Sunday, December 28, 2014

Red & Gold Christmas Table, 2014

 2014-12-28 001 041
Please come into the dining room, where the table has been set for Christmas!

2014-12-28 001 007 - Copy

Instead of my usual cream Lenox *Winterberry* china, this year, I went with Mikasa's Rouge
A dear blogging friend, Mary McC. blessed me with four place settings of this gorgeous china.
Thank you SO much, Mary!  I immediately ordered four more so that I would have service for eight.

2014-12-28 001 017 - Copy

I love the rich red color & the deep coppery gold scrolls are right up my alley.
I like LOTS of bling!

 2014-12-28 001 006 - Copy 

This table has many treasured gifts on it this year.
The Lenox gingerbread man ornament was a gift
from Kathleen M., last year.  
I hung him in a spot, front & center.
Thank you, Kathleen!
I shall say a prayer for you every time I hang him on my little dining room tree.

2014-12-28 001 038

I have two of the plates set on a gold double-tiered serving tray, positioned on the buffet sideboard.
It is flanked by two beautiful angels with feathered wings.

2014-12-28 001 039 2014-12-28 001 040

2014-12-28 001 011 - Copy

Atop the salad plates, are my Arte Vetro stemmed compotes, made in Italy by the Vitri company.
The intricate lace rims are hand painted in 18 karat gold & are hand wash only & only by ME.  That way, if I break one, I have only myself to blame.

2014-12-28 001 015 - Copy

Waterford crystal & Oneida Americana flatware complete the place setting,
along with white, hemstiched napkins with glittery gold napkin rings.
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2014-12-28 001 018 - Copy
This HUGE Red poinsettia, with gold glittered brackets, was a Thanksgiving hostess gift from my beautiful daughter.
Thank you, Valerie!  It will be placed on the sideboard once we sit down to eat, and the compote-matching Arte Vetro vase will take its place, center stage, between two Ralph Lauren crystal candlesticks with gold candles.  

2014-12-28 001 016 - Copy

I even bought the butter dish that matches the china.
There are many more pieces to the set.
My birthday is coming up next month...I may have to go shopping! *wink*

2014-12-28 001 014

Another very thoughtful gift on the table is this Portmeirion pair of salad servers from my "Lace Camp" sewing friend & mentor, Jerry R.  
Thank you so very much for your thoughtful & beautiful gift, Jerry!  You, too, will be remembered in prayer with every salad I serve with them.

2014-12-28 001 009 - Copy

They are resting in my Waterford salad bowl, that I hand carried onto the plane when we returned from Ireland, years ago.  I make a special point to tell my granddaughter about the  birthplace of her maternal great, great, great, great grandmother!  I also want her to know the history of the pieces she will inherit someday.

2014-12-28 001 049

This round, crystal butter dish, which is currently holding ribbon candy, is also Waterford that I purchased on that same trip.

2014-12-28 001 022 - Copy

While out shopping a few months ago, with my quilting friend, Robin, I came upon this BEAUTIFUL vintage sugar skuttle!

I usually fill it with cashews but left it empty so you could see how the interior absolutely glows.  The intricately carved exterior resembles some of my other pieces, like the wine caddy below.

2014-12-28 001 026

The pretty *crinkle glass* Christmas bulb wine stopper was a gift, from Cathy M. a sewing friend from my days of living in Venice, FL.  Thank you, Cathy!  Even though we have lost touch, I think of you every time I put it out.
 2014-12-28 001 010 - Copy

2014-12-28 001 034

This sleek crystal water pitcher was a gift from my step-son & his wife, (who live in Chicago) on a visit here to see his Dad.
What a thoughtful hostess gift...thanks Tom & Deb!

2014-12-28 001 035

 2014-12-28 001 043

A second Waterford dish holds more ribbon candy on the other side of the centerpiece.  I have a real *thing* about balancing both ends of the table.  It also makes it easier for people to help themselves to a sweet treat to go along with their coffee & cookies at the end of the meal.

2014-12-28 001 047

2014-12-28 001 048

A pretty cut glass bread tray will hold some homemade rolls, using my father's family recipe.  His grandfather & my father's Uncle Scott, owned a bakery in 1916.  I have a token coin for a 5¢ loaf of bread from their bakery (with the family name) framed so that you can see both sides of it, along with a handwritten note from his cousin & a photograph of the two men standing in front of the bakery.  You can see it in this blog post.
  2014-12-28 001 028

As usual, I've used my sofa table, placed along the wall, as a sidebar, to set up coffee/tea cups.

2014-12-28 001 032

My pretty poinsettia teapot matches the cups perfectly...another gift...from my sisters this time!
Thanks Weezie & Fritzie!!  I do ♥♥♥ my tea!
Christmas cookies for dessert are located on a round table, off to the side.
2014-12-24 002 002 

2014-12-28 001 051

As I'm sitting here, typing this post, I glanced over to one of my two extra dining room chairs that we keep in the den.
I was amazed to see that the scroll design on the pillow is almost a perfect match to the scrolls on my new Mikasa china!!

2014-12-28 001 050

2014-12-28 001 012 - Copy

Serendipity for sure!
I will be posting this table with

2014-12-28 001 030

I hope the warm glow of the Christmas holiday continues to light up your homes throughout the New Year.

Thanks for stopping by The Gazebo House today.

I'll have Nicole's Mom's Christmas Tree quilt all ready to show off next time you visit.  I did the quilting with my Innova long arm quilting machine.  It came out SEW cute!!!


  1. Rett, I really love your new china, and what a thoughtful gift! It is lovely as are the other accoutrements on your table.

    I love the gingerbread ornament from Kathleen, the pretty angels, the pitcher, the Waterford, and all of the delicious candy! You set such a gorgeous table always, and this is certainly not an exception.

    Hoping that you and your loved ones have a wonderful 2015.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Your setting is very pretty Rett, the dishes are perfect for Christmas! And of course I'm lovin' those blingy napkin rings! Happy New Year, wishing you all the best in 2015:@)

  3. Truly gorgeous, my friend……and I give you credit. There is NO WAY I would go to all that fuss, especially when I'd have to wash all those dishes by hand. lol

    1. I love *playing* with my dishes, Carol & it is no trouble at all to wash & put them away. Many of the pieces belonged to my mom or grandmother & it brings back fond memories of them as I handle the things that they also touched. Now the pots & pans....that's a DIFFERENT story! LOL

  4. Rett, your table is beautiful and so elegant. The new china is the perfect color for a Christmas tablescape. I do love the red stemware. I haven't seen ribbon candy in favorite was always the orange one.
    Happy Healthy New Year to you and Mr. GH.

  5. Oh, what a beautiful table you've set with your new Mikasa dishes, Rett! I love the swirly design and it all looks so pretty with your sparkly stemware and you Waterford pieces. You have so many special treasures to enjoy and think of those who gifted them to you.
    Happy New Year to you and your sweetheart!

  6. OH MY! It is gorgeous! What a beautiful table you set, so elegant!
    And look at all those beautiful cookies! So glad there's something to remind you of our friendship on your tree!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, happy 2015!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen. Would you believe I still have cookies left? I think I went a little overboard this year. I'm froze many & will use them for a Downton Abby tea party today.

  7. Your tablescape is elegant and beautiful, Rett. I love your new china and your compotes and the red goblets! The sugar scuttle is cool too. Your sideboard is lovely with the cookies, coffee cups, and poinsettia teapot. I enjoyed seeing your Christmas table, Rett. Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

  8. Everything is so gorgeous right down to the glittery, cute graphic at the end.

  9. Rett, I have to say that your tablescape is one of the pretties I have ever seen. I love the dishes and all the lovely crystal pieces that you have. Everything looks so pretty and inviting. Thanks so much for sharing this post with us.
    Have a Happy New Year.

    1. I thank you for your kind words, Mary & yes, I do seem to have an affinity for crystal/blingy things. Like a magpie...anything that sparkles! LOL

  10. My sweet, sweet Rett, finally tonight I had some time to sit and look at your blog. I'm so very glad you loved your Portmeirion salad servers. Whenever I see beautiful things, you always come to mind. How I wish I had your knack and talent for creating such beauty in our home. Your new china is fabulous - and will serve you for any occasion where red is the preferred color scheme, without feeling too Christmasy. Don't you love it when you can create new themes with the china you love? Happy New Year to you and Ern.

    Sending my love,

  11. Happy New Year, Rett!

    I wanted to drop back by, ogle your tablescape again (that china!!!), and wish you the best for 2015. Happy New Year! I cannot believe the year is gone already. It just started!

    I also wanted you to know that I posted a giveaway of Joe Nye's tablescaping book on my blog. I thought you might see the pic on Susan's and think it was the same post when it is different. The dishes are the same, but I actually posted the full 'scape in this one. LOL I didn't want you to miss getting your name in the pot because this is a neat book. It came out several years ago, but I just love it. Love you, too! We had a quiet New Year which suits this old fogey fine! :-)

    1. How nice of you to host a *give-away* of a tablescaping book, Shelia!! Perfect choice for this crowd of dish lovers, too.
      We like quiet New Year's Eves at home, too. Too many drunks out on the roads!

  12. Genius always lies in the details, and your many special touches set this beautiful table on a high plane! Love the new glamorous. Happy New Year, sweet friend! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

    1. You have been such a mentor, Cherry Kay, in teaching us so much about beautiful tablescapes! You are right...the details make a big difference & YOU, my dear, are the Queen of Pretty Touches!!

  13. So lovely...that china pattern is perfect for the holidays and the gold accents really bring out the festive mood. Beautiful!

    1. Bev, this was the first time I've ever used red in the dining room for Christmas, as I've only had cream/ivory Lenox Christmas dishes before. I'm thinking these "rouge" ones will work for Valentines Day too but not this year...maybe 2016. I'll need to pair them with lots of white as I think the red or rouge will be difficult to match. That was why the gold accessories worked so well...high contrast. Thank you for your sweet comments.

  14. If Mikasa wants to sell a lot of this china, all they have to do is show your pictures! I had seen these dishes on the Mikasa site, and didn't give it a second look. Now I'm so impressed! This china is beautiful, and you more than do it justice. What a gorgeous table! That ribbon candy is such a nice touch, too! I'm going to remember that one for next year!

    1. The ribbon candy reminds me of my childhood, Maria...only time we ever had it was at Christmas. It is getting hard to find the thin kind!

  15. You've set such a gorgeous table, Rett. The rich colours and the scroll pattern of your new china suit the festive season well. I enjoyed reading about the stories behind some of the things you've shown - like the bread plate and the crystal bowl handcarried onto the plane. It's those stories that add meaning to the objects we love.
    Wishing you a most happy 2015!

    1. Thank you, Lorrie! You inspire me to blog more insightfully every time I visit your place. You have a lovely way with words that I envy.
      May 2015 bring you lots of JOY!

  16. This may be the most gorgeous tablescape I've ever seen. The joy of the holidays are summed up in these warm, beautiful details. I love how some cherished details came from bloggy friends and others were found with shopping buddies (the silver scoop looks magical the way the light hits it, as if it's filled with melted topaz).The candy ribbons, lights in a box (or fairy dust?), the napkin rings, the napkins, your sideboard, the mirror... I just loved it all! I wish you and yours all the best in 2015!!! xxoo

    1. Gosh, ML, I am flattered! Coming from you, that is one of the highest compliments ever! You made my day...thank you for stopping by to visit & thanks for hosting the fun gathering of folks each week on your beautiful blog.

  17. What a beautiful table, Rett! You are always an inspiration to me! I hope that your Christmas was happy, peaceful, and full of good memories and that the New Year brings you every blessing!

  18. Rett, I see several posts of yours that I have missed including this beautiful table! I love the pairing of your beautiful stemmed compotes with your gold rimmed dishes and chargers! How serendipitous too that your swirl design pillow complements your Mikasa Parchment Rouge. So many pretty treasures and gifts from friends at your Christmas table. I hope you're staying warm and cozy and sewing up a storm. ♥


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