Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sewing Room Credenza

Recently, Lisa H. Calle, an award winning quilter, 
did a blog post & asked her readers
 to show how they stored their thread.

That reminded me that I've never shown
 my hand painted (not by me!)
 credenza in my sewing room! 

2014-08-30 001 004

This is the cabinet where I store most (not all) of my threads.

2014-08-30 001 005

I just fell in love with both the painted scrolls &
 the carvings on this piece.

2014-08-30 002 007

It looks very French to me, 
so I've tried to accent that style with
 napkins with scrolls
 & trivets with French wording
 to carry out the theme.

2014-08-30 002 009

This past year, I added a coffee/tea station 
that allows my guests to enjoy a hot cup of either while visiting.

The little rack on the left holds bottles of 
various sugar free flavorings while the
gold chest on the right contains
an assortment of teas.

I use the two shelves behind the doors to 
store my threads for the Innova longarm machine,
keeping them away from both damaging light & dust.

I tried to group them according to colors &
 get a thrill every time I open it!
Reminds me of a rainbow!

On the other side of the room, I have my tea cups & 
a few teapots on display in a wooden secretary.

I wish I were talented enough to paint it, 
but I hate to paint!  
Just not my thing!

I'm sure I've shared this little hand painted hutch 
 on the other side of the sewing room.

It is nearer the table where I sit with guests
 to enjoy a sweet treat...or two...with our tea.

It also has a few teacups & pretty
 vintage "Quban Royal" plates, 
which are trimmed in 
 14 k.  gold & have to be hand washed,
thus mostly used for display.

I am NOT going to open the bottom doors on this one.  
It needs to be straightened up first before I show it off!

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House today.  
If you're ever in the neighborhood, 
just ring the doorbell &
 I'll gladly put the kettle on!



  1. What a treat it would be, Rett, to sit in your sewing room, enjoying a cup of tea and looking at your latest project! I can imagine that it must be such a good feeling, to have all the thread so well-organised and to have a tea and coffee station ready for whenever you need a break from that latest project. What a lovely creative space you have!

  2. Definitely a rainbow of colors of thread! Such a beautiful credenza to store them in too! I have a few storage places I couldn't show off either!

  3. Your sewing room sounds like a real haven, Rett. Comfy chairs and a tea station would make it a place I wouldn't want to leave. I really like the little painted hutch with the birds on the doors.

  4. I love your sewing room. Mine is stored all over the house and half the time I can't find what I am looking for. I have started sorting my sewing items in the plastic shoes boxes so I can see what I have.
    Your cabinet is so very pretty.
    Have a great rest of the week,

  5. What beautiful painted pieces of furniture you have! Love the coffee and tea stations as well. I'm not sure I'd get a lot of sewing done! LOL!

  6. Oh, my! I love your furniture piece. It's gorgeous. You seem to be very organized too. Love your sewing room. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. I love seeing peeks around your sewing room, Rett. You are so organized and so ready for your guests to enjoy themselves, too. I remember the one piece that you and your Ernie picked up and brought down to your sewing room. It's such a sweet memory for me!

  8. Yup, the sewing room is as organized as every other room in your house! No surprise to me, that's for sure! Love ya, hon! Be well!

  9. I know your sewing room is huge but now I know it is also beautifully furnished. Love it all. We have a coffee station now and love it, so convenient.

  10. What pretty and clever ways to share your serving pieces as well as store your sewing items! I do so enjoy visiting you through your blog. Happy Spring!

  11. Rett, I love getting a peek into your sewing room! Your rainbow of thread has such a pretty home in your credenza and with a coffee station too! I love your cute snowman quilted wall hanging especially with the chickadees by his side and the color is perfect with the golds and scrolls in your credenza. Do you rotate or change your quilt out seasonally with all your wonderful pieces? You sewing room must be generously sized to have an area to work and room for your pretty furniture too. Thanks for the peek, I'd SEW love to see more of your room in work mode too :)

    1. I used to rotate the quilts in the upper part of the house, according to holidays but it is difficult to get them put up & taken down without Ernie to hold the ladder & steady me, Mary. I'm fearful of falling when I'm home alone & when the kids are here, I never remember to ask them for help!
      I do switch the ones in the guest room, according to the holiday. I have ones for almost every occasion that fit nicely on a rod that is attached to a display shelf. I'll take some photos of that area soon.


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