Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day!!!

I think this was my Mother's favorite holiday!

She would go all out, making GREEN Jell-O & even tinting the whipped cream GREEN! We had GREEN ribbons in our hair & she made sure each of us were wearing GREEN to school on March 17th.

I can still remember her standing at the sink, washing dishes & softly singing this song.

If you like, you may listen to the song while you scroll down to see the rest of the table.

I'm using my Chantilly Tiara GREEN glass dishes for today's tablescape. They were made by the Indiana glass company in the 1980s & are considered "Reproduction Depression" glass, not truly from the Depression era.

I only have 4 place settings of this pattern, consisting of a dinner plate, water & wine glasses & cup & saucers for each. I would love to find more of the salad plates to go with the one that I have. The dark GREEN chargers were found at GW last year ($1 each) & the white plates are the infamous BL's Gibson set.

The GREEN stemmed sherbert or champagne
glasses were a recent find at a local antiques shop.
I don't know the origins of them yet.

Irish linen hemstitched napkins in
clear lucite rings which have an
opening for a single fresh flower
blossom to be added on the 17th.

I found the two little shamrock shaped candy
dishes at Hobby Lobby this year.

The silverware is Holmes & Edwards pattern,
'Danish Princess' which was introduced in 1938.

Maybe I should call it "Irish Princess" this month?

Don't you just my new majolica water pitcher?

It was a gift from step-son Tom & his wife, Debbie.
Thank you, kids! You know how I dishes!

Centerpiece is from HL this year,
on sale for 50% off original price!
I added the little Irish pick (JoAnn's)

This silk botanical will work well
all through springtime!

Notice how the little leaves are in the shape of a shamrock?

The bud vases on either side will hold
fresh white flowers on the 17th.

The butter dish, although clear depression glass,
is a very similar pattern called ' Sunflower' by
Jeanette glass.
My Irish crystal cracker basket awaits treats, too.

That is a matching salad bowl that I managed to cut off in this picture

but I left it because you can really see the pattern well in this shot.

Mom loved lily of the valley, so these are for her.

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day, Everybody!

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  1. Wouldn't I love to sit down to St Patrick's Day dinner at that table. It truly says "March 17th" but in a lovely gentle way, with the soft greens and the glass.
    My very not-Irish mother always sang that song to us, and it's the one I sang to my son every night of his babyhood and childhood.
    What a beautiful post.

  2. Your post is lovely, Rett. I would be thrilled to sit at your table to celebrate St. Pat's Day. I particularly admire the majolica water pitcher. But everything is gorgeous. You have the gift for creating a stunning tablescape.

  3. What a gorgeous table!! LOVE your Indiana glass. ANd that butter dish is to die for! I have a Federal Madrid clear butter dish very similar to yours. Those matching pieces are so hard to find. Fabulous table as always!!!

  4. Admire all the effort you put into this setting with the mix of old and new, passed down heirlooms and traditions along with thrifted items. Would love to sit at your table. Surely you will include of shot of the table with the addition of the flowers. Love the lily of the valley shot- pretty flowers they are.

  5. O my goodness...this is such a beautiful and delightful table. Everything looks so pretty...and the best part is your memories of your mom. Just lovely!

  6. I love that song. My mom use to play the radio all the time and I heard that song so often. Love it. Your green depression glass is absolutely stunning. I am just drooling and wiping my mouth over here. I love it. That green pitcher is stunning too. Such an especially lovely table. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your green St. Pat's table is beautiful!!! I love all the green depression glass and Irish crystal and the shamrock centerpiece!!! Sooo pretty! I want to come over! :-)

  8. Hello Rett ddarling thanks so much for visiting my cottage and for the kind comment you left behind, much appreciated. I am delighted that our blogs crossed, now I have a lovely world to visit on daily basis.

    Love & Hugs

  9. Rett, I too remember that song. What a wonderful memory though to have of your mother singing it. I bet yo can close your eyes and hear her voice. Your green glass is so lovely and perfect for this table. Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear friend.

  10. I am blown away at your gorgeous tablescapes. One is prettier than the next! Wow! What talent!

  11. I love that! What a beautiful color! The table is lovely, and I would love to join you there..
    It is just a perfect ST. Patrick's Day table.
    My mom loved lily of the valley. I do too..
    I remember singing that song in Music class in 5th grade. We all had to get up and sing for a grade!!:)

  12. Hello my friend! I just noticed an e-mail had come through, and it was your sweet comment (while I was looking at your beautiful table!). I think this is your best so far ... everything looks incredible. Perfectly coordinated and beautifully photographed ... spectacular!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday, Rett!

    Warmest regards,

  13. Hi Rett,
    I just love this gorgeous table! The Green depression ware is outstanding and so are the linens!
    This is one of the prettiest St. Pat's table ever!

  14. I love hearing the story about your mom!! Your table is so gorgeous, and even more special because of the meaning behind it. Happy St. Patty's day from one Irishwoman to another!
    xo, Andrea

  15. I really got into the theme of your tablescape and pics as I listened to the Irish lullaby you linked to. Such a pretty table! Love the beautiful pitcher from your step-son and wife. Even though it was "cut off", that salad bowl looks wonderful!


  16. Your tablescapes are just lovely. This one is no different. Just beautiful

  17. Love your soft green St. Patrick's table -- this is quite lovely!

  18. I just LOVE the soft green of the glass dishes! SOOOO pretty! Your table looks wonderful! XO, Pinky

  19. This table is just beautiful. I didn't know they made repro depression glass! It is gorgeous.

  20. HI Rett!!!
    That green table is stunning and I love everything about it!!!!I can imagine you serving an Irish dinner there!!! Green jello with tinted green whip cream!!!!Great idea!!!!
    I am not a big fan of Corned beef and cabbage, so I will have to eat something else!!!! Always do!!!

  21. Rett, your table is SO pretty. It's like a breath of spring. LOVE the green "depression" glass plates, and those sherberts you found are fabulous. I had a friend who used to set her Easter table in this, and it was stunning. She also collected the pink, and sometimes she would mix things up.

    I love that your mother did the "Green" up big time! :-) And if I were you, I would call the flatware "Irish Princess." Shhhhhhhh... I won't tell about the other. See, the Irish tried to run the Danes out of Ireland because they were Vikings. LOL! The Danes/Vikings killed the Last High King of Ireland (Brian Boru whose banner I'm flying on my blog) in a fierce battle. So on St. Patrick's Day those are definitely Irish Princess. ;-)

    Your table is great, though. Loved it all, Rett.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  22. Your table setting is so lovely. I just love everything about it. I love the smell of "Lilly of the Valley" it is so very fresh. I think I will have to get some soon. (After Lent)

    Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  23. What a lovely fresh beautiful green tablecape. Just loved it!
    My Mom had the same glasses but her's were clear and she has a lovely pitcher to match. I am talking about the ones I guess you would call iced tea glasses the tall one. I love them in the green.
    Depression glass is so beautiful.
    Happy St. Patricks day too!
    It sure looks festive
    Blessings, Nellie

  24. HI!!!
    It's me again!!!
    I would be freezing at 57 degrees!!!! That would be a cold winter day for us!!!! I am sitting here freezing at the moment, it is quite cool for AZ this time of the year, my son's girl friends family came for a visit to see AZ for the first time, they went up to Sedona and on to Flagstaff, stayed the night and got SNOWED IN!!!!! Imagine their surprise when they awoke!!!!! They wanted warm 80 plus temps!!!!!
    We have had rain for 4 days straight, all day on Sunday and a quick 1 hour or 2 hour shower every day since!!!!!
    not normal!!!!!
    but it sure is green!!!!
    I cannot wait to get wild flowers on pics!!!! No one plants them but God so they are amazing!!!!
    have a great week end
    how is the family????

  25. Rett, I ♥♥♥ your Irish table! The green of the plates and stemware is such a beautiful soft shade. The pitcher is gorgeous... No Irish tunes in my would be more on the line of Frère Jacques!

  26. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh my, Rett...your St. Pat's Day table is simply fabulous, my friend! I just adore everything about it!!! I love, love, LOVE that gorgeous green's sooo very beautiful!!! That really has to be the prettiest shade of green...ever! Ohh...and I love your sherbet glasses...they look perfect with your green glassware! Gorgeous...Gorgeous...Gorgeous!!! Love your pretty centerpiece too! It's just so perfect with your table! This is one of my favorite St. Pat's Day tablescapes, did an outstanding job putting this table together! I also really enjoyed listening to the Irish Lullaby...that's such a pretty song! It almost always makes me cry! What sweet memories you must have of your dear mother...singing that beautiful song! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful table and sweet memories with us today! Such a treat, my friend!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my Birds of a Feather tablescape and for leaving me such a sweet note! Thank you, sweet lady!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  27. Such a pretty table! I love the green reproduction depression glass! The sherbets are lovely too and the lilies of the valley are special. You did a stunning table for St. Paddy's Day...I see you are joining Cuisine Kathleen for her St Patrick's Day blog crawl and it will be interesting to see (I assume?) yet another St Paddy's Day table from you...You're so very creative and you have a lot of pretties! Hugs, Beth

  28. How beautiful Rett ~ My 100% Irish mom would hum that tune, too.

    Oh my gosh, you've done your Irish hertitage proud with this gorgeous tablesetting!! ((hugs))

    I love the green and white color theme, it's so refreshing, spring-like and inviting.

    Everything is perfect, down to the last detail. I would love to be among the lucky ones gathered around your table.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day my friend!

  29. Hi Rettabug,
    so nice to meet you, thanks for coming by and for your really nice comments. I looked up the jar lid post cause didn't think it would be easy to find, so if you go over to this address
    and scroll down you will find it.
    Hope you have a charming day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  30. Your pictures are just beautiful and your tablescape is just gorgeous! Very enjoyable.

  31. I just adore those dishes, I love depression or anything that is similar to that, your table is so soft and lovely, I love the pink the green and the yellow, your setting is wonderfully put together and I loved the music, thank you...Phyllis

  32. This is so beautiful! I enjoyed every detail! I listened to the pretty music while enjoying the tablescape photos! People used to sing that song to me because my first name is "Lura!"

    Nice tribute to your mother, love the lilies of the valley!


  33. What a gorgeous table! I especially adore the green depression glass, the centerpiece, your shamrock plate & the mosaic at the top...all good stuff! Here's to your mom!


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