Monday, January 05, 2015

Sugar Cookies & Cherry Cheesecake Bites

tea & heart cookies 010

When my sweet granddaughter called to tell me (in a sad little voice) that all of their Christmas cookies were gone, I immediately got busy & made some more for her!

I've been wanting to practice some "flooding" techniques for decorating sugar cookies anyway. 

The recipe I now use for sugar cookies comes from Sweetopia.
It really holds the cut-out shapes well.   tea & heart cookies 002

I can remember my mother, as she was baking, reminiscing about how she could remember the sound of HER mother’s wedding ring, tapping against the side of the old sifter, as she combined the flour, salt & baking powders.
I can STILL HEAR the same sound of my mother’s gold band, doing the exact same thing as she made sugar cookies for my brothers & sisters at Christmas time!  Homemade sugar cookies are, by far, my most favorite cookie in the whole wide world...even more than Girl Scout Thin Mints!!!  (which Ms. C. will be selling very soon...just sayin')
I hope Caroline has the same fond memories of baking in the kitchen with her *Nana Rett*.
tea & heart cookies 009

I did this batch in Delta Zeta colors of PINK & that combination.  My hands aren't very steady & I need to work on getting the consistency of the icing correct, but they sure taste good, if I do say so myself.  
Over the holiday, I took a plate of my mini cherry cheesecake tarts to a New Year's Day party.  They looked so pretty on the red & white plate, that I just had to share a photo.
The recipe for them can be found HERE.

 2015-01-01 001 007

I'm glad you stopped by The Gazebo House today!
Take a cookie with you...I still have plenty left & I'm happy to make more.


  1. Those cookies look soooo good, Rett...sugar cookies are by far my favorites, too. The cherry cheesecake bites look pretty good, too.

  2. I'll bet Ms C is happy with your beautiful sugar cookies, Rett! Homemade are the best, and yours turned out so well. The cherry cheesecake bites look yummy, too. I'd like one of each, please!

  3. You have the patience of a saint! I have made TONS of Christmas cookies in my life, but NEVER roll out sugar cookies that I have to decorate. Too putsy for me, thank you! I give you credit! Lucky Caroline! (And Ernie!)

  4. Oooo, looks so yummy! They look very nicely "flooded" to me and I am sure will make one little girl's sweet tooth very happy.

  5. Your cookies turned out great Rett and the cheesecakes look yummy too! I'll bet Ms C was thrilled to get some more special cookies:@)

  6. Your cookies look wonderful, Rett! I like to make sugar cookies for Valentine's day and use the flooding technique. Mine never look very professional, but it's a tradition I like to keep up. Your granddaughter must have been very happy.

  7. The cookies and the little cherry cheesecakes look so good. I am sure little Ms C is enjoying one of those cookies as we speak. I have never tried flooding icing onto cookies. I usually make drop cookies. I think I will have a new adventure in baking for Valentines Day. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  8. What beautiful and delightful cookies, Rett....I want to learn to decorate them like that...I could really impress my grands. :)
    and the cream cheese bites...can't wait to make 'em...

  9. There is no doubt in my mind that Miss C will fondly remember her Nana Rett for the many wonderful and very special times she spent with you baking, sewing, reading, having tea parties, and a thousand other things that you do for her day in and day out. No Question, Nana Rett! '-)
    Beautiful cookies by the way. Makes me wish I could snatch one off that plate right now.

  10. What lovely cookies. You really did a beautiful job decorating them not to mention sweet to answer your granddaughter's wish :) Happy New Year, Rett!

  11. You are the best grandmother ever! What a wonderful memory for Ms. C! I can hear the click of the wedding rings, all those generations are with you in the kitchen, surrounding you with love and memories. Beautiful! I have longed to make cookies like yours, but I am unsteady myself, and the icing goes everywhere but on the cookie. I didn't know about the "flooding" technique--and I am eager to try your recipe. The tea party theme is gorgeous. Your cheesecake bites are very tempting! Stay warm and cozy. Already looking forward to spring, aren't you?

  12. Those are as cute as can be! I didn't realize DZ was pink and green. DDD colors are silver, gold, and blue. I'll trade! ;-)

    I am sure Miss Caroline will always remember baking with you. You make everything special, Rett!


    Sheila :-)

  13. You have me craving cookies and royal icing Rett! I need practice AND cookies with this cold weather! Wishing you and Miss C a sweet Valentine's Day. ♥


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