Hey...no nibbling on the centerpiece!!

I'm joining Susan's
beautiful blog

Between Naps on The Porch


Thank you Susan, for hosting this fun
event every week.

Thank you for stopping by
The Gazebo House!
Have a Blessed Easter!



  1. What a fun table!! I like the colored stems on the glassware.

  2. Rett~~~

    Your table looks lovely and I bet the grandkids loved it!! I really like the cabbage plate, creamer and sugar and S & P shakers...all your new stuff!! And the cute bunny is precious of course. You are right, this is a very colorful table. I love it! :-)


  3. I know you will have very happy grandkids sitting around your Easter table, Rett. I love the spring colors and all your sweet bunnies. And your bunny napkins are perfect. You must have an amazing machine.

    Easter blessings to you and your family.

  4. Rett, this is an adorable table. I know it will definitely thrill the grands. I like that you left the polka dot paper on the hyacinths. I noticed it first thing before you even commented on it. I'll go check out Tuesday Morning tomorrow to see if they have your missing piece. Love the pastel stems and the sweet details on this table. It's such a happy setting!

  5. Gorgeous! I love all the spring colours and the bunnies. You'll have some happy little ones at your house on Easter Sunday.

  6. Not only is it a colorful table, it's a real happy table and will be even more so on Easter Sunday when your family can all enjoy it too! Have a blessed day, my friend!

  7. This is my favorite Easter table that I have seen!! It is so colorful and fun/beautiful and classy! You have a wonderful touch! Happy Easter!

  8. I want to go to your house for Easter. We are not doing anything special this year. No grands, or anybody, for that matter. With both of our moms in the nursing home this year, we just didn't have it in us to host Easter dinner. We usually have about 25 people for every holiday. Have a great time!!

  9. Everything is gorgeous but I swear that rabbit teapot takes the cake! I also love those napkins you embroidered...what a feat. Very impressive.

  10. Your Easter tablescape is so lively and fun! I love all the colors together and those beautiful dishes and stemware! Your grandchildren are definitely going to enjoy it.


  11. very nice. Oh how I love your peonys all over your site, I can't wait for them to bloom here in ND!

  12. Oh your dining room is so beautiful, especailly with that sunshine shining through. Smiles, Marla

  13. Your table is awesomely cute! I am sure your grand kids will love it. Can't wait till mine are older and I can do a fun table if they come for a visit.

  14. Lucky kids to sit at that adorable table. Happy Easter.

  15. Your tablescape is beautiful and creative, as always. I love the fresh flowers, love the square salad plates and all of the bunnies. Your bunny napkins are beautifully made!!!

  16. Retta, thank you for visiting and your kind comment. You're lucky to be able to have your grands share the day with you- we do miss ours! I LOVE that white bunny-just adorable!
    xoxo Pattie

  17. What fun it would be to join you at that gorgeous table. Love all the colors and rabbits and flowers. It's truly magical.

    Have a beautiful and blessed Easter.


  18. This is so adorable! Love all those pretty colors! The grand kidlets will be thrilled! The embroidered towels are great!

    If I can get to TM I'll check on the missing sugar bowl! Maybe they will be on sale after Easter!


  19. Wow, your grandkids are going to love this happy table. I love all the 'cabbage patch' bunnies, they are adorable. And...that hydrangea is just gorgeous!

  20. so adorable and egads you are doing FANTASTIC with your new camera, every shot is perfection! happy easter!

  21. What an adorable table, Rett! I love the bunny tea pot and everything else. There is not a single element on the table that I do not like. I am sure the grandkids will love it....Christine

  22. So cute and colorful! What fun for the grands. I have the same S&P from Tuesday Morning -- mine didn't have the other sets. Happy and blessed Easter to you.

  23. What a beautiful tablescape..your grand kidlets are going to love it!!
    Happy Easter,

    Miss Bloomers

  24. Very pretty and colorful table setting. I like your accent pieces and stemware alot. Very nice! Happy Easter!

  25. Hi, Rett,
    I'm sure your grandkids will love this pretty table. I love your bunny pitcher. Your flowers are so pretty and bright. You have a great camera.


  26. Rett, this is so festive and wonderful. I love all of the pretty colors. That tea pot is adorable, and I'm loving the different colors of stems. The napkins completely stole my washeart - so cute!

    I'm so glad you stopped by shortly after I posted the other day and let me know I had the month of the cloche party wrong. It's just a good thing I didn't have to put the year - I'm still using 2009 most of the time! laurie

  27. Thank you for sharing, Rett! And thank you for your comment on my tablescape last week. I was "off the grid" when you posted, enjoying a long weekend in the North Georgia mountains with my husband for our Anniversary. We have a Tuesday Morning store here, if I stop by soon I will check on the missing piece for you.

  28. Wow! Just so beautiful and springy! Your napkins are spectacular!

  29. Once again your first photo made me smile. After reading this sweet post I'm wondering if I can be one of your grandchildren? :-)
    Seriously, your grands are going to love this adorable table you have set for them. The napkins you made are darling and I love all of the cheerful colors on the table. I love those bubble glasses with the different colored stems.

    Happy Easter to you.

  30. Very cute table! I'm sure your grandchildren will love eating at such a festive and colorful table.

  31. Your sunroom is very nice and I like your Easter tablescape, especially the bunnie cabbage creamer. So cute.

    Have a nice Eastertime.

  32. Hello there sweet lady Rett,

    I cannot tell you how much I love visitng your blog from time to time! I must come more often Rett!

    This table has just lifted my spirits so much, and the 'grandkidllets', as you so charmingly say, are going to just love it!..,

    What delightful dishes, colours, details galore, flowers and ooh my, that precous little bunny!

    You have created such a beautiful, whimsical and lighthearted Easter tablescape vignette!

    You are most warmly invited to also visit me as well my dear! This week my tablescape is also quite whimsical;( yet I am going to create a more traditonal Easter tablescape for my Easter brunch and then dinner, later)..,

    .., This week for instance, for my, 'Tablescape Thursday', afternoon tea table vignette,I have featured my own little, 'Jewelry Display Mannequins' that I have made, as my 'little guests of honor' for my whimsical Easter, 'Strawberry Spring Tea'.

    Have a marvelous Easter with your family Rett!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  33. Rett, your table is so pretty. I know the grandchildren will love that you made it so fun just for them. Love the flowers. They are gorgeous. I hope you have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  34. Not just your grandkids will love it. Me too. Love love love is the only word I can utter.

    Take care & Happy Easter.

  35. Rett...love all the beautiful colors and unique pieces...the little teapot is adorable! Bet your grandchildren will LOVE this table! :-)

  36. Love it! so cute!! I know the kids must have loved it too!! the colors were gorgeous!

  37. HI RETT!!!!!
    Your table all decorated for Easter is soooo fabulous!!!!I love LOVE all that color!!!!It just looks so fun and inviting!!!! The kids are going to love it as will the adults!!!
    I love the polka dot salad plates!!!Love the fresh flowers and love the idea that you can plant them back there, so lucky!!!!I also really found it cool that the table seats that many!!!!
    Have a very Happy.Hoppy Easter!!!!

  38. Hi it is me again!!!!
    I forgot to say I adore those napkins you embroidered!!!! Those are simply amazing!!!!Love them!!!!!
    How sweet of you to ask your sister to pop in and bring us something!!!how sweet, she could have joined us for lunch/tea, we would love to have her!!!
    I live in Gilbert!!!!
    Ask her if she knows where the Seville Golf/Country Club community is??? That is my neighborhood!!!!
    I would love to meet her for lunch one day!!!!
    We could go out to the Olive MIll!!!!
    Have you been there yet????

  39. Your lovely table will go far in creating lasting memories for your grandchildren. I can still remember going to each of my grandmothers' houses as a child. A beautiful gift to them. Please stop by if you have time. Happy Easter. -- Jane F.

  40. I just love this table, the flowers, the dishes, napkins!!! I adore the bunny teapot! Oh, I wish you would join me for Tea Time Tuesday with this post! I just adore everything! So so darling! Your Grandchildren are going to love it! For I do so much!

  41. Lively table for little ones indeed!!! Love all the vibrant colors and fun bunnies- Our tm does not have the sugar bowl- had to go to our's to look for my mom some cutwork napkins and looked for your bowl as well. hope you find it- really adorable. LIke that you use breakable items with the kids- good lesson for them to learn imo.

  42. Well, I just found the bunny creamer and it is the same as the one I saw at TM today. They had two of them, and they were only $7.95. I wish it had been the sugar bowl you needed.



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