Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I Never throw away a Rubber band!

hints 004

 This post comes under the heading of helpful tips I've been wanting to share.

I, truly, never throw away a rubber band!

 I use them to keep lids in place on items, especially glass ones, when I put them away for storage.  I also use them to secure lids for transport, such as in this triple slowcooker that I intended to use for Easter.

 Rubber band hints 001

  It works best if you loop one over EACH handle & then around the top knob.  That way, it is balanced & still secure, even if one breaks.

Rubber band hints 002

I also use them to keep my tongs closed when in the drawer.
I don't have the new fangled kind, with the push-handle closure that keeps them shut.  
This works just fine & they aren't all tangled
up with other utensils in the drawer.

 Rubber band hints

The heavy duty rubber bands from lobster claws work great for this...they are very sturdy & don't break easily.  Just be sure to wash them well!

Of course, I also use rubber bands to keep boxes of Equal & Spenda closed till I need them.  Also the Cream of Wheat box, with that stupid cardboard pour spout?  The cereal sticks to tape if you try to use that to keep it closed.  A rubber band works great, especially if it gets knocked around in the cupboard.  I'm ALL about prevention of messes!

Rubber band hints 003

 Now, aren't you curious as to WHY I have this Cool Whip container sitting upside down????

Rubber band hints 004

Ta-Da!!!  This was how my brilliant ( & older ~snicker) sister suggested we transport our piece of cake back home, in the car!  You use the lid of the container as the plate & put the top of the clean, empty carton OVER the lid, snapping it closed.  

Sure beats losing all that yummy icing to plastic wrap or trying to stick toothpicks in so it won't touch!!

Sorry for the dark photos...I made it to 10 pm before it was calling my name & I wanted to dig into it, but I knew I had to share this with you before I did.  It was DELICIOUS!

Wish I could share a piece with you.
Thanks for popping by The Gazebo House.
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  1. How smart are you??? I'm another one though that saves every rubber band. I find tons of uses, but you sure have given me more. Thanks!

  2. All great tips Rett! I skinny up my appliance cords by wrapping them in a rubber band too. They're very helpful:@)

  3. Hi Rhett, You are right rubber bands can be used for a lot of things. I used them to hold my pens together. My dil and daughter used them on their crock pots. I am taking a little me time and catching up with my friends after being at the nursing home seeing hubby. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  4. Your pot cover security move is brilliant. I will definitely use that one, REtt. I never throw them away either. They come in handly for closing the chip bag. I have broken and tossed more chip clips so now I just fold the bag over a couple of times and put a bit lose one around it. It's so hard for me to say "rubber band". In Good Ole Boston they are called elastics. ; }

  5. Well you are the clever one! I hope I can remember these ideas!

  6. I love rubber bands, too, Rett, especially the thick ones. All your tips are great, practical ones. I especially loved the cool whip idea for transporting the cake.

  7. Great ideas, Rett. Love the upside down Cool Whip idea!!! XO, Pinky

  8. You are brilliant! I save rubber bands too but I don't use them nearly as creatively as you do!

  9. I save rubber bands, too, but I have never thought to use them for some of the things you mentioned here, Rett! I have truly been educated today!!!!!!! I LOVE that idea of putting them on the pot lids! That makes SO much sense. And speaking of making a lot of sense....sounds to me like Big Sis has a lot of it!!! What a great idea! I don't think I'll be putting so many of those Cool Whip bowls in the recycle bin now! This is a great idea because I, too, hate it when the plastic wrap wipes all the icing off of my piece of cake. Old Cool Whip containers are a great idea and FREE...can't beat that!!!

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for the tips!

  10. I save them, too! Great idea for the covers, and the cake looks really good. xo

  11. Now I like the Cool Whip bowl tip! I usually save rubber bands also. Especially the great big ones!

  12. Smart lady! Love the idea for transporting a slice of cake. Gotta save every morsel of icing!

  13. I save and use rubber bands for lots of things too. Its great when you can repurpose items like the Cool Whip container turned cake tote! So obvious yet I would be the one trying to put the cake in the "normal" way, never thinking to use the lid as the "plate" part - thanks for sharing!


  14. Rett~ I had to chuckle at the title of your post! Your sister's idea to transport a piece of cake is genius, I need to remember that for future reference!

  15. Thanks for sharing your tips, Rett. I hate it when I urgently need a rubber band and can't find a single one in my kitchen. Using them to keep tongs closed is genius. Never would have thought of that one.

  16. Me too, Rett - I keep them in an small sour cream container and use them in the house and in the garden.
    I liked that cake-transporting idea!

  17. Rett, I have used rubberbands on my tongs for years, guess I am not as unique as I thought! I like your tip on transporting a piece of cake...I just tossed a couple of Cool Whip containers the other day...darn.

  18. So many great and funny ideas!

    Love the idea of using the lid of a plastic container as the base.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Great tips here. Thanks so much for sharing. My tongs have a "built-in" steel piece that I just slide down to hold them closed, but should I get tongs that don't have this I will remember this tip.

  20. I commented in an email, but forgot to do so here!
    Love your tips, here's to rubber bands. Some people use them to hold their money roll...I have the rubber bands, but no money! :)

    Thanks so much for linking to Let's Dish, have a good week!

  21. I save rubber bands, too, and use them for just about everything. :)
    Here I am, up at 5 in the a.m. and now wanting a slice of cake. :))


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