Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Birthday Celebration with Mother's Pink Depression Glass

Please join me in silent prayer for the earthquake disaster victims in Haiti?

Our neighbors & dear friends Dr. Vince P & his RN wife, Lee
are there right now on a missionary trip.
They are 60 miles from the epicenter &
were not harmed but knowing them,
they will stay in Haiti to help in any way they can.
Please Lord, watch over them & keep them safe?

On a lighter note, Sunday, my family is coming over for brunch
to celebrate my birthday.
Its a BIGGIE but I'm not telling which one!
I decided to set the table using my Mother's pink depression glass.
I cherish these items beyond words!
I remember
her using them for cake & ice cream
every year for all 8 of her
children's birthday celebrations

I started out with Laura Ashley placemats
because of the pink roses on them.

I placed my Mikasa "Silk Flowers" china
beneath the Dogwood patterned plates
(also called Apple Blossom &/or Wild Rose)
made by the MacBeth Evans Glass Co. between 1929 & 1932.

The silverware, "Danish Princess" by
Holmes & Edwards, was introduced in 1938.
I am blessed to now have
service for 12 in this delicate pattern,
along with several of the serving pieces.

I don't know the name of the
pattern on the compotes.
It has a trellis look to it.

Can anyone help to identify it?

I have learned the compotes are the Normandy pattern,
sometimes called "Bouquet & Lattice".
It was made by the Federal Glass Co., 1933-1940.

I apologize for the blurry photo.
I just can't seem to take close-up shots very well.

I love the scalloped edges on these accessory pieces,
like the round bowl I used for the centerpiece
of fresh roses ($6.99 @Heinens) as well as the oval divided platters
on which I'm serving individual mini cheesecakes.

The open scalloped edges of the two platters &
the bowl used as a centerpiece are of the Old Colony pattern,
sometimes referred to as "Lace Edge" or "Open Lace".

These were made by the Hocking Glass Co. from 1935 to 1938.
These can range from $7 apiece for the divided platters
that I have to upwards of $695 for a frosted vase in this pattern!

A great source for information about Depression Glass
is the book titled Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass
by Cathy & Gene Florence.

I found this sugar skuttle on Ebay & sang
"Happy Birthday to ME!" as I purchased it.

I've been keeping cashew nuts in it instead of sugar
because I have these tiny little tongs that I
love to use for sugar cubes.

That shuttle makes it tooooo easy to just tip
out a handful of nuts every time you walk past!

I've made PINK lemonade to serve in my
beautiful La Rochere bee decanter &
glasses that I was so fortunate to win
from Libby's delightful blog

Twirl & Taste.

Thank you, Libby!
We've enjoyed red wine in them several times already
but this is my first tablescape to show them off.

The French bee on them was originally chosen during the coronation of
Napoleon to appear on his official coat of arms.
The La Rochere glass collection was inspired by an
official travel set belonging to Napoleon in which
the bee pattern was used & is today displayed in a Paris museum.

The salad bowl set, shown above, along with a
pair of matching candlesticks,
below, was a wedding gift to
my parents, 74 years ago.

You can tell its old glass by the color &
you can be sure I wash them VERY CAREFULLY!

Butterfly crackers by Pepperidge Farm
look SO cute resting in my Irish crystal cracker basket.

On this sofa table,
I have set up my Mikasa china
for coffee or tea service.

My mother ALWAYS served this
exact same kind of after dinner
mints in this candy dish, for every
Baptism, Birthday, First Holy Communion,
Confirmation & Graduation
so its tradition that I do the same.

I am going to place lemon slices to go with the
tea in this unusual shaped dish.

This photo allows you to
see up close the hemstitched linen napkins
inside the matching Mikasa napkin rings.

The obligatory chandelier shot.
I'm going to break my neck one of these
days, standing
tippy toe on my step stool to
capture these angles!

I wanted to share a neat trick with you
that I use to remove
the core of strawberries.

You use a firm straw, such as one from McDonald's
& position it directly opposite the green stem.

Push gently & the straw will cut
through the strawberry
taking the core & the green stem
out the opposite end.


Don't they look like little 's?

Beautifully hollowed out fruit to serve with
a drizzle of honey sweetened yogurt as a
starter course.

I'm pretty sure that the round flat spoon
that I'm using with the yogurt
is called a jam or jelly spoon
but it can do double duty here.

Now I must tell you, it is also tradition
that I have lemon meringue pie for every birthday.

I never wanted cake, even as a child.
I always requested that my Mother
make one of her delicious pies.

My sweet husband has even learned how
to make them for me,
although this year, I think
I'll give him a helping hand!

I confess I purchased this one little tart from Heinen's
grocery store because I loved the way they presented it.
I hope to duplicate individual ones
for each person on Sunday.

Doesn't it just make your mouth water????

One more peek at those gorgeous pink roses!

It's time for another Tablescape Thursday with our gracious hostess,
Susan of Between Naps on the Porch!

Be sure to stop by her beautiful blog to see other participants in the party!
Thank you, Susan for hosting this fun event each week.


  1. Happy Birthday!! This is all so very lovely! Pretty in pink! You treated yourself to a wonderful birthday present! Maybe I should start looking for one for my birthday coming up in May! Yes!

    Very enjoyable!


  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.... dear Rett, Happy Birthday to you! This is the definition of "pretty in pink". Where do I begin? Love the roses, love the sherbert dishes, love everyting pink! Love the sugar shuttle (I'm looking for one, too)and your beautiful footed pink bowl. This is a perfect birthday table.
    Happy Birthday, friend!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Your table is fabulous. I love the pink depression glass mixed in with your other dishes. Lovely...

    We have been praying for the nation of Haiti. So devastating. My DIL works for World Concern and their organization has a presence there. Their people are ok..

  4. Happy Birthday and I LOVE your pretty pink glass! I'm so jealous!

  5. Perfect, breathtaking, soft, so full of wonderful memories for you and your family...Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing your incredible tablescape. Every part of it is marvelous.

  6. Rett-Can you hear me singing Happy Birthday? This is such a beautiful table and post from start to finish! I love your depression glass, but love the story and tradition that go with it. Your table is perfect! This is one way to ensure a perfect party :)!

  7. Happy Birthday to you Rett! Your table is so cute. I love depression glass but unfortunately don't have one piece. My friend Diana is an expert and I will ask her what the pattern in question is. And those roses are perfect! --Delores

  8. Happy Birthday, Rett! I should have known we were both Capricorns. I celebrate on Monday.
    Your table looks beautiful with all the pink touches. How special to have your mother's pieces of pink depression glass. The Danish Princess silver works beautifully with this setting.
    Happy, Happy! ~ Sarah

  9. The perfect birthday table....Happy Birthday!! and enjoy the lemon tart....

  10. Just absolutely stunning. Such a treat from all the winter scapes. Everything is breathtaking! Rosie

  11. Happy Birthday, love all your depression glass. I was lucky enough to get four plates from ebay about two weeks ago to help with my collection. I can't wait to do a tablescape with them. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful depression glass, you have set a wonderful table.

  12. Happy Birthday! I love all your pink!!! That trick with the strawberries is great - never thought of it! :D Jewel

  13. Happy Birthday.

    What a fabulous collection!

    - The Tablescaper

  14. This is so pretty! All of the depression glass is stunning. Don't you just love those cheesecake bites? My mother-in-law had these during the holidays, and I loved them. I also adore your little strawberry hearts. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  15. Rett, Happy Birthday to you! I love your table! I have several pieces of my grandmother's depression glass and I love it. I know there are many memories of using your glassware thru the years. Just beautiful! Pink roses too! I love your birthday present to yourself! I have a birthday in February .. maybe I should look for one for myself :)
    Blessings and have a wonderful b'day!

  16. Happy Birthday, wow I would have liked being there for this fun party, what a beautiful table, the dishes are just so wonderful, I loved it all even the way you destemmed the strawberries, gotta try that...the depression glass is one of my all time favorites and you have it mixed in and displayed beautifully, thats what I call tablescaping....

  17. Happy Birthday! This is so pretty. I have a couple pieces of my grandmother's depression glass, 1 pink and one green. The sugar holder (I can't remember what you called it) is amazing. I don't blame you for treating yourself.

    I love how even the rug matches the table theme! I'm glad to see how beautiful everything looks on your glass table. My table is glass topped and when I started tablescaping I traded it for the antique oak table that is usually in my basement. I wasn't sure how the glass would photograph...but, I see that I can change them back soon!

    Great tip about the berries. Thanks!


  18. Stunning, charming, lovely....I loved all of it.

  19. Happy Birthday to you. Love your present to yourself. Very pretty in pink!


  20. Happy Birthday!! Absolutely beautiful pink depression glass. I have one lone piece, a candle holder and would love to start getting more. The pale pink and darker pinks really make the table.

  21. Happy Birthday!!! Oh what a beautifu table! I love depression glass of any kind and this pink is gorgeous!! Everything...the silver, the FOOD, it's all yummy! WHat a beautiful shower or bridesmaids table that would make. And how special that you have those wonderful memories. Gorgeous!!

  22. Happy Birthday Rett!! Your table is beautiful as always. I think your pretty pink dishes need to make a comeback in a Valentine's Day table. Wouldn't that be lovely?!!

  23. First thing...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!!! I just LOVE your PINK depression glass...I should...I have a whole china cabinet full of is the story. When we were cleaning out my in-laws house we found boxes and boxes of it in the husband does not remember it...we had soooo much of it that we had to go out and buy a SPECIAL china cabinet for it...had it displayed for years...just boxed it away for awhile a year ago...I hope my girls will want it one day. We both are very lucky to have such SPECIAL and PRETTY dishes that have been passed down in our families:)


  24. My, that is just a lovely table setting! I love your pink depression glass. Just everything goes so well together. I love your little sugar scuttle. I've been trying to get one on eBay for months and get outbid at the last minute every time!!!

    I also am a January Baby!!! Mine is the 22nd!!!
    That pink depression glass is so lovely, what a great addition to your beautiful table!!!!I think the table is set for a princess!!!!!
    The meal sounds lovely as well!!!!
    I also love pie more then cake!!!!
    What ever the number it is jsut that, a number --you llok great and feel great so who cares the number!!!!
    Wishing you all the best and the greatest gift is your darling hubby by your side for lots more years!!!!!
    Happy Birthday,

  26. Rett, What an absolutely beautiful table - I am such a pink girl you have won my heart. I lurve depression glass but sadly I only have green - nothing like your treasures.
    Have a Happy Birthday!!

  27. Rett, this is absolutely gorgeous. I love all of it. YOur pink depression glass is stunning and what a family treasure. So many beautiful serving pieces and you have paid such attention to every detail. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hugs, Marty

  28. How beautiful and you don't look a day over 90!!! Just kidding. What time should I be there?

    Happy Happy Birthday.

  29. Happy Birthday to you! I love your table. It is so festive and ladylike. I think the pink depression glass mixed with the other dishes is beautiful.

  30. Happy Birthday!!! We are having my boyfriends parents over for his dad's birthday brunch on Sunday. I am going to try to have the tablescape up later today when it is complete, but yours is so delicate and beautiful, I just love it!

  31. Oh my, Rett!! Your table is GORGEOUS!! I love depressionware. I used to have tons of the blue Fire King (until an ex-husband decided to place a carton of books on the box containing my glassware during a move...oy).

    You have so many beautiful pieces. And I love how you give such loving tribute to your mother by carrying on her table traditions. Beautiful, my friend -

  32. Rett, Happy, Happy Birthday! Your table is so beautiful and elegant. I like the idea of using the sugar scuttle for nuts, how clever. Your mother's pink depression pieces are beautiful.

  33. What a beautiful, feminine table! Your flatware pattern is particularly elegant. I love how beautiful tablesettings are made even more meaningful with the years of tradition behind them.
    Have a wonderful birthday!

  34. Hi Rett- I just read your comment on my blog. I laughed out loud. I guess I won't complain when my husband pokes fun at me for all of my pillows- he may hate them too, but he doesn't fuss. At least not out loud!
    So like men! But we love them through it, don't we?
    I always get excited when I know you have visited!
    Yvonne (hugs)

  35. happy Birthday Rett!!!! Such a gorgeous table, like all the ones you do!!!!
    I am having my birthday dinner Sunday as well, at my sister's. My birthday is not until Friday the 22nd.

  36. Oh Happy early Birthday. I loved your table. And the discription of each item. All the dishes are so pretty. What a fabulous job of putting it all together.
    And that strawberry trick wow. Thanks for sharing. I might have to copy you photo so I won't forget it! LOL.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day and a great birthday,

  37. First of all Happy Birthday! I love your birthday present to yourself!!
    Your table is so pretty...I just love the pink depression glass dishes...and with the roses, it is perfect!

  38. Oh, Rett, you have brought back such memories. Your table is absolutely lovely and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. It certainly is on its way to being very special.

    When I was a very very new bride I started picking up pink depression glass at rummage sales. I knew nothing of it, just that it was pretty. A few years later, when the children were babies and we hit a really tough financial rough spot, I sold it all to an self proclaimed "junk man" for 25.00. That lucky man got 12 place settings and all sorts of accessory pieces. Was I dumb or what? Maybe he was just a lot smarter than me. Any way that 25 dollars helped with the groceries and I never really thought much more about it till years later. You would have loved all I had, Rett. Oh, well. Enjoy your special dinner.

  39. How beautiful! Love all the details..and the history!
    Happy Birthday, and a healthy year to you.
    I did a blog post on the strawberry thing last spring..I saw it done on TV and thought it was the neatest thing..Then I use my decorator and fill it whipped cream..:)

  40. Rett,
    Happy Birthday! Waht a beautiful tablescape! Love the light pink glass ware and the stunning roses! What lucky guests you have to join you at such a excellent table!... Dee Dee

  41. OMG...I am a bad friend! I didn't see this until today and now it's too late to get your card out to you in time. Phooey I guess you'll just have to celebrate Monday too! :D

  42. Thank you for stopping in at Starting Over, don't forget the big giveaway starting today.
    Thanks Jeanette Starting Over

  43. Oh my is this not beautiful! I love pink depression glass! And your collection is just wonderful -- I have a little, but nothing as wonderful as your -- love your china as well -- everything looks so beautiful upon your pretty table -- this is the perfect happy occasion tablescape!

  44. Rhett,
    I believe La France is located on 7th Ave. (Ybor City area) in Tampa...Have a great time there. I thought I would let you know that I'm adding you to my FAV blogs on my sidebar:)


  45. I hope you had a very Happy Birthday! I feel like I have been to your house. All of the pinkish decor is just divine. It looks good enough to eat!
    Thanks for the strawberry tip. That is one thing I hate about strawberries is removing that stem.

  46. Happy Birthday!! Everything is just usual. I hope you have a fabulous day and that everyone waits on you.


  47. Happy Birthday to You! What a beautiful table! The Depression Glass is the prettiest I've ever seen. Love that trellis pattern, and that salad bowl! How wonderful that they belonged to your family. Your bee stemware is so pretty, and your china is exquisite. Can you tell I love this tablescape? laurie

  48. Rett, This table is awesome! I Love that decanter! I also have a thing for pink glass and have some pieces that I would love to know how much they are worth. I already see that I could spend hours on your blog, I wish there were more time in the day. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and I left you an answer on it to your question about the fruit display. I can't wait to explore your blog more when Big Boy isn't here wanting me to get off the computer. Love that table! Sandy

  49. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments! I browsed your blog and have to say my favorites were your little GD and the beautiful pink depression glass table. I love how you showed so many details of the table. Very attractive.


  50. Beautiful! I am the dish and glass Queen...a girl can never have too much....I don't care what my hubby says.LOL. Family pieces like this are such a treasure, and the older things are so pretty I just love pink also....sorry I missed the party!
    I am also an RN...but haven't practiced in 30 years.

  51. This is long past your birthday (almost time for another one), but I had to say how much I love the table setting with your mother's precious dishes.

    1. Thank you, Lillian! I have so many wonderful memories associated with these pink depression dishes. I now have the blue ones that my Mom originally gave to my younger sister, but she has moved to Maui & didn't want to risk taking them with her. I need to use them in another tablescape soon. I hope by photographing & listing the origins of these family treasures, that my DD & DGD will be able to remember who owned them before me & thus, they will appreciate them as much as I do.


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