Monday, March 21, 2016

Banana & Coconut

Bringing this older post back up to the top,
just in case others might want to 
look for these really cute cupcake liners
that came with the flower picks.

I'm using my egg plates
to hold these treats.

I found these cute cupcake liners at Wal-Mart
so I made banana cupcakes!
They came with the matching little flower picks, too!

I used paste coloring...
violet, rose, leaf green & sky blue.
Lord, please let me live long enough
to use up all the colors I have?
That will make for a very long life!

This cut glass egg plate, below
holds candy filled eggs
for the grandchildren.

Don't you just all these
bright spring colors?

Thanks for visiting The Gazebo House!

Before you go, please help yourself to a cupcake

I'm having one with a cup of tea right now.
Have a great start to your week!




  1. Oh, I LOVE all your cheerful photos! thanks s much for sharing at MM. :)

  2. Love love coconut cupcakes! Such happy Springy colors in your post today!
    BTW I LoVe your header image..peonies and sweet angel..gorgeous!

  3. Those are adorable and what a smart idea for your egg plate! I may have to borrow that one!

  4. Delicious looking cupcakes! I love all the bright colors; they are so pretty, especially on your beautiful egg plates!

  5. Oh what fun! Love all the color!

  6. first of all, banana cupcakes!! I buy these at Central Market and they are so dreamy - I've never attempted any on my own. I adore spring colors and I'll go ahead and admit that I enjoy decorating for Easter more than (dare I say...) Christmas! I can see the comments coming now...but I cannot lie. Love your ideas!

  7. Rett, I wish I had one for my evening cup of tea. They look delicious! Love the idea of using your egg plate for the Easter eggs. You are so clever!

  8. I finally had enough energy to read a few blogs and say a few "thank yous" for all the support. My mom is slowly improving and will need to go from the hospital to rehab to gain some strength in order to go home. She isn't happy about it, but she knows it has to be that way. She still has a battle to fight when she is stronger, but she is determined and trying to be as brave as one can be considering all that she's been through.

    I am tired in a way I've never been before (as you know). It is odd how sitting around a hospital makes you more tired than actually doing something. We are getting to do some other things (like buying dishes) the past couple days as my dad sits with her. We just keep our fingers crossed and count our blessings.

    I love this colorful post. I keep forgetting it is almost Easter. Thanks again.


  9. What cute treats! I love your egg plate.

  10. To be fair, I find cupcakes much more appealing than deviled eggs. Especially when they are so colorful! I love the colored adds a very Easter-y touch.

  11. Love the cupcakes!!! I think I will do cupcakes for Sunday Dinner on Easter instead of a regular cake!!!
    We are having an Egg Hunt also for the children!!
    Love your egg plate by the way!!

  12. Hi Rett - Yes I do love all the beautiful colors of spring. I have a weakness for coconut cupcakes and would eat one right now for breakfast with my coffee.

  13. Love the mosaic today full of color. Don't they sell the best cupcake liners and little do hickies to go with them lately? Your cupcakes are so cute. I know what you mean about not eating those devil eggs but I will make some for my daughters husband anyway and I will cheat and eat one:) Happy Easter.

  14. Your post is such a cheery place to visit on a very rainy morning. The light is just coming over the trees and the rain is pounding on the roof.
    I just sent a box full of those plastic eggs to my grandchildren in the east. I had a great time filling them with candy and nestling them in the coloured 'grass'.

  15. Wow colorful and festive photos. Beautiful creations.


    Have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter.

    Daily Living

  16. Rett, I'm not sure what is going on with blogger, but I can't see your pictures. I can read typepad fine and see their pics, but for some reason the pics on blogger won't load for me. Hmmmm... hope they get this worked out. I've been MIA and will be again after today, but I will see you when I return.


    Sheila :-)

  17. Rett, blogger is being a real stinker today and I can't see your photos, but to use the deviled egg dishes to hold cupcakes sounds like a wonderful idea.
    I got a real chuckle out of you wanting to send your sis over for our lunch. I can't wait until you get here to visit her and then we can have another one and get to meet you. That would be so much fun. Hope you are having a super day. Hugs, Marty

  18. It's pouring rain here today, so your colorful photos are really cheering me! Those cupcakes are precious, and I love the egg plates!


  19. Hi Rett!

    I promised to give up sugar for lent but this post has made that promise harder than ever! delicious.
    Thank you so much for always visiting my blog and leaving such kind words of support and encouragement. Dan's family read your comments and all chuckled at the "knee mail". Although Dana still has quite a ways to go, she is making great progress. We are certain much of it is in part because of strong prayers and thoughts such as yours. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers and may you and your loved ones have a wonderful Easter holiday.

    Julio,Dan and the Little American

  20. These look yummier than deviled eggs any old day! Too cute!

  21. Those cupcakes look so good....and I loved the white embossed egg plate....Happy Easter!! Sue

  22. Oh so cute!
    Those little egg shaped cupcakes would be wonderful on your plate too!

  23. Everything looks so yummy! I wish I was there to help you eat it all!

  24. Those cupcakes are soooo cute, and so is that bunny tea pot! laurie

  25. Rhett, thanks so much for the visit and the kind words. As you know it's a different world we live in now. I'm so sorry for your loss, if there is anything I can do or say I'm your gal. I am enjoying the Reno taking the house from a we to a me. The hours are long and lonely this helps feel some of that gap. Sending hugs { } to you. fondly ~ lynne ~

  26. Rett, when I saw your cupcakes on my Bloglovin feed, I raced over to say hello. I love coconut cupcakes, and the colorful toppings are so festive and perfect for Easter. I've thought of you often and have sent good wishes your way, my dear. xxoo

  27. Oh my word, those cupcakes are not only delish looking but adorable too! It's so nice you took the time to do this lovelies and decorate them as well.
    You are gifted with a wonderful and happy personality and that makes one go by the days when we miss a loved one.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I so appreciate it.
    Happy Easter,

  28. Rett, I love the idea of using the egg dish for the plastic eggs. They look quite festive and very tempting displayed this way. And please pass me a cupcake with some green coconut! Very clever and cute! Linda

  29. What a clever idea. Love your pretty Spring colors. They make me happy. The grands will love the egg surprises. I will grab a cupcake, thank you. The bunny teapot is the cutest ever. Thank you for wishing us happy anniversary. Happy Spring.

  30. This is such a colorful and delightful post...if I can, I am going to make cupcakes for Easter here..hope I can find those cute picks....

  31. Hi Rett! What a sweet post and the cupcakes look so sweet! Love all of the colors! Thanks for popping in to see me and I wish you a happy Easter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. I'm in love with your Springy colors and using the egg plate for cupcakes. The teapot is so cute, Rett. Wish I could join you for a cuppa tea and a cupcake.
    Happy Easter blessings to you. xo

  33. Love the vibrant colors of your eggs mixed with your cupcakes Rett! I've seen so many cute Easter items at Walmart this year. I "love" the candy leaf in your coconut too :)


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