Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quilted Christmas Wreath Wall Hanging

I'm blessed to belong to a long arm guild that meets once a month in Zanesville, OH...(almost a 2 hr. drive me) but SEW worth the trip!!!
These gals are awesome quilters....many are published teachers & everyone shares their talents so generously.
  Well, a few months ago, one of the teaching members held a trunk show that knocked my socks off.
  What an incredible body of work that spanned decades, no lie!!!
At the end of her show, she brought forth a big blue tub of quilt TOPS & the board members proceeded to random draw names of all the members who were present that day & each of us received a GORGEOUS quilt top from the teacher. 
Many were the samples that she had made up for demo purposes with her classes.  We were stunned...there were 28 quilt tops that she gave away...many of them bed sized, too!
I was so very grateful to have gotten a small one, given my lack of expertise at this point.
We made a secret pact to have them all completed by yesterday's Christmas Luncheon/Meeting to surprise her with our *Show & Tell*  She was really touched & even though not everyone who got a quilt was able to be there, we had a really nice representation.
Every one was so different & beautifully done, too.
Here is my little wall hanging &/or table topper that I did.  It is 34” x 34” & fits a little square table that I have in my sun room but I really prefer to see it on the wall, so as not to cover up any of it.
DSC_3756 sm.JPG

She fussy cut all the red & green Christmas poinsettia & holly fabric into little pieces to form the wreath shape.

DSC_3760 sm.JPG

I used a gold thread to mimic the gold veins in the fabric & the shape of a wreath...first with my computer then proceeded to echo & embellish it a bit more with free motion.


I stitched in the ditch (seam) between the dark squares that outlined the wreath, then used my Auto Pilot to place a quilted design in each corner.  I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the design.  I did this 4 or 5 months ago & have been sitting on it, just waiting till after the guild's meeting to share it with you here.

DSC_3761 sm.JPG

This shot shows the quilting so much better on the back.  I had to lighten the photo a bit, so you could see the is really a rich, deep navy blue.

DSC_3762 sm.JPG

This last close up lets you see the cross design I added to the center as well as the tiny little almost Celtic looking motif in the middle of it.
(A wee nod to my Irish heritage)

What a treasured gift this has become & I will think of M. every year when I unpack it for display.

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today especially when everyone is so busy with their holiday preparations.
Remember the “Reason for the Season”!



  1. Swoon Rett! SEW generous of your teacher to give quilt tops away and fun that you all agreed to finishing for your show & tell! I love seeing the detail on the back of your piece and how the front was pieced to form the wreath. I always enjoy seeing what you're quilting and sewing. ♥

  2. How fabulous of M to gift you all with a quilt top. Fussy cutting all that fabric to form a beautiful wreath was perfection. You finished the topper so beautifully, Rett, and I love the gold thread and the Celtic design in the middle. I would want to display this gorgeous piece on the wall, too.
    I'm happy to see that you're keeping busy, and I hope you're doing're still in my prayers.
    P. S. The picture of the Holy Family at the end of your post is beautiful. Merry Christmas hugs, Rett!

  3. What a fabulous way to gift someone with her own creativity. M sounds like a generous soul. Your work did the piece justice - it's gorgeous. Your finishing thoughts on this post are so apt. I hope your Christmas is full of joy, even as you miss your beloved.

  4. Rett, it's absolutely beautiful. I know you are going to enjoy it for the holidays. What a generous friend. I know she was touched to see that each had followed through with completing the quilt tops. How wise of her to make these gifts so they could be completed and enjoyed rather than sitting in a stack.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm glad you shared my post with your brother here in Texas. The antler tree featured was from Fredricksburg. ;-)
    Merry Christmas, dear friend!

  5. Rett, your quilting is beautiful...and so is that table topper. I can't imagine the patience it takes to do all that cutting around the poinsettias and holly leaves.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Rett, it is so beautiful, the work is just amazing.
    Merry Christmas

  7. Wow, your quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love the wreath design-enjoy:@)

  8. Beautiful quilt. I so admire your talent and creativity. I know how long it takes to make a treasure such as this. My Mother quilts as well. Merry Christmas dear Rett. xo

  9. Your work is beautiful, Rett. Stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


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