Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Plans



Come in through the front door...I'm almost ready for Easter.
There are rabbits all over The Gazebo House!


The foyer shelf holds my Kaldun & Bogle Easter Egg trinket box, in pink & green, next to a darling porcelain bunny with a matching ribbon.


On the other side of the shelf, a second bunny sits beside a fun photo of "Bill", a beautiful golden retriever who used to ride around with his owner in their golf cart in our development in Venice, FL.  His picture brings back fond memories of our time there.


Outside, near the front walk, one very heavy stone rabbit is inspecting some white hyacinths, that are about to open.

The dining room table contains items for coffee, tea & desserts, since we're eating in the sunroom on Sunday. 

DSC_4026                                                                                                                                                            DSC_4028

Two different Easter teapots sit at the ready, awaiting a selection of various flavored teas.


Ms. C. loves English Breakfast tea the most...I prefer Irish Breakfast, but honestly there isn't much difference to me!


That is a Longaberger  egg plate in the center, that awaits the eggs I intend to dye tomorrow. 


My apothecary jar contains colorful plastic eggs, while the bunny dish has pastel malted milk balls.


I thought this pretty Fitz & Floyd Easter egg plate matched the pales shades of the candy dish & contents.


Like many other bloggers at this time of year, I'm using my Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates & bowls.


They provide such wonderful texture & they're just so perfect for SPRING!!


I have several other "cabbage" accessories that aren't made in Portugal, but still look very similar.


Peter Rabbit holds pepper & the little cabbage he is resting upon holds the salt.


The triple server awaits various condiments & accoutrements to be added Sunday morning just prior to the family's arrival after church.


This little creamer really needs a matching sugar bowl, but I have not been able to find one yet.


Of course, everybody gets a nice big solid chocolate bunny!
I already sent one back to Kenyon college with DGS#1, 
as he won't be able to come home for Easter.
The table will seem very empty without both he & Ernie eating with us.


I have some pretty pots of flowers in the sunroom windows, just waiting for it to warm up so they can go in the ground.  There are three mixed red & white dianthus plants, which should come back every year.  The blossoms look like peppermint to me!

It is risky to plant things here in Ohio before Mother's Day in May, out of fear of frost.


I always set out all the serving bowls that I think I'm going to need before the actual serving day.
I usually put little papers with the names of what I'm putting in them, so I don't forget anything.
These will be for salad & broccoli, to go with a Honey Baked Ham, buttered parsley potatoes, ambrosia salad with coconut, pineapple & colorful marshmallows & Rhodes buns (which taste EXACTLY like my Dad's homemade bread!)


The pale yellow waffle weave napkins were embroidered by me, years ago.
Sadly, I can't remember where I got the design.  I always like to give credit for the designers, as I don't digitize.


Other areas of the house have more spring-like Easter colors to brighten up the rooms.
We need has been dreary~rainy~gloomy around here!
Those are hand painted Spring Carnival Ceramic baskets on either side of the fireplace mantel.

Shhhh...don't tell the kidlets, but I hid special eggs with MONEY inside each one.  
I wonder how long it will take for them to discover their treasures?


Ms. C. requested a "chocolate bunny cake" for dessert & I fully intended to make one with the Wilton bunny pan but when I went to the grocery store & saw this darling PINK BUNNY cake that came in chocolate flavor, I snatched it up, as it is much cuter than anything I could have done.


Wish you & yours a very Blessed, Happy & Healthy Easter!!


  1. What a lovely day you will have! Everything is so beautiful! I hope the promise of Easter will comfort you as you miss your sweetie. Thinking of you.

    1. Thank you Aliceart, for you kind words. We all missed having my Ernie at the table this year. In fact, I honestly think this second time around has been even harder. I think I was still in shock last Easter & was just going through the motions.
      I appreciate your sweet words of comfort.

  2. Hi Rhett, I have enjoyed catching up with you this evening. Family helps make the holidays so much better for us. I loved all of the flowers and your home will look beautiful. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley.

    1. Thanks Shirley! I visited your blog & was glad to hear you were going to be with your hubby for Easter.
      I appreciate your kind compliments & sincere prayers, too.

  3. Beautiful table...don't you just love the cabbage dishes! That is the cutest cake...almost too cute to eat.
    Happy Easter, Rett.

    1. Would you believe everybody was too full to even cut the bunny cake?! I'm taking over to the grands house today for them to enjoy. I can't have stuff like that around, calling my name!!!

  4. Rett, All your bunnies and Easter decor is so festive! I love the BP cabbage this time of year, I'd love to have a couple of pink plates to mix things up and mix with my green. I wish I had known you were looking for a bunny sugar bowl to match your creamer. I feel certain I saw a bunny one, not identical but one that would be cute to coordinate at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago. I could have emailed you a photo and picked one up for you! Wishing you, Miss C and the rest of your bunnies a wonderful Easter. ♥

    1. Thanks Mary, for the tip about the cabbage sugar bowls at Home Goods! I think I'll go there today to check them out. I've looked online & not found one that is exactly the same as my set. Maybe I'll get find so many great treasures at HG!!! I just wish mine was closer.

  5. What beautiful Easter decorations!!! Love all the flowers and bouquets as well. Once again, you've created a welcoming home for this special Easter weekend. :) I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I bet your grands will be decked out in gorgeous heirloom style this Easter. You always do such lovely garments. I wish you would come to Ohio to give classes someday!

  6. I so enjoyed taking a peek around your home filled with Easter decor, Rett! I especially was drawn to the two pretty teapots and those two bunnies facing each other on the dining table. Your napkin is so pretty and I know how much time it takes to change all those colors, while embroidering! I'm with you, and prefer Irish breakfast tea, and I'd love a cup with a slice of that cute bunny cake.
    Happy Easter blessings to you, Rett!

    1. I knew YOU would notice the teapots, Kitty! I think I'll start featuring some of mine in a blog post monthly. I figure that way, I'll have to climb up to get each one down & I know it will get washed before it goes back up on the shelf. LOL Spring cleaning with a secondary purpose. Hahaha!

  7. You're nearly all set for a wonderful Easter lunch. It is just after 0700 here and I am taking a break from setting the table and baking the lemon cake for tomorrow's dessert. I am making it us as I go along as far as the table goes, but there will be some sort of nest in the centre of the table, with coloured eggs around an old German ceramic hen. There may be photos - if I remember! Happy Easter Rett!!

    1. Ooooo, lemon KNOW that is one of my favorites! I'd take that over chocolate any day!
      I hope you do find time to take some pictures so we can see your festivities, Ms. H.

  8. Your Easter decorations are full of life and prettiness, Rett. Your menu sounds similar to ours. I need to run out to the grocery store for a few more things and then I'll be set. Yesterday I baked Hot Cross Buns and cleaned the house. Today is dinner prep. We're also celebrating my husband's 60th birthday, so the celebration will be grand! Happy Easter, Rett. May the joy of family and the hope of Christ's Resurrection fill your heart!

    1. I've never made Hot Cross Buns, Lorrie! I've certainly EATEN them before, though. You should do a recipe post next year on how you do them.

  9. bless you at Easter, and always.

  10. Your decorations are all wonderful, Rhett and what memories they will create for your family! We did a Bunny Cake here as that's Jen's tradition and they were all visiting for the long weekend. It came out quite good, not quite as "bunny" looking as yours but presentable.

    May you have a blessed and happy Easter with your loved one celebrating Spring and the Resurrection. Bless you and Easter hugs!

    1. Of course I meant to say "loved ones" and I know you are blessed with so many that answer that description!

    2. I knew what you meant, Bunny! I'm glad to hear you were with your grands for the holiday, too!


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