Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tea & Cookies on a Snowy Day

2015-01-06 001 001

I'm stuck inside, on a bitterly cold & snow filled day, so my favorite thing to do (next to sewing) is BAKE!   
It warms up the house & I can continue to practice my icing skills, too.

tea & cookies on a snowy day 001

A hot cup of tea in a beautiful teacup (thanks baby sis, Ruth E.!) beside the fireplace.
  tea & cookies on a snowy day 003

I have several teacups to choose from but the one with the gold trim seems to always be the favorite.
I know my granddaughter always picks this one!

007[2].jpg teacups

 How appropriate is my "Tea Shop" teapot with SNOW on the roof???

tea & cookies on a snowy day 004

 I was able to consolidate the remaining fresh flowers from my Christmas tables into one snow white bouquet.
 tea & cookies on a snowy day 005

 ♥♥♥ LOVE ♥♥♥ those little lime green pops of color!  (What ARE those flowers called, anyway?)

 tea & cookies on a snowy day 006

 I thought *SNOWFLAKE* cookies would be the perfect shape for the day, along with teapots & teacups.

tea & cookies on a snowy day 002

My grandkidlets don't have school today, due to the -1º temperatures & the -17º wind chill, so I hope they will stop over to help me eat these goodies.'s cold!

You are welcome to stop by The Gazebo House, too.  The kettle is always on & we've always got some sort of treat to share.  

I'm linking up with Susan's Between Naps on the Porch for  Tablescape Thursday as well as Michael Lee West's Foodie Friday & Everything Else.


  1. What a sweet tea by the fireside, Rett! I love your snow topped tea pot and your pretty teacup. You are excellent at decorating your cookies and I'm sure the grands ❤️ them! My mom told me how bitterly cold it is, how school is out, and all the snow. Hope you stay warm in Ohio!
    p.s. I have the teapot cookie cutter, but not the teacup. I need to look for one! Your snowflakes look so pretty, too.

  2. Your post is so pretty! I love your teapot with its snow covered roof and your cookies are beautiful. Nothing like tea and cookies to chase away chills on a cold winters day! Picture perfect!
    Blessings My Friend,

  3. How simple lovely Rett! Your tea by the fire is beautiful and those cookies are adorable! My mom's got a house teapot, wish she gave it to me, lol!
    Have an amazing new year my friend.

  4. On am on my cyber way!! Looks so inviting!

  5. What a lovely way to stay cozy indoors on such a cold day. Love that house teapot - almost anything with a house motif appeals to me. The cookies are gorgeous and I'd be happy to nibble at one while sipping my tea, chatting with you all the while.
    Strength and peace to you today.

  6. It started off cold here this morning..20...but has warmed up to 50 now.
    Your tea by the fire and those lovely cookies
    Our girl, a registered nurse, is watching over her daddy and says it looks like just a cold. Daughter in love brought him some homemade ham and noodle soup just now...he is really going to be spoiled...:)

  7. Your cookies look great Rett, I'll bet they get gobbled up in no time! Never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to Philly warming up to 32 degrees tomorrow! Stay warm and cozy:@)

  8. Hi Rett, Your teapot is adorable, and so are your pretty cookies! Hope the grands stopped over to enjoy tea and cookies with you!

  9. The cookies are so pretty! I wish I could share a cup of tea with you. I love how you have a cabinet filled with lovely "tea things". I don't envy you that cold weather. It was 41F degrees here today and it was COLD to us. I kept my kindergarten sweeties inside for recess today.

  10. I think the green flowers are called Lisianthus! I love them! I'm not a winter person, so any sign of green is more than welcome! Your teacup is lovely!

    1. I could not remember their name, for the life of me, but I googled "little green button flowers & came up with photos showing them to be "green hypericum (also called St. John's wart and coffee bean)!!
      Whatever their name....I agree...Hurry up Spring!

  11. How I wish I could stop by for a cup of tea and several of those beautiful cookies. They are so cheerful on a cold wintery day. And your sweet little bouquet of flowers certainly brightens up your table. Enjoy the time with your grandkids.

  12. Oh, more gorgeous cookies! You've inspired me to roll up my sleeves and try your method. I love your fireside tea party--the snow-covered pot is so charming. Love your tea-station, your flowers and your pretty china.

  13. Glorious cookies, so pretty and creative. I would love to sit there with you and indulge. Your teapot and cup is so pretty. Beautiful vignette for such a lovely lady. xo

  14. I love fresh figs right off the bush, too.
    and dates, stuffed with creme cheese are so good.........
    By the way, do you know that you are a no-reply blogger..? or have we already covered this fact...?? :)

    1. I'm scared to try to change my email to one that doesn't have my last name in it, BJ!! I think I'll talk to Linda, the Fairy Blogmother about how to do it.

  15. you know, you can get an email address just for and yahoo are both free...

  16. It's cold here, too, and I wish I had some of those delicious looking cookies!! Your setting is so cozy in front of your fireplace. Stay warm, my friend!

  17. How cozy and beautiful, I love your setting by the fire and those cookies look awesome! Thanks for sharing sweetie.

  18. thanks for coming by to wish our grandgirl a happy birthday...and yes, I think she will make a wonderful nurse. She is going for NP next.
    Our daughter is a RN and another grand is in PT right now. I'm proud of them all...and I could never be a nurse..:(

  19. Very, very, very, very cute! Love the cookies and the teapot! The flowers and the whole setting are festive and fun.


    Sheila :-)

  20. I love your sweet snow covered tea shoppe Rett, pretty for enjoying tea and cookies by the fire! I don't have any icing skills, I need serious practice. Your cookies are adorable and no doubt delicious too. ♥


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