Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Bread

This is a very old family recipe handed down from my 84 yr. old husband's aunt, Jane Cwiklinski.
It must be close to 100 years old.
She made it for him every year until she passed away & now I carry on the tradition. It is a very sweet bread with the sugar crumb topping & it makes GREAT toast on Easter morning!


Makes 3 large plus 1 med. sized loaves
Makes 2 large plus 3 med. sized loaves
  • 6 whole eggs
  • 6 egg yolks (use whites in something else)
  • 1 Cup sugar
  • 1/2 # butter
  • 2 Cups milk (divided use)
  • 2 packages. dry yeast or 1 lg. cake of yeast
  • 3/4 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 oz. brandy (optional~I never use it)
  • 7-8 Cups flour (unsifted)
Warm 3/4 cup milk & add yeast plus 3/4 C. flour to make a thick sponge. Set aside in warm place to rise. To the rest of the warm milk, add butter & salt. Set aside & allow to melt. Beat eggs & sugar until thick. Set aside. In a large bowl, add 7 to 8 cups of flour. Add the milk with the butter & salt. Add the yeast sponge, beaten eggs, vanilla & brandy. Mix thoroughly. Knead well, adding flour as needed, until dough leaves your hands. Cover & let rise in a warm place until double in size. Punch down & let rise again. Put into greased bread pans & let rise again. Brush tops with 1 beaten egg then sprinkle crumb topping. Bake for 35 min. at 350º.
  • 1/2 Cup sugar
  • 1/2 Cup flour
  • 4 Tablespoons. butter
Mix well & sprinkle on top of bread loaves then bake. Cool on racks. I make this to give away as gifts at Easter. You may certainly cut the amounts in half to make less loaves.

 Printable Recipe HERE.

I embroidered DGD, Ms. C. this apron last year.
The grass is fringe & makes it 3-dimensional

We sure have fun together in the kitchen!
These photos are from last year
but I wanted to post the recipe,
in case someone wanted to try it soon.

I hope to get some nicer ones
with my new camera next week.
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Thanks for joining us at The Gazebo House.
Happy Easter!



  1. Rett...I love this post. That bread looks devine and the apron is over-the-top!


  2. What a beautiful Easter bread, Rett, just perfect for brunch. I have leftover egg yolks that I am looking for a way to use so this is perfect. You have a lovely little kitchen helper. Isn't it fun to have our little ones in the kitchen?

  3. It looks like you two had great fun last year. I hope you can do it again!

  4. Rett, this break looks so yummy. I am going to try it.
    And Caroline is so precious! I love her apron.

  5. The bread looks and sounds delicious. Sweet? Yes!!!

    Love the little apron and your Caroline is just precious!

    Have a happy weekend, Rett! :-)


  6. Rett, you are sooo talented. I love that Easter apron! I just printed out the bread recipe and plan to make it for Easter. Thank you!

  7. Looks yummy and so does Miss Caroline!!! What a darling apron. Love that little touch of fringe!!
    Please tell me where you find cake yeast?? We can't find that down here anywhere, or at least I have never been able to locate it!!!

  8. ahhh, this sounds so so good. I have 2 loaves of store bought frozen bread in my freezer. i am going to get it out in the morning, and put that very topping on it. Bet it will be delicious!!
    Thanks for the recipe..I can't wait to try it...

  9. Oh what a darling assistant baker you have! Such a sweet smile -- whe must have knownt she was going to get some of Nana's good bread!

  10. This is an adorable post! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree, French Toast would be good made with this bread. It looks like one I used to make when I had a lot of family around. I think Iwillgive this a try. I am going to copy it off your blog and save for sure!

  11. The bread sounds yummy and perfect for Easter. Cute apron and I like the idea to use some trim to make it more texture. Thanks for coming by to tell me about your little yellow vase. Can't wait to see in a tablescape soon.

  12. I love the bread, but I ADORE the apron and the little chef. So cute!!

    Mike always makes Babka for Easter and you do any other Polish traditions?

  13. Oh, Rett, you know how I love to bake bread and my chickens are now putting out the most incredible huge orange yolked eggs. I will definitely be making your bread. Thanks for the wonderful recipe....Bunny

  14. Oh how lucky for you to have such an adorable helper in the kitchen! What prcious memories you are making. And that is one very special apron you made for your little helper.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. The bread looks and sounds like a treat! So many cultures have a special Easter bread - it's fun to read about them.
    Your little granddaughter is a sweetie, and that apron is perfect!

  16. Rett, that apron is so cute, but have to say I'm envious of you having that precious Caroline to spend time with. You two must have so much fun!
    I've been out of town so am way behind on my blog visits. I'm going to scroll down and see what you've been up to. Hope all is well.

  17. The bread looks delicious! And your kitchen helper is a little sweetie in her apron!

  18. The bread looks delicious and I think it is so nice how you are carrying on the tradition.
    Your little helper is adorable and the apron you made is sooo sweet.

  19. I do want to try that bread! That little apron is absolutely adorable, and so is the little girl in it. laurie

  20. Hi Rett! The bread looks so delicious and look at that cute little helper you have! She's adorable! That's a migthy cute little apron too.
    Thanks so much for popping in to see our little Carter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Rett, The bread looks great, thanks for the recipe!! I love Caroline's apron and she looks sweet as ever. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for sharing.

  22. Your helper and the apron and the bread are all just perfect! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  23. Ooooo, this sounds like such a lovely bread and what a wonderful torch that has been passed to you.

    I love your kitchen helper in her cute little apron!

  24. This is indeed a bread to be savored!This recipe is a must try!Beautiful pictures!

  25. I need to make this bread to go with Scribbler's baked French toast and sausage.

  26. Your granddaughter is adorable...I love the apron you made....I had to steal the picture so I can make one for my Miss B....the bread looks good too....Stop over at my blog...I have a post today that would be perfect for the two of you to do together.....

  27. I came to ask about your flip waffle iron and will stay to read more of your blog. What a beautiful header with beautiful flowers--most especially the delightful little girl.


  28. What an adorable little helper.

    Thanks for sharing your family recipe. Sounds sweet and delicious. Can't wait to try it.


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