Monday, April 15, 2013


My older sister, Fritzie, is having a
knee replacement surgery Monday.
I'll be away from my blog for awhile,
as I'm going to be her private duty nurse
 for the first few days, post-op.

If you're so inclined, I'd appreciate your
*knee-mails* that she has an 
uneventful procedure.
 I'd also be grateful for any good thoughts & prayers
  towards keeping my DH safe at home while I'm gone.

He can manage for a few days alone,
although he hates it.
I've made lots of meals in advance for him.

We figured out how to help him do his
own eye drops!
If you keep the bottle in the refrigerator,
you can better tell if the drop 
has entered the eye properly.

Also, he has learned to balance the bottle
on the bridge of his nose so that the tip
is directly over his blind eye.

Since he can't SEE it, it has been difficult
for him to get it positioned just right.

Maybe these tips will help someone else 
do their own eye drops &
be able to maintain their
            independence a little longer.     

Thanks for stopping by.
I'll be back soon, I hope!
If I can find some free Wi-Fi access,
I'll link this post to Yvonne' StoneGable
  Tidbits, Tips & Tutorials.

EDIT:  I'm adding to my prayers the people of
Boston & West, TX too,
Please Lord, give them your Peace &
the strength to
cope with such terrible losses?


  1. Rett, of course I'll keep your sister, E, and you close in my thoughts and prayers. Travel safely! Fritzie is lucky to have you as her post-op nurse.
    All the best.......Sarah

  2. Praying you sister does well and recouperation is fast and easy!

  3. Rett, I just prayed for both of them and for you, too. All the best...



  4. Thinking of and praying for you and your sister and husband. I hope all goes well.

  5. I have a bad knee myself, so I sympathize with your sis and will be sending prayers to all of you. She is lucky to have a caring sister to help during the first difficult days. xo

  6. I will be praying for your sisters fast recovery and for your husband. Your a wonderful sister to take care of her after her surgery.

  7. Sending prayers for your sister's recovery, you and your husband during this time.

  8. Maybe you should have taken E with you to take care of your sister. I will worry about him while you are gone. What a bummer that you can't be in two places at one time.

  9. I will be keeping all of you in my prayers.

  10. Adding your sister and your husband to my prayers. She's so lucky to have such a good nurse to help her through her recovery. Sounds like some brilliant solutions to your husband's problems. laurie

  11. Praying for your sister, your husband, and you!! Take care and safe travels!

  12. Praying for all of you Rett, your family is lucky to have such a wonderful caregiver to help out.

  13. Knee-mails for you and your sister & DH, Rett! Wishing you safe travels~ your sister is lucky to have you as a post-op nurse!

  14. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way, Rett, that your sister's surgery goes well and she has a speedy recovery. Your hubby and sister are so lucky to have you looking after them. Good wishes to you all.

  15. Prayers have already been offered for your sister, your DH and for you. I wish a speedy recovery for your sister and I know she is so thankful to have you as her nurse. May your dear hubby fare well with all your thoughtful tips and meals you've prepared for him. Hugs and blessings sent your way.

  16. Rett - Lots of prayers and good thoughts are coming your way!

  17. I'm late to this, Rett, but I will hold your sister in prayer over the day. She is fortunate to have you to help her through the post-op!

  18. Prayers for all, Rett. You are such a kind and caring wife, sister, mother, friend!

  19. Oh, wow, Rett...I'm praying for your sister's quick recovery and for your husband to be able to get those eyedrops in. I know that's tough for a lot of people. If I lived closer I would gladly have gone over each day to check on him and make sure those eyedrops were properly administered.

    Fritzie (love that name!) is lucky to have her caring little sister to help her weather this storm. I'm praying for all of you!

  20. Rett,
    You and yours are in my prayers.

  21. Best wishes for your sister's perfect recovery! How wonderful that you will be there for her. It sounds like you're leaving your husband well prepared :)


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